Oct 112017

Special event ‘Halloween Torment’ with The lovely ‘Queen Of Tease’ Manchester very own Miss Torment back by popular demand. Our Double Domination event ‘Halloween Torment’ will send shivers up your spine.

Miss Torment has a very different approach to the conventional Tie and Tease, with a blend of ‘Hands On’ while she whisks your mind away with her saucy patter. So near yet so far style she will blow your mind! and other parts.

Together and with two very different styles of Domination you wont know whether your coming or going. Your mind will be taken over, your body will be ours and your soul will be possessed by pleasure.

We cater for the newbie and the experienced as all sessions are tailored to each individuals needs and fantasy.

Specialities #Tie & Tease #Edging #Denial #Ruined Orgasms #Post Orgasm Torment #Strap-on #Bum Fun #Pegging #Spit-Roasting #W/S #Electro Stim #Role Play #Naughty Aunty #Discipline #Cock & Ball Play #Rubber

Halloween Torment Enquire with in if you dare…………   

Halloween Torment

Check out Miss Torment site and see if you can’t be tempted by such a tormentress………..

Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

Oct 092017

Electro Stimulation: The thought of Electro stimulation or Electrics sounds really scary to some people. But don’t worry you are not going to be wired in to the mains and be subjected to electric shocks, quite the contrary. Electro stimulation is a most pleasurable experience but don’t be fooled, they can be used in some BDSM scenes to cause a more intense sensation rather than a gentle rhythmic pulse. The fact is the experience of electro stimulation is rather unique and designed to enhance sexual pleasure. It isn’t simple electricity. The power unit, and there are many on the market, is designed to stimulate the genital areas by creating a controlled energy current which is delivered through conductive electrodes which are touching the skin. The erotic electro stimulation interacts directly with nerve endings, harmonising rhythmically with the bodies own electrical pulses and these pulses can be extremely stimulating. Be adventurous and try it, I tend to use electro stim more for sensation and stimulation rather than inducing pain. To many electrodes can over stimulate so less is more.

During a session they can be used to control the submissive merely with the turn of the dial they can decide whether to induce pleasure or pain. There are two types of electrical devises, one has two connections that is designed to create a circuit within the body. The second is deigned to zap someone with an electrical charge, things like a pin wheel or whisk. Anal electro accessories cause the sphincter muscle to contract forcing the plug to thrust in and out slightly. There are lots of configurations for the accessories but i usually find a combination of an anal plug with a scrotal tube or corona to be a good combo.

The Violet Wand is another sort of electro play. Originally developed as a medical device for curing certain ills, it has been around since the turn of the century and many of those boxes have been re furbished and you will see them been used and on sale today. These have glass bulbs of all differing shapes and sizes that attach to a handle. The bulb glows and sparks, it sometimes omits a smell this is ozone. The shape of the bulb can effect how you create the sparks. The rounder bulb being less intense than the sharper pointed ones. You can also get metal rods and chain attachments but these tend to be more painful than the glass elements. They look pretty impressive in low light and can be used almost any where bar the eyes and mouth. The feeling you get from them is like a crackling stingy prickle. These machines are like marmite, you either love them or hate them.

electro stimulation electro stimulation electro stimulation



Oct 082017

Safeword Mercy ….Mistress Jane Wins Again!!

Following his little email exchange in which Dick had invited Mistress Jane to “make him use the Safeword mercy” in as many different and varied ways as She liked, and with the appointment booked, confirmed and – now – just moments away, Dick could hardly contain himself as he strode towards Her premises. With a knock on the door he entered to find Her delightfully attired – as always – and with that mocking chuckle.

As something of a regular now Dick chatted away as he stripped, and in no time, a naked Dick was guided into MJ’s new harness – much like that attached to a parachute, which passed under his legs over his shoulders and was fastened around the chest. With hands and feet also tethered Dick was raised up on the hoist. Here he found himself physically very comfortable, but with nipples, cock, balls, buttocks, and (with cheeks spread wide) anus, all very exposed and entirely at Her mercy, psychologically, he was anything but.

As She prowled slowly around him making sure all the restraints were tight enough, Jane ran again through the order of the day – “so, I can do absolutely anything to you, just so long as it hurts enough for you to request mercy, is that right.” Dick nodded, with a nervous laugh. “But, your email never said anything about whether or not I should grant mercy upon request… did it, so what happens then?”

Dick thought this was a particularly unhelpful time to bring this up, but hoped the question was rhetorical, and said nothing, as Jane reached down to stretch his scrotum, apply rope around behind his balls and then giving it a good tug, before also applying a ball clamp which She tightened up behind his balls and then left hanging.

Moving up to his nipples Jane gave them a good twist before applying clamps here too, just to get them started. The weight of the clamps on both balls and nipples pulled down gently, until one by one Jane added weight after weight to all three clamps until there was a good 10 lbs plus swinging away on his balls and another pound or two hanging from each nipple. And thus, the games began.

At this point I guess we need to establish the rules (if we are to keep score) as by Dick’s reckoning he was doing ok – and so with the weight limit to his balls (arguably) reached without any mention of the word mercy Dick figured he was one nil up (not that he said that out loud at the time of course). Then as the nipple clamps were removed to be replaced first by MJ’s finger tips and then by Her finger nails She raised the stakes (almost) to Dick’s breaking point… Yet despite a determined series of pinches and twists Dick (in his view) gained the second point, by again not yielding.

Jane now sensing the first hint of a challenge, calmly walked again to the wall this time returning with two surgical clamps, which when applied one to each nipple and clamped shut, showed Dick that there was much more in Her locker. And with more weights added and a brief pause here, to capture the moment on camera (or more likely to just let Dick stew), Dick was a worried man, and just managing to hold on. Until Jane, no doubt sensing victory, started a slow and still gentle twist of the clamp… and that was it, I yelped the safeword “Mercy Please” and was very grateful for (if a little surprised by) a prompt release. (2:1 to Dick).

Changing her tack now Jane sidled around behind Dick and let loose with a flurry of rapid spanks to his bottom… but Dick, now in his third year was unmoved by this, and soon (no mercy requested) She relented (3:1 to Dick). And Dick risked a chuckle, until he saw Jane reach for the bath brush… which for those unfamiliar has a very heavy wooden head, a long handle, and in the hands of Mistress Jane, and particularly when applied rapidly, stings like hell!!

So, with little pause, Jane resumed her rapid spanking this time with the brush, and again Dick felt the sting build… and build… ten strokes to each cheek than 10 more… and still the sting continued to build. Dick was sweating and breathing heavily, and trying so hard to resist… but as Jane went in for round three and upped both the intensity and the pace Dick broke and again cried “Mercy.” At which point Jane too breathed a sigh of relief as Her arm was starting to get tired… a point She made to Dick with a chuckle, and if he hadn’t been so thoroughly restrained Dick would have kicked himself for not lasting just that bit longer (one for next time though!!) and, of course now just (3:2 to Dick).

It was at this point that Dick made his first acquaintance with a little leather device known as a “scrotal parachute.” In the dim light (and with Dicks dodgy eyesight) it looked harmless enough as Jane wrapped it around his balls… Dick figured this was a sure fire 4:2 lead, right until, as She stood very close and gazing into his eyes, Jane gave a little squeeze. At which point Dick realised the business side of the item now wrapped firmly around his balls was covered in very small, very sharp spikes, perhaps just a millimetre in length. Too small to do any real damage, but as Jane squeezed and twisted, way sharp enough to take Dick’s pain promptly off the charts and produce another rather surprised “Mercy.” To bring the match to a draw.

With this one in the bag Jane lowered Dick back to the ground, helped him out of the harness and led him over to the medical table, on which he was promptly (and comfortably secured), for the next stage in the game….

With little fuss, and perhaps conscious of the 3:3 score line (though still, neither party had discussed it) Jane applied conducting lube, and slipped two coils over little Richard… and already Dick new the match was lost. As the current started, and slowly increased Dick was determined to last as long as possible… but with little pause Jane steadily increased the current with a slow steady twist of the dial, and in pitifully little time Dick was again the loser using the safeword Mercy 4:3.

Of course, the 4:3 score was all in Dick’s head, and he had no doubt that Mistress Jane would have considered it yet another 4:0 victory, having after all, obtained a mercy from each of his nipples, buttocks, balls and cock… but at least this time Jane had needed to bring out the big guns to achieve Her goal.

With victory secured, Jane now suggested it was time for Dick’s treat, and thoroughly satisfied with this week’s little dose of pain, Dick heartily agreed.

Strapped to Her medical table, with little Richard lounging unimpressively after his ordeal, Dick was relaxed and content. On with the lube, and then with the flask of one of MJ’s lovely milking machines – Dick could never remember the names – and anyway he liked them all. Within seconds a steady slurp, slurp, slurp could be heard as his cock was slowly (and exquisitely) sucked up into the receptacle.

With new gloves on and more lube, MJ then set about Dick’s prostate… and once again Dick started the slow climb on the staircase to heaven. And with a steady, and perfectly waited stroke of his prostate, and with the rhythmic suck, suck, suck on his cock Dick was soon teetering on the brink. And for while Dick resisted the urge to take the final plunge. And the stroking continued… and the sucking continued… and still Dick teetered on the brink… until, enough was enough and Dick gave himself to the final wave…

But… try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now keenly awaited) hurdle.

Jane, sensing Dick’s dilemma, paused to gather re-enforcement’s… and in no time had resumed her ministrations, though this time with the Hitachi wand applying vibration via the sheath attachment, over the top of the milking machine’s receptacle. And so, round two commenced with a steady stroke, stroke, stroke on his prostate… and a suck, suck, suck on his cock… and all the while the vibrations pounded on all sides of the shaft… And in no time at all Dick was again teetering on the brink…

But… still, try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now very keenly awaited) hurdle, and did rather wonder if today it may just be a bridge too far.

Not yet ready to concede defeat though… our magnificent Mistress Jane, again paused to re-group… removing the milking machine to allow the sheath of the Hitachi wand to slip directly over Dick’s aching and eager cock… and with this turned up to full power, She resumed her attack on Dick’s prostate… and this time within seconds Dick was again teetering on the brink, and now desperate to cum.

And… still, despite everything, Dick couldn’t quite get there… And yet still neither would admit defeat…

Until finally, slowly… so very slowly… with Dick racking his brains for every sexual fantasy he had ever considered, and MJ now pounding away on his prostate and twisting and sliding the Hitachi wand up and down the length of his shaft… they both dragged Dick towards the most explosive orgasm of his life… and with a squirt powerful enough to take your eye out Dick finally came… and came… and with one final sigh (from them both!!)… came again.

The only thing missing then was a twenty-piece gospel choir singing Halleluiah!… and waving their hands… and had there been one, Dick rather suspected he and Jane would have joined in too.

As the panting subsided, Dick couldn’t let the moment pass without thanking Jane profusely for Her tenacity and ingenuity and the supreme skill with which She had both held him on the brink for so long, and still delivered a truly magnificent finale.

Is there any doubt why Dick would of course be back for more…

safeword mercy


Oct 042017

If you were to ask me what the most requested activity is, without a doubt I would reply, Anal play, Prostate massage, strap-on, fisting, anything anal. Done carefully and correctly this activity ranks high and some guys just can’t get enough. So don’t think you are alone, there are thousands of you out there that just love it.

Why? Well there are a few reasons why you like it. Firstly your prostate gland is in there and when rubbed against with a dildo or finger, a finger being more exact, but a vibrating toy being more intense, can feel a little weird and may make you feel like you want a pee, but take a few deep breaths, relax and sit it out. The continual nudging of a finger or toy can feel very erotic and pleasurable and when you cum you will find it a much more intense feeling that a penile orgasm. Some guys loose their erection during any anal play, its more a state of mind but the resulting pleasure is pretty much the same.

There are thought to be health benefits to a prostate massage. A prostate massage is thought to help clear the prostatic duct. Massaging may produce a secretion of fluid which may help clear the duct which runs between your prostate and the rest of your reproductive and urinary system.

Strap-on: There she stood with her huge cock strapped to her harness ready to dominate him.

We read things like this all the time. It looks and sounds great, but that cock she is wearing sure sounds big and however much you like to watch someone being f*cked with a giant strap-on cock, in-reality it would scare you sh*tless. That is unless you are well practised and love to take a biggy! The image of a woman wearing a strap-on is a very powerful one and very sexy one, and combined with a domineering attitude ‘This Bitch is going to f*ck you’, it becomes very sexually arousing. The image and thought of a woman taking control, a complete Role Reversal in practical terms and this is another reason why guys like it.

Some just enjoy having things shoved up their bum, pure and simple. They like the feeling of being full or stretched, some like the feel of the thrusting action but the visual effect of that woman doing them long and hard with her strap-on cock wins every time.

I own around 30 cocks/dildos of all shapes and sizes. From a Small 2 inches to an eye watering 12 inches. I have even named some of them. I use a quality water based lube and crisco for deeper exploration. All toys are covered with a condom and cleaned with a medical sanitiser before and after use. Disposable gloves are worn at all times and changed at frequent intervals.

Frequently asked questions regarding anal play

You will need a pack of disposable gloves some water based lube and/or a more greasy lube just in case we decide to do some stretching.

*Before any anal play commences it is always a good idea to have a quick clean up. By that I mean an enema, or a douche. Its quite easy and it makes everything a bit more pleasant as you can imagine. I will paste a link below so you can read up on ‘How To’….

*Will it hurt? It shouldn’t hurt you unless you are so tight only a dog can hear you fart! Firstly you need to be relaxed and in a position that suits you. Doggy is quite popular, once you get a little more brave then lay on your back so you can watch, and they can watch you which is more to the point. There should be plenty of lube to hand and it should be done carefully and slowly for your first time. The finger should not be thrust in but carefully teased in, the more pleasurable it feels for the recipient, the more they will relax and the further you can go.

*Can it be dangerous? Only if you have severe piles or a problem down there but the person doing it will spot this if you haven’t mentioned it already. Also if something to big is forced in but by the time they have attempted to push in your back door you have told them to Stop! before they cause you a mischief. Again use plenty of lube to avoid friction.

So don’t be afraid, bite the bullet and go and enjoy some bum fun!

Anal Play with Mistress Jane




Oct 022017

BDSM Subspace and the release of endorphin’s.

*BDSM is here for us to explore and enjoy, so let’s do it together. It’s fun, its safe and it gives you the most amazing release from the stresses of everyday life.*

I hear over and over again clients telling me how they feel ‘Lifted’ after their session, as if a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Their stresses and woes have all but disappeared. My site goes on to say….

*Once you step across my threshold you can forget the outside world for the time you are here. Synchronise your mind and body and recharge your battery. I guarantee you will feel a weight has been lifted by the time you leave.*

You know only too well that when you indulge in your favourite pastime you feel recharged, de stressed and a little more at peace with yourself and the world feels like a better place to be in. Whether that be BDSM, Sailing, Parachuting, stamp collecting to name a few.

This is because of the release of dopamine when the brain becomes electrically active from the emotions we are feeling at that time (positive or negative). Some call this Subspace or Head space and it is a reaction that is in response to intense stimulation, and is at least partly related to biochemical changes such as endorphin release triggered by physical and emotional stimulation.


Sometimes after an intense session the sub can take a while to ‘come back’. Sometimes he will not remember parts of what have just occurred due to him being ‘out of it’. He has probably just visited subspace. Its like a high but without the drugs.

Time and time again clients tell me how their mind completely shuts off from everything during their session, and it’s the only time they are not thinking about their job, their home life, their problems. For the time they are here the outside world doesn’t exist. The whole focus is on them, its their pamper time and it helps them to unwind and re set their clock.

Is it time to re set your clock?



Sep 262017

Cock Milking Clinic

Nurse Trixy waited patiently for him to hand her his clothes. She looked him up and down and ushered him to hurry. Nurse Jane would be doing her rounds shortly and she expected the patient to be ready and waiting in his gown. “Chop chop” snapped Nurse Trixy “We haven’t got all day”. The patient finally removed his last piece of clothing when suddenly the door opened and in walked Nurse Jane. Nurse Trixy quickly handed the patient a green rubber gown and asked him to sit for a moment.

The two nurses had a brief chat before addressing their patent. Welcome to The Berkshire Cock Milking Clinic. He was told to lay back on the medical bed and as he did Nurse Jane parted his legs and guided his feet into the stirrups. The nurses wrapped white leather straps around his body to secure him to the bed.

The cold of the rubber gown had made his nipples stiffen but his cock had yet to show itself. As the two latex clad nurses turned to face him it soon rose to the occasion and the gown began to raise around his groin area. And although the nurses had seen this many times it always raised a smile.

Nurse Jane pulled a pair of disposable gloves from a box on the wall. As she put them on she stared him right in the eye and spoke to him in a direct manner. “So, you have been masturbating excessively?” Said Nurse Jane. “Yes Nurse” he replied in the same manner. “How frequently?” she said as Nurse Trixy held a lube dispenser over Nurse Jane’s gloves. “Oh errrrr, two may be tree times daily Nurse” he answered with a spring in his step only he wasn’t walking. “Hmmm” she grunted as she turned away. “Your notes say you have been known to masturbate 4 to 5 times, is that correct?” Asked Nurse Jane looking rather vexed. “Yes it has been known Nurse” he answered sheepishly. He started to feel like a naughty school boy as the two nurses stood over him prodding and probing his fully erect member and began to discuss it as if it were detached from his body.

Nurse Trixy squirted a blob of lube on to her gloves and massaged it in. His cock began to twitch as he anticipated her touch which made her giggle and tease him a little longer by taking her time over it. Nurse Jane cupped his balls and squeezing them gently, she turned to Nurse Trixy “Oh yes, they need emptying Nurse” she said in a soft voice. With that Nurse Trixy slid her small hands down his shaft. He gasped with sexual excitement as her grip stretched his foreskin back, peeling it of the head of his cock and his first cock milking began.

Cock milking clinic….to be continued

Berkshire cock milking clinic



Sep 252017
Satin Panties, Spanking Punishment.
“Well young man”. Said Mistress Jane as she whispered into his ear whilst lightly fingering his erect shaft. “It seems a standard spanking hasn’t taught you to contain your excitement. This is the second time I have caught you in the female changing room stealing satin panties so you can masturbate into them! I’m going to call for some assistance to help deal with you.” Mistress Jane left the room and shortly returned with her deputy, Miss Trixy.
“Miss Trixy” Mistress Jane started. ” This is the young man I was telling you about earlier. He has terrible trouble controlling his excitement around the other female students. I know you have a lot of special techniques to train naughty boys to teach then to respect ladies and their underwear”.
“Oh yes” Miss Trixy replied. “I have found that the best punishment for naughty boys is to discipline them in the same manner we would our naughty girls. I suggest we dress him in a pair of frilly girls knickers which I’ve brought with me”. Miss Trixy waved a satin pair of panties in the air for Mistress Jane to see. The two ladies pulled down his pants and while Miss Trixy held his arms behind his back Mistress Jane forced him into the frilly satin panties. “Let us see how he responds to being spanked across our knee’s wearing those!” said Mistress Jane.
Miss Trixy perched herself on a chair and beckoned the young man over. As he approached Miss Trixy began to hitch up her skirt in preparation but he couldn’t help but notice her stocking tops peeping from under her skirt. The soft feel of the satin panties brushing against him as he walked towards Miss Trixy made his cock stiffen. He leaned across her knee ready to receive his punishment. “OOh what is that I feel pressing on my stocking-ed thigh?” shouted Miss T.
Mistress Jane walked over and told him to ‘Part his legs’ while she slid her hand between to feel what all the fuss was about. “My, my” She said “What do we have here in these frilly satin panties?”. Miss T also slipped her hand between his legs. The ladies looked at each other and they knew then what needed to be done.
Miss T stroked his bottom. The soft silky fabric warmed to her touch and she gently pulled them over his bottom. She then began to spank him whilst MJ kept a firm grip on his enormous erection. His cock twitched with every spank received, six on one cheek then six on the other.
He was then pulled over MJ’s knee. She to stroked his girly frilly panties before pulling them back down over his buttocks. She could also feel his erection throbbing against her thigh a her spanks rained down on his naked buttocks. “You will come to learn that having naughty thoughts about what the girls wear under their skirts has its consequences.  Coming to see us for regular panty punishment is the only way your behaviour will improve, as I can feel your naughty cock already getting far too excited by those panties you’ve been made to wear. Control yourself !” Said MJ.
Miss Trixy manoeuvred a chair so she could sit herself in front of him as he lay over MJ’s lap. She lifted her skirt and demanded his head hide under it whilst he is spanked by MJ. “We have a panty sniffer at large Mistress” said Trixy. “I will force his head under my skirt and force his head in to my crotch in order for him to breathe in my scent”. And so she did.
“You are going to have to learn some respect and self control young man, kiss these panties while you take your punishment and don’t stop till Miss is done” Said Trixy pulling his head in under her underskirts giving him nowhere to go whilst MJ continued punishing him, but now intermittently tickling the area between cock and balls seemingly revelling in making him squirm across her thighs while she ignored his muffled moans from under Trixy’s skirt.
“I’m still not happy that this naughtiness is still out of control” Said MJ as she ran her nails around the outline of his throbbing member through the satin panties”.
“What other suggestions do you have?” Asked Miss T.
“Well I think there’s a simple solution to this, we drain all this naughtiness out of him” replied MJ. At this moment  Miss T started teasing his cock and balls through the girly panties he was wearing. “To be honest its my favourite way to discipline naughty boys”. Said MJ as she gently slid down his panties down his legs leaving them round his ankles. “I have much silkier pair with me that will do the job”. MJ walked over to her bag and pulled out a shiny pair of purple panties with pretty bows and handed them to Trixy.
“Now naughty little boy”whispered Trixy as she playfully dangled the panties across his cock. “We are going to find out how much self control you’ve learnt today”.
MJ approached him from behind and began spanking his cheeks again but this time not as severely, but sensually with one hand while her other gently but mercilessly tickled his balls and perineum. Trixy slid the silky fabric up and down his stiff shaft with a loose gentle grip. With each movement he groaned in ecstasy followed by sharp intake of breath with each spank received from MJ. “This is what happens to bad boys who spend too much time trying to sniff girls knickers. Its a very unbecoming obsession  for a young man, don’t you agree Trixy?’ Asked MJ
“Oooh yes” replied Trixy as she looked him in the eye whilst stroking his stiff erection with the satin panties, now wet with his pre cum. Her hand actions quickened on his ever stiff shaft. “I do love putting these naughty boys in my panties and having my way with them” Said Trixy as she let out a cruel giggle. He could no longer hold himself back. The softness of the satin panties, the humiliation of the two ladies dominating and disciplining him in such a way. “Aawww, are you making a mess in my pretty little panties you naughty, naughty boy” teased Trixy.
“We are going to have to double the punishment for you next time” Said MJ.
satin panties and blouses
Sep 222017

Berkshire BDSM….Dick Finally Gets It

As he entered his third year at the Berkshire School of BDSM, Berkshire BDSM for short. Dick felt he was finally starting to understand just what it was about the proceedings in MJ’s dungeon that drew him back so consistently and regularly for more (and more!!). And indeed, how it had pretty much cured his escort habit, and ‘almost’ stopped him playing with little Richard himself (though let’s not get too carried away here).

First, there was the absolute banquet of the most intense and varied sensations on offer both pain and pleasure, and curiously several in between:

· With pain ranging from the temporary sting of the strap or cane when applied smartly to his bottom; to the much longer-lasting sting of a nettle massaged into to his scrotum; to all manner of sensations from the electrics applied to cock, balls and anus; to the torments applied to his nipples, by clamps… and by MJ’s finger nails.

· With pleasure ranging from MJ’s truly expert prostate massage, all her male milking devices, and of course for Dick the absolutely irresistible Hitachi wand… which combined with just the right pressure on his prostate had intensified and elongated his orgasms tenfold.

· And, finally with those sensations which sat curiously in between… sounds sinking deep into his urethra, strap-ons of increasingly impressive dimensions thrust vigorously up his rear, and the hand of evil tormenting his cock long after he had cum.

Second, was the significant reduction in both risk and guilt Dick felt after each visit compared with his little escorting misdemeanours.

· No risk – because with MJ’s hyper strict regime he was sure he was more likely to catch an STI in the doctor’s surgery than in MJ’s dungeon.

· No guilt – as from MJ’s perspective Dick felt there was absolutely nothing remotely demeaning to Her in the service She provided (gloved digit up his bum or not); whereas with sex, even though Dick was always gentle and considerate, there was always the thought that the escort gave up a tiny fraction of her soul in such an act… despite several of the more mature escorts Dick had met who managed to make their flattering remarks (almost) believable.

And finally, it was just plain and simple, a whole lot more fun in MJ’s dungeon than anywhere else Dick had been… and the delight at being “at Her mercy” even though Dick was anything but submissive, and (with him at least) Jane chose to be anything but dominant, was still really such a thrill. Add to that too, the extra playmates Dick had met assisting Mistress Jane, and he was sure to be back for a whole lot more in the months (and years) to come.

But, as a third year at Berkshire BDSM, Dick felt he should be pushing himself ever further in his ‘studies’ and as he sat there contemplating a harder caning, or a good rub down (below) with nettles, he found little Richard stirring in his boxer shorts – the thought of pain always had more effect than the thought of pleasure though Dick was determined to sacrifice neither.

And, so Dick thought it may be a good idea to start the year with a little test, and sat down to compose an email to Jane to invite Her to “make him say mercy” in as many different ways as she liked, at his next appointment.

…….to be continued

Berkshire bdsm


Sep 152017

Our two willing subs were getting along very nicely and Trixy and I were enjoying the spectacle before us. So far they had obeyed almost all our demands. We had a slight glitch when Slave A paused and shook his head when told to open his mouth whilst blindfolded, i think he thought he was going to get a mouthful of real cock right there and then. I quickly discouraged his lack of enthusiasm by taking a whip to slave J’s backside. Remember they take each others punishment, not their own. Slave A soon relented when he heard the crack of my whip lick the flesh of his counterpart Slave J.

Trixy and I thought that it would be a good idea if we got them on all fours, side by side and strapped together while we fucked their tight little arses. We had them side on to the large wall mirrors so we could watch. It was highly entertaining I must say and as Trixy leaned over them while she lubed up their fuck holes I took my place behind Salve J.

two sub bitwo sub bi

With both Trixy and I now kneeling behind our boys, our cocks to the ready we began to fuck them. Slave A was wriggling on Trixy’s cock whilst my slave was acting a little lazy, nothing a hard slap across the backside wouldn’t sort out though. Soon it was as if they were competing against each other, Who was giving the best performance to please us. We laughed as we likened the scene to a chariot race with Trixy and I steering at the helm.

“Perform well for us and we might let you boys entertain us some more!” Said Trixy as she thrust her cock hard and furiously in to Slave A.

Needless to say we did have them perform for us some more but we shall leave that to your imagination. As you know the biggest sex organ in the body is the mind so I shall leave you with that to consider………..

Sep 132017

Six ofthe best Part 3

Of course the lady herself was pissing herself laughing and had to lean against the wall, slim shoulders heaving beneath her white silk blouse. Reaching carefully with one hand to explore the track now rising across the summit of my buttocks I went to straighten up. “Okay Ella, you win. You got me good there ‒”

“Get back over that desk, you!”

“Oh come on! You must be kidding!”

“Oh no, David. We’re not done yet.” As I twisted round to try to reason with her, my face doubtless a picture of horror she gave a vulpine smile and brought the cane up to her shoulder. “I’m going to give you six ofthe best. Like I said we’re doing this properly. That was your first. And you’re going to count every one and thank me for each one.”

“No way! You’re telling me you’re going to make me thank you for hitting me with that cane! What are you going to do if I refuse?”

“Simple. Then we’ll start over right from the beginning and we’ll keep doing that, over and over until you behave. You want to be a good boy, don’t you? She broke off into laughter again.

Mortified and without quite knowing why I was being so compliant, I got back over the desk. I wondered for a moment how many fellow sufferers had lain over it before me in the Victorian times. Then I felt the insistent tapping of the cane on my bottom as Ella measured off the second. She gave a giggle redolent of a feline cruelty, clearly enjoying playing with me like a cat with a mouse. “Ready, Davey-boy? I’ll zip this one to you, special delivery!”


Automatically I started calling her “Miss Ella” (no doubt a subconscious recognition of my newfound subservient position) so there followed a litany of “Two, thank you, Miss Ella.”


“Three, thank you, Miss Ella.”

And a proper caning I certainly received. The sheer indignity of it was unbelievable and coupled with a deep, bad hurt which in this position coursed right through me like a tidal wave until at times it became almost unbearable. I also realised we have been totally lied to by our corporal punishment pornography. For a start, unlike in the films you don’t go “Ooh,” “Aiieee” and “Yikes” — quite often the pain is so intense you momentarily cannot breathe. And the sounds you do make come from deep within you; grunts and gasps from the diaphragm where the lungs meet the stomach.

“Four, thank you, Miss Ella.” And God, it hurts! Yet curiously, it’s a good hurt too … Also I found it strangely erotic to be punished in such an ad hoc, entitled kind of way by someone a fair degree younger than me who was doing it for the fun of the exercise; as a kind of dare and doubtless to prove a point.

Of course being a man I could have stood up, told her to stop, walked out or even wrestled the cane from her but what would have been the point of such churlishness? I had to recognise that on being goaded she had outmanoeuvred me and you soon learn your place in these matters …

And so to the final stroke. “Last one, David!” Ella said mockingly. “And do you know what they say about the final one?”

“No, Miss Ella.”

“They say it’s the hardest one of all. As you’re about to find out!”

She wasn’t kidding. I felt a horrible coppery sensation in the back of my mouth and the surging pain boiled over almost beyond my ability to withstand it. “Six, thank you,” I tried to enunciate but that last stroke hurt so much the words came out as a grunt from the base of my stomach.

By now Ella was convulsing with laughter, the tears streaming down her lovely face and it took a few minutes before she could compose herself to let me up. “Oh God, that was sick! I haven’t laughed so much in ages! Right, you can pull your pants and trousers up now, David.” I let out an involuntary gasp as the elastic snapped against my tortured flesh although first I examined my backside in her full-length mirror, rubbing my cheeks in an attempt to soothe away the throbbing ache. It was in quite a state and I noted how the tram tracks swelling to the surface were black rather than the scarlet stripes universally depicted in spanking magazines, although surrounded by two huge crimson circles from those broken capillaries.

six ofthe best

“Ella, I’m sorry …” I began. “I was disrespectful to you in your shop and I shouldn’t have wound you up like that. I don’t blame you for whacking me, or for the extra six ofthe best.”

That seemed to set her off again and laying down the cane on the desk she flapped a hand against my chest. “Consider yourself forgiven. Oh and by the way – while you were still bending over the desk and crying after the sixth one I took a photo of your bum! It’s pride of place as the wallpaper on my iPhone now and the next time I’m on a night out with the girls I’ll show it to them – see if they recognise that face!”

“I was not crying … you did WHAT!”

Ella gave a final tinkly laugh whilst she unlocked the door and as I hobbled painfully out onto the street she favoured me with these words: “David, you are without doubt the most ridiculous man I have ever met!”

“Yes, I must be.”

Making my way through the crowds toward Paddington station I felt utterly humiliated yet strangely elated by this new and elicit pleasure that had so unexpectedly come my way. It gave me a special kind of knowledge that as I passed among these overstressed businessmen, anxious students, angry housewives and tough young roadmen who thronged the streets I and I alone had just been punished by a beautiful young woman wielding a rattan and bore the blazing red, black and blue buttocks to prove it.

Ella, you played a mean and some may say a cruel trick on me, but I love you and I forgive you.


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