Berkshire Mistress Jane’s Sessions

Berkshire Mistress Jane’s Private chambers are fully furnished with all of the best equipment on the market from a company called Dungeon Kit and  FETTERS.   Your privacy is always respected, you will never meet anybody except me, and the entrance is discreet. My high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are never compromised.

You can view a gallery of my extensively equipped dungeon HERE 

Together with my fully equipped chambers there is also a white room, for medical fetish scenario’s as well as a Domestic setting for additional scenario’s.

A full consultation will take place PRIOR to all Sessions

 I need to understand you on a deeper level as everyone’s fantasy is very different to the next. It is not a case of one size fits all!. I want you to feel safe and relaxed before we start. Before each session begins, a pre session chat will take place to discuss your expectations and limits. Then your journey with your Berkshire Mistress shall begin.


Masturbatrix Berkshire Mistress Jane will milk you dry! With her specially adapted male milking facility equipped with Gynae chair and specialist equipment such as Venus 2000, Serious Kit male milking machine, Robojac, The Tremblr by the makers of the F-Machine and the amazing Nobra. Extra milking staff (Male or Female) can be on hand to enhance your experience with the Berkshire Mistress.
Have your cock teased and held on the edge of orgasm over and over until you’re begging to be released.
After me having denied you your orgasm I finally grant you release only to ruin it.
Experience ‘The hand of Evil’ as it continually torments your manhood after orgasm. Experience the immediate tingle which soon escalates into an unbearable wave of over stimulation that centres on the head of your cock.

MY FETISH FRIENDS who are available to join in and enhance your experience.

I am KittenXXX you can make me purr if you stroke me in all the right places. I am a switch but sway more towards the sub side. I love to tease and have you begging for my attention,but as Mistress Jane has full control over us that decision is hers. I love face sitting, breast worship, ass worship..basically i adore You worshiping me! I’m not in to pain. I am very curvy, a sexy medium build and dark hair. I have a full sleeve tattoo but no piercings. I am available some evenings and weekends.
TRIXY a voyeuristic female kinkster (see twitter @MissTrixyLamour)
Trixy likes to watch. She likes to see you get punished and played with while she observes, and who knows, if you amuse her enough she might even join in.


Get down on your knees and do as he tells you. Get that mouth open! He wants to feed you something and he won’t take no for an answer! Deposit secures appointment. Events where The Leather Master is involved are advertised in my blog area and on twitter (see @mistressjane3)


Want to lift up that short skirt and feel a bulge inside her panties? Curious to see what all the fuss is about. Come and see for yourself, you never know, you might like it and come back for more. Deposit secures appointment.
Events where T-Girl GiGi is involved are advertised in my blog area and on twitter (see @mistressjane3)
Sit naked before your Mistress while she teases your most intimate places with her foot or Squeezes your manhood between her leather boots while she threatens you with her whip. Kiss her heels and lick them clean!
Clothed Females, Naked Male  CFNM
Twice yearly I hold CFNM events. Each session is dedicated to You alone, meaning there will be NO other males present unless you have specifically requested it. There will however be up to 5 ladies present to watch you perform and impress them. Each session is tailored to your specific fantasy and requests. If You are interested in attending such event, send Mistress Jane a brief email which should include your age and a synopsis of your interests. When an event is organised you will receive an email notification giving you the date and price. It is dome on a first come first served basis, so don’t ponder for to long, snooze you loose!
Naughty school boy sent to see the Head Mistress? or just need a taste of the cane? I have an abundance of CP implements and restraints if needed. My aim is accurate and I cater for both the playful over the knee spanking scenario to the more serious and experienced receiver. Come to Mistress Jane’s school of correction
Stroked and teased, spanked, squeezed and weighted with rope. Electro Play, Clamps, Nettles, Wax, Sounds, Cock Bondage, Parachute, Denial, A selection of steel and wooden humblers, Pump, Venus 2000, SeriousKit Male Milking, Chastity.
Whether you want to wear a little or a lot. I have a vast array of silky, frilly, tarty attire for you to wear. From stockings, panties, suspenders, corsets, dresses, skirts, blouses, gloves plus shoes and boots of all sizes. Full make-up, wigs and nails available. Prissy sissy’s, office sluts, maids and lovers of lingerie, step this way.
(For full makeovers/TV Transformations a minimum session time of 90 minutes is required)
I have an extensive range of accessories and units to send those electro pulses racing. I use the Erostek-312, Electra-stim unit, E-stim 2B and 2 series unit. I have P.E.S testicular tube, various corona heads, anal loop and conductive rings. Not to mention the anal steel electro butt plugs, the Deviant, micro and flanged and bobble and classic. Plus pin wheel, Sounds, whisk, loops, Bi polar nipple clamps and electric humbler and ball clamp. The Folsom cock and ball torture board plus the Serious Kit electro attachments!! Get a buzz out of your session!
Nurse Jane the Berkshire Mistress welcomes you to her clinic…Here you will be subjected to a very invasive examination. Stripped and inspected ready for your procedure to commence. Genital shaving, bed bath, needles, saline injections, surgical stapling, anal and prostate probing and milking, mock castration, electro-stim, penis and nipple pump, urethral sounds plus electro sounds, male milking with one of my three milking/masturbation machines. PVC or Latex as well as authentic NHS nurse uniforms are available upon request. You’ll be in very capable hands.
You have information we want! Confess or take the consequences…Good cop / Bad cop…we will extract that information no matter what it takes! Mock kidnap scenario’s are performed by myself and an assistant. A deposit is payable for this type of service.
Do you have a particular fantasy that you would like to explore? tell me what it is and we can do something about it. Below are some ideas…..
Naughty boys step this way and you will be dealt with accordingly. Caught looking in my underwear draw!!! over my knee now!…I may even force you into the pair of panties you were caught masturbating into.
Under performing employee grovel to your superior and do as she tells you…or…loose your job! ……..If the Lady of the Manor demands……’Lick my boots peasant!”….
You’re an opportunist and find my door open. You creep inside and go upstairs. You see some pretty weird things laid out and decide this is no ordinary house. You turn to leave only to find you have been locked in and there is a dominatrix ready and waiting for you!!!
Have your Mistress Dominate you in one of her many Leather outfits. Run your tongue up the length of her Leather stiletto boots while she controls your every move. Breath in and smell that unmistakable aroma of soft Leather while her Leather gloved hands tease you and has you begging for more.
I have a variety of rubber and latex for you to wear. A latex vac bed with neck hole and latex sleep sack. Plus rubber hoods, gloves,catsuits & masks. I also have a selection of Female rubber if you’d prefer something a little more bizarre.
For rubber sessions a minimum of 90 minutes is required.
Just when you thought things couldn’t get much kinkier. Imaging having your session with another male slave. Be forced to act out Mistresses demands while she directs the show! (A traffic light system is used for your reassurance).
The male slave in question is a professional slave. Enquire within.
Lightly squeezed and teased or clamped and pulled. Hot wax, weights, clamps, pegs, suction cups, Bi polar electro clips, sticks and needles and last but not least the serious kit nipple suction device (Bi-polar with or without) or just simply, my fingers!
Quench your curiosity…we all have to start somewhere and why not here? I will guide you gently and lead you on a journey of self discovery. It’s not all about whips, chains and pain. Quite the opposite in fact! It’s about experiencing new sensations and handing over control. Sessions are tailored to your expectations and requirements.
If you don don’t feel ready for a BDSM session you could try my Alternative Massage and book a little longer so you can have a look around my premises and see the equipment. Here you can ask questions and discuss what it is you may be interested in trying once you pluck up the courage. 
Please read all the information on my site before contacting me. Fore armed is fore warned!
With all your senses taken away. Plunged into darkness you are now under my full control. With strategically placed access holes I am able to please, tease, probe and torture using electrics, sounds, pumps and toys to send your body in to sensation overdrive.
For rubber sessions a minimum of 90 minutes is required.
Here’s a true favourite of mine and there are enough of you out there that want it so… Whether you’re an anal virgin or a seasoned taker, I am here to give it! I have toys for all levels from 3″ to 12″, your limits will be fully respected. All toys are cleaned before and after use. Condoms are used to cover all toys at ALL times and my hands are gloved. I use JLube, ID Glide & Crisco. On hand is the F-Machine Pro a mechanical f*cking machine that can thrust from 0 to 50 in five seconds!!! And for the Greedy boi’s, who enjoy all holes filled at the same time, why not book one of my fetish friends to help  in the task of spit-roasting you!!! Explore and discover this truly hedonistic pleasure.
Its no wonder sooooo many men enjoy a prostate massage as this is where his G-spot lie’s. Although not for every man, as can take some getting used to being penetrated in this way. But with its health benefits and the sublime sensation a man can have during ejaculation as his prostate begins to pump, its has got to be worth a try.
It is always best to empty your bladder or have bowel movement before hand.
Secured tightly and tickled relentlessly. Can you wriggle out of it ?
*Fully equipped modern dungeon plus Domestic setting for additional scenarios.
*Medical / white room for Hospital fetish and asylum play.
*Mistress Jane’s Male Milking Facility.
*Shower with fresh towels.
*Discreet free, off road parking.