Oct 112019

Reading Tgirl Gigi and Berkshire Mistress Jane are hosting a day of kink and debauched delights. I have now got a firm date in our diary which is for Monday 18th November. So don’t delay as bookings are limited as half the day is booked up already. Email your application to me mistressjane4u@hotmail.co.uk with a brief overview of any scenario or fantasy you may have in mind.

As usual the day promises to be fun filled and darn right naughty. My pet slut, Reading TGirl Gigi is a well know and a very popular Tgirl on the scene. If this isn’t something you have experienced before, Gigi has all the experience and professionalism to put you at ease immediately.

I offer a full dressing service in case you’d like to dress for the occasion. Let me know whether you’d like to dress. Please include the style in which you would like to be dressed. Tarty, prissy satin sissy, sexy secretary, pvc or rubber. Your waist, chest and shoe sizes will also be needed.

Alternatively you may just wish to be buff naked and humiliated in to doing whatever we desire you to do. Whether you are bi curious or a full-on sissy cock sucker, this day is made for you. Remember there are limited spaces for sessions to meet Tgirl Gigi and myself. So don’t delay, book today! https://twitter.com/TGirlGigi1 http://www.mistress-jane.com/galleries/gallery-2/

Reading Tgirl Gigi
Oct 102019

Sexy Tie Tease with Goddess Lunna in Reading. Yes that’s right. You can now book one-to-one sessions with a gorgeous Goddess.

Worship my beautiful feet and work your way slowly up my long beautiful legs. My tie and tease isn’t like any other you may have had before. I will secure you and then take full advantage of the situation. I may choose to sit on your face and smother you forcing you to breathe in my beautiful feminine scent.

I may just choose to sit astride of you while I slowly remove my bra. As I pinch my nipples I see you lick your lips. I know what you want. So near yet so far, that is unless I place my nipple in to your mouth and demand you suck-it until its erect.

I will tease your nipples and play with your man meat until you are putty in my hands. You will soon fall under my spell, and once you have, you will be addicted to me.

Sexy tie tease is what I love to do. I love to see the desperation in your eyes. I know you want me, and I drive you wild. That desperate look of want, that hard twitching man mean. All for me and it makes me feel so hot and horny. This is purely what it says on the can ‘Sexy Tie Tease’. That’s you, me and my wickedly delicious mind, oh yes and may be a cock gag plus few toys 😉

Come and make a date with me, Goddess Lunna in Reading Berkshire, for a uniquely mind-blowing sexy tie tease you will never forget. I work Mon to Fri 10am until 7pm. For information and bookings please apply to mistressjae4u@hotmail.com or call MJ on 07928 636 021 as she will be taking all bookings so not to end up double booking the studio between us.

MY RATES are as follows……………..1hr=£120 …………90min=£170………2hrs=210 I have access to uniforms, stockings and suspenders, heels so if you have a particular costume request for me please mention this when booking your sexy tie tease experience.

sexy tie tease with Goddess Lunna
Sep 222019

Strap-on training is probably the most requested BDSM activity. So you can calm down now and stop thinking you’re weird. Out of say every 20 clients I get, 18 of those will have requested some sort of anal stimulation. Be that a prostate massage or the insertion of toys to full on strap-on training and stretching.

There’s no shame in it and although BDSM is a little more mainstream these days, strap-on still remains a bit of a taboo subject. This has something to do with society and how some people see and understand things, or rather misunderstand things.

Straight guys feel that if they say they enjoy anal penetration are afraid it might be misconstrued they could be gay. I think not!. What we must remember strap-on can be very pleasurable. Not to mention the prostate gland is the male g-spot. It’s found via the anus and can lead way to the most intense mind-blowing orgasms ever. So think on……

Lets start small….Beginners need not be afraid. Although a lot of strap-on porn features mainly cocks the size of an arm, in reality it isn’t like that. I have a whole range of dildos for strap-on training a bum virgin. They come in all sizes, lengths and thicknesses and I only use what is appropriate for you. So NO, I don’t just slap on some lube and wade in!. It is a delicate area and should be treated so.

So as you can imagine. The more you enjoy the strap-on and the more experienced you become your demands for a more fulfilling dildo might come into play. Next thing your asking to be fisted!. I know maybe that’s a little to far and you may just like to stick with a small dildo forever more, and why not indeed.

You can contact me via my email mistressjane4u@hotmail.co.uk or call me on 07928636021 for bookings and information.

https://www.bolde.com/whats-pegging-why-some-men-like-it/ https://twitter.com/MistressJane3 http://www.mistress-jane.com/category/reviews/

Strap-on training Reading Dominatrix
Sep 192019

Reading Rubber Bondage Mistress in Berkshire. Explore Your alter ego. Now the summer is done the Rubber Fetishists are starting to appear again. Clad head to toe in your shiny second skin you gaze in to the mirror and staring right back at you is someone else, the anonymous kinky You!. Excited and ready for the latex fun to begin.

Mistress allows You the privilege of shining-up her rubber with your hands. A rare surprise you have been longing to do. Aimed at teasing and allowing you a ‘hands-on’ treat. As your hands slide over every curve you feel the latex tighten around your groin area as you begin to grow.

Your Rubber bondage Mistress has you lay back on a bench that swings back and forth. Leather straps are wrapped tightly around your body until you are fully secured. Your anticipation builds waiting for the next application of heavens knows what. Suddenly your eyes are covered, your senses immediately heightened and every touch tingles your whole being.

Sound exciting? Let Your Reading Rubber Bondage Mistress transform you in to her latex plaything. I have an array of latex and rubber wear for You and for me to wear. Imagine being transformed in to a submissive Rubber Doll complete with hood, heels and enormousness rubber tits. You latex clad Mistress takes control of you. She turns you the slut you always knew you were. All you yearn for is to suck her cock to prove your worth and show your obedience. http://www.mistress-jane.com/galleries/gallery-3/ https://libidex.com/

Aug 142019

Welcome to Reading Mistress Blog pages…..Friends, Pervaholics and Kinksters lend me your ears. Its been a while since I blogged so I thought I’d write one now while I have a moment to spare. Team MJ are still loving life and having lots of fun. This is just an update to keep you in the loop of whats been going on recently. Enjoy!

Last month saw the return of TV Mistress Tessa. The day was packed full of naughtiness as you’d expect. There were a variety of visitors during the day, but all had one thing in common. To be Dominated by a TV Mistress. Tessa will be joining me later on in the year but the date is yet to be decided. I will of course blog and tweet the upcoming event in my usual fashion.

pervaholics and kinksters
tv Mistress Tessa

Lunna has become quite a popular feature and is available to join in your session on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with prior notice of course. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays she is available up to 12 noon only. Lunna is a true Goddess and has earned herself a little following of regular visitors over the past year. Its down to her sheer sexiness of that I am sure.

Sub Female Lunna

TGirl Gigi is still a prominent feature. She will be joining me for a day of naughtiness very soon. I’m sure the clips and photos will emerge at some stage.

TGirl Gigi

And not forgetting Trixy who we haven’t seen much of over the summer is now back at it. With her Cheshire cat smile and ever changing hair Miss L’amour is back with a bang!

Miss L’amour

And then there’s me, organiser and orchestra-tor. Lots planned for next year. New location, new dungeon and Medical facility. New kit. Lots of events in the pipeline and finally, we will be making clips to sell. So f*ck Brexit…we all bored of it now. Its on wards and upward!

pervaholics and kinksters
Mistress Jane

Jul 212019

Mistress intends Milking my Manhood five more times before she and I are done, and so far, two down five to go. We are hell bent on beating my all time record of six explosions in one session. We have 4 hours in which to do it and there is 2 hours and 40 minutes or there about left. Do I feel lucky?.

Mistress rigs up her suspension and fixes me in position. A leather body harness is strapped to my torso and various cuffs and straps are placed on my ankles, wrists and thighs. Mistress relays some instructions on how the suspension will work. Check check and whey hey, I am lifted off the ground, F’king excellent!. I follow Mistresses instructions and fall forward. I am lay horizontal facing down in midair. A strap is placed round my head to help support it and a plug is set to pulse in my arse. Which feels very nice i might add.

My bollocks dangle down in to the abyss and my boner points to my chin. Lunna is stood to my left and MJ to my right. MJ had previously secured a rope around my coin purse earlier (For those who are wondering what the F’k is he talking about coin purses for…I’m referring to my ball sack). They take it in turns to edge me, build me up and let me down and they do this for some time. They have some special techniques up their sleeves but I will keep those to myself. I close my eyes and go with the flow.

A few weeks have passed by since I took to writing this blog for MJ, about Milking my Manhood. I recently received a nudge from one Mistresses most loyal servants to ‘get on and finish it’. In fact I have received three DM’s asking for me to ‘fill them in’ on ‘what happened next?’. Apparently some of you are waiting with baited breath. I am truly flattered thank you, but it is not ‘I’ who is the star of this show/blog. I was merely part of this whole amazing performance/session.

Milking my Manhood was, and still is an experience that will go down as ‘One of my most memorable sessions’ ever. Giving you a ‘Blow by Blow’ account is all well and good, but, I know as well as you do. It isn’t just we ‘Submissive’ fellows that read MJ’s blog. Others who are looking for ‘Hints‘ and ‘Tips‘ on ‘How to Conduct a session‘. Or at least a session of this very nature. I am in no doubt, read and siphon this very informative information and use it to their own end.

There is of course nothing wrong with reading and learning but, and I say but!. These skills are something MJ has developed over a long period of time and I do not wish to ‘give away’ her ‘trade secrets‘ as it were. These techniques and acquired skills are something in which MJ exceeds in, and I am sure there are many of you out there that will agree with me wholeheartedly. So with that said, I don’t wish to ‘kiss and tell’ as it were, but merely touch on the periphery of my experience. Perhaps give you a small window in which to gaze and enjoy the titillation that MJ and her seductresses offer.

My last cum (No’7) didn’t cum easily, it put up a fight. At one point I didn’t think it was going to happen at all. I almost gave up. MJ had used throughout the session a mix of techniques and devices such as the seriouskit milker, the Venus 2000, and her wonderful hands as well as this, that and the other. We had reached 4 hours and MJ looked at me and said “You don’t need to be somewhere else this afternoon do you?”. To which I replied “No”. It was at that moment I knew, she intended to keep me here until I produced No’7.

I was given some refreshment as well as some ‘down time’ or better known as ‘recovery time’. (MJ’s care and due diligence during a session is commendable, as is her aftercare). My cock couldn’t quite make up its mind whether it wanted to ‘bed down’ for the afternoon or ‘get up and dance‘. It wasn’t long before MJ and Lunna began to work their magic. I had a sudden burst of energy and up it went, ridged. Cooking on gas baby!

Forty minutes later I shot my load for the seventh time. It was both exhilarating as well as exhausting, but we smashed it. MJ and Lunna’s face’s were a picture. If there were ever two ladies that enjoyed playing with cock it was these two. MJ has one goal, to milk each and everyone of us. Lunna, is her accomplice and partner in crime. She will do anything in her power to help Mistress achieve her goal. Hand in hand they do this beautifully and in turn blew my mind to confetti.




milking my manhoodmale milking experience berkshire

Jul 012019

This is what dreams are made of. Two sexy Ladies dressed to the nines and wearing your fantasy costume, in my case latex. Ready to lavish their attention on you and only you. Today’s feet is to beat my all time record of 6 cums in one session. I have worked towards my male milking marathon for sometime and have followed Mistress Jane’s instructions and training plan which included prolonged edging at home. Healthy eating and regular exercise to keep me fit, which i do anyway.

I am feeling good about today. I had a run before breakfast. I’ve showered, put on my best bib and tucker. Sprayed my favorite aftershave, Acqua di parma and I’m ready to ‘rock’n’roll’. As I walk through the hotel lobby I notice the waitress eyeing me up. I give her a cheery ‘Good Morning’ as I head through the exit and on to MJ’s.

Its 9.50am and I’ve just arrived at my destination. I feel a little flutter deep in my belly, nerves I suspect. Yes, still after all this time I get ‘first date’ nerves. The feeling of trepidation, but I think that’s all part of the fun, its the excitement.

Its 10.30am and I’m clad head to toe in my favorite rubber which consists of an electric blue catsuit, hood, socks and gloves. I’m feeling good and looking at the mirror I see a gimp staring right back at me. You guessed it, me!. Mistress looks as gorgeous as ever, goes without saying. Lunna is topless and looking ravishing and good enough to eat, but we won’t go there. She smiles at me sweetly and the session begins.

My arms are in the hoist and held above my head. A spreader bar separates my legs. A gag is thrust in to my mouth and both MJ and Lunna stand really close to me, stroking my latex clad torso. Lunna works her way down to my groin. MJ is now behind me, she slowly releases the zip and opens it up from back to front. MJ passes the zip under my balls and Lunna takes it from here. She is kneeling before me and looking up very seductively, whilst licking her lips. She looks like she wants to eat me, if only.

I’m looking down for two reasons. One, because I’m watching Lunna un-do my zip in a very seductive manner and the other because I’m worried she’s going to catch my balls in it. My balls eventually fall out and I breathe a sigh of relief. Incidentally, if you’ve never had a session with MJ and Lunna then I urge you to do so. Lunna is semi sub and sexy as f’k and MJ is the dogs bollox! Brilliant. (Whether she’ll edit this bit out who knows). I digress.

Now where was I. My cock is rock hard and Lunna licks the latex still covering my bulge. OMG….need I say more. Then ‘oooh what the F’k’. MJ’s slips a finger in my ass. She hits the spot like an exocet missile bang on target. Nobody can massage a prostate like she can. What with Lunna licking my cod piece and MJ fingering my arse I have no choice in the matter. My weapon is cocked and ready to fire. If they want a cum, they’ll take one. Yep, its just like that.

I’ve just shot my load and I’m in gaga land right now. Have no fear MJ’s hand of evil to the rescue!. Oh boy, I’m in heaven, or is it that other place?. She quickly whops my dick from its hiding place. Its getting the full Post Orgasm Treatment today which I have a love hate relationship with. My cock is tingling and finished with, for now anyway.

slave girl lunnaMale milking sub

I’m untied and offered a drink of water and its on to the next piece of apparatus for my Male Milking no 2. MJ’s dungeon is magnificent. Its got more kit and gadgetry than you could ever imagine and whats more she knows how to use it all. This time I’m lay on a short board which is supported by chains and floats above a bondage bed. My legs are supported by stirrups and my hands put in inflatable latex ball mitts, then secured. A gas mask is placed on my head and pulled over my face. Various straps and belts are wrapped around my torso to help secure me. A job well done.

Various attachments are placed on my cock which has just woken up from a little power nap. An estim plug is slipped in to my ass. I know this because they are steel and very cold when first inserted. Or maybe she just popped an ice cube in there, who knows. It isn’t long before my nether regions feel the tingling pluses from the electrodes. Something else that MJ excels at. She has so many estim combinations which can deliver the most insane pulses it blows my mind. Well, not really my mind. The rhythmic sensations are intense but not quite enough to make me cum for a second time.

masturbation and milking machines

I look up and see Lunna through the visor of my gas mask. She is stood astride over my face. Her hands are stroking her legs and slowly working their way up to her crotch. ‘Oh f*cking hell’ the visor has started to steam up. She pulls her panties to the side to flash me her perfect pussy. Then starts to finger herself. At this point I am putty in their hands. MJ turns up the estim and squirt squirt squirt. Cum numero duo and so easily extracted.

Now MJ knows me well. We have had many sessions together. So because of this she knows that as long as I have kept to my male milking plan. I am quite capable of cuming 5 times in 3 to 4 hours. She calls the first two cums a ‘warm up’. Its after the first 2 that things start to take a turn and get tougher. There is motive in her madness. From here on in I will find it harder to cum each time and this is when she will indulge in prolonged edging. My Male Milking Marathon no 3 By Milking Sub…..to be continued


Jun 232019

TGirl Mistress Tessa will be joining yours truly on Wednesday 24th July ’19 here at my highly appointed chambers in Reading, Berkshire. There is limited availability so don’t think about it for to long. Bookings are now being taken, apply within.

This will be the fourth visit from Tgirl Mistress Tessa. Joined by TGirl Gigi on previous visits making it a trio. On this occasion it’ll just be the two of us for a day of Double Domination Delights.

Mistress Tessa is both strict and demanding. Her sultry looks will have you spellbound, but don’t let that fool you. She will have you fall to your knees. Will she have you begging for more? or mercy?. That is the question.

Who is suited to a Double Mistress session with TGirl Mistress Tessa and Mistress Jane. Whether you have experience or not, each session is tailored to each individuals session interests and level of experience you they have any. All limits are fully respected. So as long as you meet my minimum age requirement of 30 years you are welcome to inquire about a booking with us.

We welcome TGirl admirers, Cross-dressers, Naughty nephews, Bi curious, role play fans and strapon fanatics. The most important thing is we want You to come along and have fun with us. Play safe and sane and the possibilities can be endless.

TGirl Mistress Tessa


Jun 102019

‘Miss, may I come in Miss?’……the boy approached her desk. ‘Please Miss, Matron has sent me’. ‘What on earth for?’ she replied. ‘I’ve been a naughty boy Miss. Matron caught me masturbating Miss’. ‘So why are you here if Matron has already punished you?’ she asked. ‘Matron said that I was to come and tell you so that you could punish me some more Miss’. ‘Oh I see’ she replied. ‘Did Matron spank your naughty bottom?’ she asked the boy. ‘Yes, She took me over her lap and spanked me on the bare bottom Miss. Her lap was warm and it caused me to get more excited. So she said I aught to come and get a spanking from Miss’.

Miss stood up from the creaking slatted back wooden chair she had been sat on. She then dragged it away from her desk. The boy watch intently as she moved. Eyeing up her legs and imagined she was wearing stockings. She had a plump but well shaped bottom that was wrapped tightly in her pencil skirt. He found it mesmerizing to watch. Miss pulled up the chair then sat on it. ‘Did Matron give you anything to cover your erection?’ she asked. The boy dug deep in his trouser pocket and passed her a hand full of stockings.

Miss told him to remove his trousers and to pull his underwear down to his knees. She then pulled one of the stockings over his erection. Then used another stocking to tie around his genitals to secure the first stocking in place. He was told this was to stop any sticky mess or leakage from his perpetual erection.

She patted her lap. ‘Come over here for a spanking from Miss’. He was very excited and as he bent over her lap his big hard erection began to throb. She could feel it as it pressed against her lap. ‘I think you should receive some extra spanks for getting so excited’ she told him as he positioned himself. ‘I am very excited Miss’ said the boy. Of course Miss could feel his throbbing erection pressing hard against her lap, so he didn’t really need to give her a commentary on how excited he felt as she could feel everything.

Miss began to spank his bottom over his pants. After a time she pulled them over his buttocks and began to spank him harder. ‘Its for your own good’ she told the boy. ‘The bigger the boy the harder my spanks’ she told him. As his cheeks began to warm he began to fidget. ‘Be still’ she told him and carried on spanking his sore red bottom.

Eventually the spanking stopped and he was told to stand up. She stood up too and placed the chair back by her desk. She then turned and noticed the boy looking at her bottom. ‘I saw you looking’ she told the him. ‘Go to my desk and open the top right draw’. The boy did as instructed. Inside the draw was a lone belt apart from that the draw was empty. ‘Bring the belt to me’ she told him. The boy reached inside and grasped the belt. He slowly closed the draw before turning and walking towards her.

‘Please Miss, here is the belt you asked for’. Miss held out her hand in order to take the belt from him. As he passed her the belt he said ‘Matron spanked me earlier but she told me that I had better come to see you for more punishment because I’ve been a naughty boy’. ‘Matron did the right thing’ she answered. ‘After a spanking from Miss you will receive more punishment until I am satisfied you have learned your lesson’.

He was told to ‘Hold out his hand for a hand warming’. Thwack, ‘Other hand’ she said and he swapped hands. Thwack ‘Other hand’ she said. Again thwack. ‘Swap’ Thwack. Until he had received 12 belts, six to each hand. He rubbed his hands together to relive the pain. ‘I can see you are still very excited’ said Miss. ‘Ooh yes Miss, I’ve been looking at your lovely bottom and imagining how many suspender straps are holding up your stockings’.

Upon hearing this she asked him to follow her upstairs immediately. He knew that Miss kept her canes upstairs and also knew that he was now in for a caning. As he followed behind her he watched he bottom wiggle. ‘I know you’re looking at my bottom’ she told him as he entered the room at the top of the stairs. ‘You are a very naughty boy and because of this you will be caned over your pants to begin with’ she told him. ‘If you remain excited you will be caned repeatedly on the bare bottom’. ”Yes Miss’ he replied calmly.

She stood to the center of the room before asking him to pass her her cane. The cane was hung on the back of the door. It was a typical school cane with a crook end. He unhooked it from the door and passed it to her. ‘Please Miss, I’ve been a naughty boy and after Matron punished me she told me to come and see you for a spanking from Miss’ he paused before carrying on. ‘I’ve been looking at your bottom Miss and watched it as you climbed the stairs’.

She stood to his left side swooshing her cane through the air before telling him to ‘Bend forward and push your bottom out!’. She gave him six beauties over his pants before pulling them down to bear his buttocks. ‘These you can count young man’ she told him. Swoosh….’One beauty on the bare bottom Miss’ he said. Swooshhh…’Two Miss’…..swooooossshhh…’Three beauties on the bare bottom Miss’. He counted twelve in all and still he showed excitement. ‘I reserve the cane for the big boys’ she told him. ‘The bigger the boy the more strokes he’ll receive’ she carried on ‘The more excited he becomes the more punishment he will get and so on’.

caning from missspanking from Miss


His bottom was beginning to smart but he saw no let-up. He was delivered five batches of twelve strokes on the bare bottom. Miss did this until his erection subsided then excused him but not before he was made to apologize for being a naughty boy.

Jun 032019

The kinky car dealers weakness for Heels and Stockings…..

A few weeks ago I had the embarrassing situation with a customer who we had let down, to make matters worst when I met her she caught me starring at her heels and stockings. From that meeting it was clear to her I had a heels and stockings fetish.

I was troubled by this addiction and went to see a GP who had heard of similar cases. The recommendation was to book an appointment with a nurse who specialised in fetishes and their treatment. An appointment was made. I arrived at the address and knocked on the door which was opened by the nurse who greeted me with a warm welcome. I couldn’t help thinking I had seen her face somewhere before. She looked familiar but I just couldn’t remember where I’d seen her before.

Once inside the nurse asked the question “Have we meet before?”. It was only then that the penny dropped. “Christ” I thought to myself. This is the lady who we had let down weeks earlier. It was at that moment she recognised me too. “I do know you” she said squinting her eyes as she peered closer at me. “The service manager at my garage, correct?”.

I could feel my face going a deep shade of beetroot as my heat began to pound in my chest. “Yes we have met and I’m still very sorry about our mistake” I told her. My head dropped hoping she couldn’t see my embarrassment. As I did I immediately found myself staring at her heels. My were eyes transfixed and now gazing up her legs ‘I bet she’s wearing stockings!’.

Something was beginning to stir in my undies. “Right let’s start” said the nurse which immediately snapped me out of my trance and took my mind off my growing erection. “Urmm, yes nurse” I replied not knowing what I had just agreed to, if anything. “Remove all of your clothes please” she asked. As I undressed she told me part of the treatment was to wear stockings, which I found strange but did as I was told. Nurse knows best.

I stood in the stockings, feeling slightly embarrassed but not so much so. “Feel them” she said as she watched me closely stroking my silken legs. They felt nice, in fact they felt good and I could feel my cock wake up. “Hmmmm” she said and handed me a pair of black stilettos. “Try these for size” she barked. “Heels?” I said to her feeling a tad confused. “Put them on!” she replied firmly. At this point I dare not argue and put the heels on. “Heels and Stockings, I’ve seen it all now” I quipped.

She sat back on a chair watching me closely. She crossed her legs then somehow without using her hands managed to slide her shoe down her toes and began to dangle it. She saw my reaction or rather the reaction of my cock which was now at full mast and dribbling at the carrot that was been dangled in front of it. She then told me to “Kneel, as close to my dangling heel as you can without touching it”. I was now bursting at the seams to cum and being so close to her heels made it all the more impossible to hold back, but I knew I had to.

She started to rub the tip my cock with the point of her shoe. My pre cum dribbled over the tip as my cock twitched helplessly. This made her grin. “Poor poor patient” she cooed. “My diagnosis is you have an acute Heels and Stockings fetish”. She bent forward and whispered “Remove my shoe and lick it clean you messy boy”. This was a dream come true for me but she probably knew that.

She told me to place the shoe back on her foot. She then stood up. “Take a good look” she told me. Her shiny spit/cum covered shoes glistened in the light. My eyes followed her legs up as far as her hem line. I so wanted to touch her stocking-ed legs but dare not. The nurse then walked away from my stare. This time my eyes didn’t follow her, but I could hear she was doing something behind me.

“You can turn around now” she said. Her uniform was open, her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart and she was wearing black patient thigh length boots. “I want to see if boots get the same reaction as as my shoes did, and I want them licked cleaned”. To ensure I had enough spit she told me to open wide. As I did she leaned toward my face and spat directly into my mouth. “Now lick my boots”. My cock was throbbing, I so wanted to masturbate and cum all over her boots. Then to my surprise she invited me to rub my cum covered cock over her boots.

Heels and stockings fetish

She stood closer to me and whispered ‘fuck my boots’. I almost came right there and then but held back. I wanted to prolong this ecstasy for as long as possible. Her legs were together, I held each boot and slipped my cock between them just above her ankles. “Aaaagghhhh” I moaned as my foreskin slid back. “Again” she demanded. I did as she asked. “Again” she repeated it over and over until I found myself fucking her boots fast and hard until I squirted my hot cum all over her heels. Panting I leaned forward to catch my breath but her hand gripped the back of my head as she pushed my face towards my cum “Lick them clean” she whispered. “This is the best course of treatment for your weakness, your heels and stockings fetish!”.