Apr 142017

                    Clothed Females, Naked Male

Twice yearly I host Clothed Females, Naked Male events. They take place in my Dungeon, in my Domestic setting and weather permitting, in my garden. Some of you have been know to have a medical examination with Doctor Jane and her 4 medical students. Each CFNM session is tailored to each individuals fantasy, desires and scenario and can range from Naked Butler to naughty Nephew and so on. During your CFNM session there will be NO other males present, unless YOU have specifically requested that. You will be surrounded by lots of females though, Like the sound of that don’t you……read on.

If you are unable to attend my twice yearly Main CFNM events. I can organise a smaller CFNM ‘get together’, where there can be either Two or three females at your request.

The Ladies who attend my events are trusted friends who are ‘in the scene’. At my twice yearly CFNM events there can be as many as five Females present, but usually four. They all get involved if required or sit on the side lines and observe if that is what is requested by you. It all depends on the scenario which can be as fun or as serious as deemed necessary.

I don’t advertise my twice yearly Main events, so if you are interested in being notified about them, send me an email with a brief synopsis of what your CFNM fantasy is and what time of day suits you best, but try and be flexible. When a date is set for a Main event you will get notified via email. The session slots are given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so don’t think to long about it…snooze you loose as they say.

If you don’t want to wait for the twice yearly Main CFNM event, then you can email me and request for a smaller CFNM gathering, as these can be arranged within a couple of days notice. When calling or emailing to enquire or arrange a smaller CFNM gathering let me know whether you want two or three of us Ladies present.

Take a look in my gallery area under CFNM and see the fun we get up to.

Please note I have minimum age requirement of 30 years, no exceptions!