Jul 222018

Hi, I am Lunna, Female sub

How best to describe myself would be I am very sexually aware female sub / switch. I know you guys find me very attractive so I use the power of my sexuality to get what I want, and it works every time. Although I am a switch, I lean more toward the quiet submissive role. I love to be worshiped, clothed of course. I am tall, blonde and beautiful. I enjoy holding your gaze while I tease you, and tease you I will. I will blow your mind with my very own unique blend of tie tease and torment.

I am available for joint sessions with Mistress Jane during week days with prior notice. Together we offer a Domme and semi Submissive female blend of play. Mistress being the Domme will control you/us. I will slip between obeying Mistress and toying with you. I am a seductress, innocent and intriguing in my approach. I will have you begging for more!

I have a delicious taste for tie and tease and anything erotic and I have been Mistress Jane’s female sub for almost two years and fairly recently introduced my sub side during sessions. You can watch as Mistress Dominates me with bondage and a little torture or her strap-on. You and I can be dominated together, but be aware I will drop you in it with Mistress at the first opportunity. Getting You taking more punishment turns me on and when I’m turned on there is no stopping me.

There is a fee for my attendance. This pays for my train travel to Reading and taxi to MJ’s. Mistress does not profit from me what so ever. I do this for sheer enjoyment.

Contact Mistress for our work schedule or request for my attendance. I don’t session alone and only with MJ so please do not ask. Please refer to ‘Tributes link’ for prices http://www.mistress-jane.com/tribute/

female sub

female sub