My Alternative Massage..

Have You been contemplating visiting a Mistress or Dominatrix but worried about what it might entail?  Allow me to put you at ease and lure you in to taking your first step. Let me tempt you in to trying my Alternative Massage, a good way of ‘breaking you in gently’, without the trappings of a ‘full on’ dungeon experience.

My Alternative Massage combines Swedish massage techniques with either warm Bamboo Sticks or Hot Stones treatment, with a splash of kink….First and foremost this is essentially a massage that simply touches on the periphery of some lite kinky play. That play could include lite restraint, spanking, flogging, nipple stroking, prostate massage, beginners strap-on, denial, lite c&b squeezing as well as relief. Of course you don’t have to include any of the play if you don’t wish to. But let me remind you, the emphasis is on ‘LITE’, meaning nothing hard or heavy!.

Imagine, soft dreamy music and ambient lighting as you lay back and relax while my warm hands pamper your body. Warm unscented soy oil dripped on to your naked flesh and gently massaged in by my very capable hands. Want to really treat yourself? try our four hand pamper massage.


**Alternative massage is performed by a fully qualified massage therapist.**
 Would you like to book an Alternative massage?
Read on….
A/When booking please be honest regarding any health issues as the massage can be adapted.
B/Before we begin the massage we will have a short consultation, here you can raise any queries you might have and discuss the ‘kink’ you would like to incorporate, if any. I will also give you a brief overview of the massage.
C/Let me know if you have any allergies, wear contact lenses or carry any medication.
D/I use a none scented carrier soy oil.
E/There is a shower available should you need one.
F/PLEASE NOTE: costume requests for this activity are limited.
Alternative Massage is unsuitable for persons with circulatory or heart problems and high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy unless you provide a signed Doctor’s note giving permission.
1 hour~Two hand Alternative Massage £120
1 hour~Four hand Alternative Massage £180