Nov 242020

Female Pro sub, the title says it all really. Are you a female switch or sub who is looking to gain more experience in a professional environment?. Well this could be your lucky day! I am looking for someone aged between 27 and 37 ish to join me for the occasional session.

Reliability and discretion are essential as you can imagine. It would also help if you live within a 20 mile radius of Reading and have transport. A lady that isn’t easily shocked, is level headed and focused. If this is you then drop me an email

If you already have experience as a female pro sub or a switch or in the Adult Industry sector and looking to broaden your knowledge. I can offer you an environment where safe, sane and consensual practices are to be enjoyed.

The person who is interested in this advert must contact me and NOT third parties!! Any credentials you have will be checked out.

female pro sub
Oct 272020

I hope you are all keeping well and safe. While I am open for business everybody who wishes to book an appointment must follow my covid-precautions below.

*I am operating on a maximum of two sessions per day providing those appointments are spaced apart giving me time to fully disinfect my premises between times. If a session is booked for 3 hours or longer that will be the only session accepted for that day.

*When inquiring about an appointment you must say what area you are coming from and tell me what covid alert level your area is. That means what Tier. BE HONEST!!

*If you have any symptoms please cancel your appointment even if its at short notice.

*Please arrive wearing a mask!

*Before you enter my dungeon you will notice there is a hand sanitizing dispenser to the right hand side of the door, use it.

*When you enter you will be asked to keep your mask on. Your temperature will be taken via an infrared thermometer. The normal temperature range is between 36*C to 37.2*C. If your temperature is above normal which can sometimes happen if you have been rushing and are nervous. You will be given a glass of water and your temp will be taken again 5 mins later. this will be repeated up to 3 times. If your temp remains high you will be asked to leave and I hope that you will understand.

*No hugs or kisses, thank you.


*If rates begin to rise I will consider closing until things have calmed down.

Sep 302020

Post cum torment is a little like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. There is no in-between. Edging is one of my favourite session types. Also known as cum control and orgasm control. I think that the latter and Post cum torment compliment each-other, if that’s the right word. They are like chalk and cheese but work well together in a funny sort of way.

Some guy’s can be edged for a long time, 2 hours or more. If in that 2 hours I constantly bring them to the edge (prolonged edging). But don’t allow them to cum, that’s the Denial part. Also called Tease and Deny. Others like to cum multiple times, 2,3,4 sometimes more. This is known as multiple orgasm. Or controlled multiple orgasms.

Occasionally there are those chaps that like to go the extra mile for their Mistress. They are the ones who take my ‘Hand of Evil’. Those are the lovers of Post Cum Torment or Cock Head Polishing.

So imagine you’re strapped down to with an inch of your life. I edge you for a time then Deny you. Eventually allowing you to cum in one mass explosion. BUT I don’t stop there, I carry on and on and on. Concentrating on your glands. Or holding your cock head in my fist which I then rotate giving it a good polish.

Has it got you squirming yet?. Follow the links below to see some of my free clips.

The two clips above show a cock being manipulated by hand. Machines such as the Venus2000 or the Seriouskit can be used too. Watch it and weep my little fetish chums. Who knows, it might be your turn soon.

Sep 222020

The Maidens of Merciless Tickle Torture has a certain ring to it, and we do exactly what it says on the can!. Without pity or mercy, we will tickle you until you are a gibbering wreck. Until you are too weak to resist and panting for breath between your cries for mercy!

Who is ‘We’ I hear you ask. My glamorous blonde assistant Lunna is my accomplice, my partner in crime and part of ‘The Reading crew’. Aptly named by our fab friends at Fallen Angel Dungeon Hire in Milton Keynes. Now back to the topic of Tickle Torture.

Secured end to end on my sturdy bondage bed from Blindfolded and lay out spread-eagled and waiting for us to strike. Unsure when as we move with stealth toward you. You jump as you become uneasy with nervous anticipation. Waiting, listening out for something, anything that’ll give you a hint of what direction we’ll attack from first.

Then all of a sudden we set upon you, tickling you frantically. You giggle uncontrollably. In fact we are all giggling uncontrollably. Then it stops as quickly as it started, and silence. We circle the bed, you can hear us moving around you but still you are twitchy. Lunna takes your feet, I take your rib-cage and we tickle. We tickle until you become short of breath and gasping for air.

We are The Maidens of Merciless Tickle Torture. So be-careful what you wish for. We are powerful and we will pounce. As our talons dig in to your responsive areas you will try to kick and twist but to no avail. We have you in our grip and there is no escape, no mercy, relentless and You are our prey!.

Tickle clip

Mistress Jane. Tickle Torture
Jun 012020

My COVID-PRECAUTIONS-I hope you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times. I saw my last client on Friday March 20th just as the Government were about to announce Lockdown for the UK.

Today is Wed 8th July and I am happy to announce I AM NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Please read my covid-precautions below.

There will be some hoops to jump through (see below)

If you have a temperature or are not feeling fighting fit, then please stay away!

I will be taking just ONE booking per day to give me time to thoroughly air and clean my dungeon from top to bottom. All items and machines used will be thoroughly cleaned using medical grade sanitizer and then a viricidal cleaner. ALL SURFACES PLUS THE FLOORS WILL BE WASHED DOWN WITH MILTON.

Your temperature will be taken with a temperature gun on arrival. If your temp is slightly above the norm I will politely ask you to leave and hope that you understand.

Make sure you have showered thoroughly before you come and are wearing clean clothes.

All clients should arrive wearing a face mask!

No hugs or pecks on the cheek please.

Hand sanitizer is available and you will be expected to sanitize your hands.

If you need a short breather (in the event you find your face mask is getting to stuffy and making you hot) You can ask to step outside for some fresh air and or ask for a drink of water.

I won’t be offering my makeover service for the time being.

I won’t be using my domestic setting for the time being.

Latex can be worn as it can be cleaned easily whereas leather is a bit more difficult.


Thank you for your co operation..

MJ's covid-precautions
Apr 212020

Sissy Maid Fantasy. I had always fantasied of being controlled by a woman. Then one day by some strange twist of fate my once far distant fantasy became reality.

Oh to be a sissy maid. I have lost days if not weeks day dreaming about this very fantasy. My life had become a little mundane, if that’s the right word for it. I would get up, I would go to work yada yada yada. My wife would have a similar routine. Only she would get up, make breakfast and leave for work an hour before I did. I had recently semi retired and therefore found I had more time on my hands. This meant I could indulge my fantasy a little more.

Cross dressing has been an interest of mine for many many years. Until now I had managed to keep it secret from my wife. I’ve tried to stop, God knows I’ve tried, but I found I needed it in my life to keep me sane. Like the earth needs the sun. I so wanted to share my secret and after much deliberation sought out a Mistress with whom to share it with. After much searching and researching I discovered Mistress Jane, and for me sharing my secret which I had kept so close to my chest for so many years was a game changer. Mistress would instruct me on what to wear and when and give me chores to do. Once a month I would visit her for some much needed punishment and further training. My sissy maid fantasy was now partially reality. 

Since I was now semi retired my wife expected me to put a lot more effort in to my share of the house work. I had become quite a good cook and always had dinner prepared for her when she returned from work. On occasions my wife and I would have discussions as she thought that I ought to do a lot more work around the house that I already did, but these discussions often turned into arguments. If only she would take me over her knee and spank me instead, I’d probably take more notice.

Over the years I had accumulated quite a few pieces of ladies lingerie. The silky type. Girdles, panties, stockings and bra. As well as a pair of heels, blouse an apron and one pencil skirt. I used to steal a moment to myself here and there on the very rare occasion my wife was out. But now found I had whole days to myself, to dress, to play and to imagine what life as a sissy maid would be like. What a dream it would be if my wife would keep me dressed this way and have me take care of all the household chores whilst she went out to work. For her to come home and spank me over her knee for not completing her job list. But I dare not share my thoughts with her as she wouldn’t understand. When the hands of the clock steered towards 6pm I would make sure that all of my lingerie was hidden safely before my wife returned from work. I would have the tea on the go and be hoovering or carrying out some chore as she walked through the door oblivious to the fact that 15 minutes earlier I was prancing around the house dresses ‘en femme.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I had chosen to do some gardening. Under my male clothes I wore a white girdle, stockings, panties and a bra which I found quite uncomfortable as it dug into my chest as I leaned forward to tidy the boarders. As my mind began to wonder deep in to my little sissy maid fantasy I would imagine my wife lay back on the lounger sunning herself with me suitably dressed as her maid at her beck and call. Every so often threatening to spank me if I didn’t do a good enough job. If only!. 

Suddenly my mind snapped out of my day dream as I heard a car. Was it 6pm already? I panicked and stood up. It was my wife! she was home early!. By now she was getting out from her car. I gulped in horror as I realized all my lingerie was still laid out in the living room. I was frozen to the spot, ‘what should I do?.  I ran over to her but the look on my face gave me away and it made her question… “Is there something the matter dear? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”. I shook my head and pushed my way in front of her. I wanted to shut the lounge door before she noticed my lingerie but it was too late. She stood in the living room doorway staring at me as I frantically fumbled and tried to bungle all my lingerie back in to the case from where it came. 

“Can you explain this to me?” she demanded. She walked over toward the case and pulled it open bending and down she reached for a hand full of my lingerie. I stood back. I didn’t know what to say or where to look, I had never anticipated such an encounter and it left me speechless. “Well, have you an explanation or do you collect underwear from girlfriends or even clotheslines?” she barked. “No Darling….” I answered but she cut me short. “Don’t You Darling me!!” she snapped. “I just like the feel of ladies lingerie against my skin” I chirped, adding “They feel so much nicer than men’s clothes”. I though it best to stop right there.

Suddenly she turned away as if about to leave the room but stopped. “Are you wearing any lingerie now?” she asked. “Yes” I replied. “Remove your outer clothes and let me see” she asked. I did as I was told. There I stood in my girdle and stockings, panties and an ill fitting bra. “Very pretty” she mocked. I could see the cogs working as she stared at me. “Perhaps I could use this to my advantage…..hmmmm” she thought to herself. 

sissy maid fantasy blog
Caught red handed!

My wife instructed me to open the case in order to she see ALL of its contents. She picked out a short skirt and some heels and told me to ‘Put them on!’. Unsure of what was going to happen I was a little apprehensive but I did as I was told. “What do you call yourself whilst dressed like a girl” she asked. “I’m not a girl” I replied abruptly, adding “I simply like to wear lingerie and ladies clothes and be called Davina”. At best she looked confused whilst raising an eyebrow. She then turned and then pulled over the desk chair. “Lean over my lap!” she spat. Not wasting any time I went straight over her lap with my little cockette wedged tightly between her stocking thighs. My skirt was lifted over my bottom and she began to spank me, hard!. For me, this was my sissy maid fantasy come true.

When she was finished she told me to stand up. “I’m in a quandary on what to do!” she said. “Well I mean, should i divorce you? Use you as a full time sissy maid? or, tell my friends all about you to see what they would do in this situation?”….she grinned. “Or I could keep you as a house maid and get myself a boyfriend?”….“After all, you little offering isn’t enough to please a real woman like me!” she added. I had to admit, she was right. I wasn’t enough to satisfy her, my little cockette belonged in panties.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Stay right there” she barked as she went to answer it. My heart was pounding hard, I wasn’t sure whether it was through excitement or fear or a mixture of the two. I heard the door close and she re entered the room holding a package addressed to me. “Catch” she said as she threw the package at me. Inside was a wig I had recently ordered. I was digging a deeper hole right before her eyes.

“Put the wig on Davina”  she said sarcastically. It was a short bob style blonde wig, rather girly which I liked. My wife sat back on the desk chair and instructed me to lift up my girdle and pull down my panties. She then instructed me back over her knee. Her spanks rained down on to my bare buttocks so hard that I didn’t think I’d be able to sit down for a week. Occasionally she paused to give her hand a break but then she would carry on and on and on until she finally came to a halt. I was told to stand and pull up my panties and pull down my girdle to look half decent. The heat of my glowing bottom was retained by the thick material from my girdle, and it felt strangely satisfying and liberating. 

From that day on things changed. My sissy maid fantasy had become a stark reality. Every morning I would dress appropriately according to my wife’s wishes for that particular day. Sometimes I was in full dress, panties, girdle, stockings, heels and maids dress. On other days I would wear my lingerie and just a pinny with no dress. If I was working outside I would wear my lingerie under my outer clothes which I also did if I went to the shops. When I arrived home I would immediately change in to my role as House maid and sissy. New sleeping arrangements were made and I was banished to the spare room. A daily list of chores was set out that would keep me busy from dawn to dusk. Part of that was to tend to my wife as her ‘lady’ in waiting. When she showered I would be there waiting with a towel to pat her dry. Earlier I will have laid out her clothes in her room ready to dress her. 

Our role’s had completely reversed, not that my wife used to wait on me hand and foot or wait for me after a shower and pat me dry, but in a different way. I had become a full time maid to my wife. In the morning I wold get up an hour before she did in order to prepare breakfast and serve her tea. She would often comment “I could get used to this” or “You look pretty this morning”. Sometimes she would slap my bottom as I walked past her and giggle at my expense. However, this didn’t make me feel ‘put down’ as I was enjoying my new role. If anything it excited me which my wife could tell. 

Another aspect of my home life was my wife’s new found sexual control of me. For instance, when dressing her she knew that rolling on her stockings made me hard. To counteract this she would threaten to lock my little cockette away in a chastity device never to be seen or touched again!. More often than not I would receive an over the knee spanking where my cockette would be clamped hard between her thighs. This again excited me as it brushed against her stockings and made me dribble which in turn annoyed her. Once my spanking was over she would order me to “Lick my slimy mess from her stockings!”. This in turn caused a constant cycle of excitement which gave her more excuses to spank or slipper my bottom. Sometimes when brushing her hair she would instruct me to bend forward and whack my bottom several times with her brush. “That should keep you in-check dear” she would say.

One particular day my wife had requested that I make ready her black tight pencil skirt, satin pussy bow blouse and her best lingerie. As I started to dress her I dared to ask why she was wearing her best clothes for work, was she meeting a special client or something?. I was taken aback by her reply and it was at that very moment that I realized my new role was here to stay. “Do you think I look sexy in my outfit?” she asked.“Of course I do”, I replied.“Do you think my Boss will find me sexy when I bend over his desk dressed like this?” she retorted.I swallowed hard and hesitated for a moment as I offered my reply “Yes, he will find you very attractive as I do”. She smiled with a confidence I had not witnessed from her before.”Do you think he’ll want to fuck me?” she said.This was very out of character for my wife so I had to think hard and answer carefully or suffer her wrath. “How could he resist” I replied. “Good answer” she said as she turned and walked out of the door shouting “Dinner at 6pm sharp dear!“.

That day her words rang over and over in my head “Do you think he’ll want to fuck me”……’I’d better try harder to please her’ I though to myself as I hurried along with my chores.Three weeks had passed since taking on my new role. My wife appeared much happier and I so was I. My new role was fulfilling and I enjoyed giving over control to the woman I loved. Recently though, she had gotten much more strict and had started using the cane on my bare bottom. If something wasn’t done to her exacting standard then out came the cane. “Six of the best for you this evening!” she would say.

sissy maid fantasy
Come and put on your dress.

My bottom began to bear the marks of my tardiness which would be a lasting reminder for me to try harder in order to please my wife. Some days, mainly Saturdays and Sundays when on her days off she would find any excuse to spank me. I would feel my bottom hot and glowing under my tight girdle as it gripped me. A feeling I loved and found very fulfilling if not a little uncomfortable at times. Relief was something that I earned. Although I wasn’t locked in chastity I no longer had free will to play with myself. That was a pleasure that only my wife would grant and not as often as I would like. Sometimes she would call me from work and tell me that her boss had been looking at her bottom when she was bending over his desk. she would tel me to relay to her what I thought her boss could see. Then she would ask if I had gotten hard. She would know the answer to this already and occasionally she would tell me to relieve myself whilst still on the phone to her. Upon ending the call she would say “I bet you’ve made a sticky mess in your panties. Six of the when I get through that front door tonight!”. This was my life now and I had gotten my wish. My Sissy Maid Fantasy was no longer dream, it was real. Its what I had longed for. Was I happy with my lot? Of course I was.

my sissy maid fantasy


Mar 072020

My Fully equipped Dungeon in Reading is both easy to get to, being a stone’s throw off the M4 at Junction 11 and discreet. There is off street free parking too!. A bus stop is close by for those who travel using public transport.

When I say ‘Fully Equipped Dungeon’ I mean exactly that. Let me enlighten you. you will find leather and rubber straitjackets and sleepsac’s. Vac beds and inflatables. Latex clothing for you to wear from catsuits to rubber doll transformations.

Fetish furniture to include a bondage bed with integrated slave cage. A spanking bench. 3 sex slings. Single point suspension. Pallet wrap bench and Spine board. Fetters bondage chair plus half and full leather body suspension harnesses. The list goes on, and on…..

Fully equipped dungeon in Reading

As well as my heavily armored dungeon i also have a medical clinic and a male milking facility with more masturbation and milking machines then anywhere else in the UK.I have 2 f*cking machines and 3 Venus 2000’s, 2 SeriousKit male milking machines, a Tremblr and a RoboJac. Plus Robotic masturbation arm and a suc-o-matic. Lots of penis pumping equipment too!.

Mistress Jane's fully equipped dungeon in reading

Now I know lots of you bad boys and gurls love cock and I have many at my disposal. From beginners small length and girth sizes to huge to satisfy the greediest bum whores of this world.

Reading Strap-on Mistress

As you can see, the list is endless, even I don’t realize how much kinky stock I carry until I get to write it down….eeekkk! Of course there is lots more bits and bobs that deserve a mention such as 5 Erostek boxes plus Electra stim and estim boxes. Then there’s loads of electrodes to suit all levels of experience.

My Fetish Medical room is stark white with accents of clinical green. Medical uniforms range from latex to NHS and beyond. Procedures and treatments can be performed by Nurse Jane and should you need a second nurse or perhaps a Doctor present, at your request, it can be arranged. From anal probing and stretching to infusions to your scrotum. A wide range of therapies are available. Please ask.

Male Milking Facility in Reading

So as you have read, Fully Equipped Dungeon means exactly that!

Feb 252020

Medical Play sessions are becoming more and more increasingly popular with clients. So hygiene, skills and kit are always at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

My skill base with regards to Medical Play is every evolving. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a very renowned and very respected Medical Play specialist Mistress. Who came to visit me to share her knowledge. Watch this space as she may well be teaming up with me in the future!

My beautiful discreet Fetish Clinic also known as The Clinic in the Countryside. Aptly named by Slave Phoenix who has experienced most, if not all of my clinical role play procedures.

Talking of which. You may experience so many delightful and equally un-delightful procedures all depending on what you are looking for. Each and every Medical Play session is tailored to each individuals fetish and level of experience. It shall not be taken that everyone wants the same thing and one size fits all…no…no! Quite the contrary.

You fetish fantasy will be assessed and played out accordingly. At no time will you have needles or catheter if its not what you’ve asked for. Respecting your limits it a top priority. There is a page about to be launched on my site which will give you the full lowdown on my Clinic In the Country side. At the moment it is currently under construction

medical play Berkshire mistress Jane
Nurse Jane tending to her patient Slave Phoenix.
Feb 012020

Kidnap Fantasy: My female submissive Lunna was under strict instructions. I had her abstain from any form of self indulgence…nudge nudge wink wink. This was because during a session one day, I had to leave the dungeon momentarily.

I told her to keep our sub occupied while I was gone. He had only been in the dungeon for 20 mins by this time. Upon my return I caught her on her knees with his dick in her mouth and in the throws of an orgasm!. Needless to say I was not impressed. The chap in question was in his late 70’s so cuming a second time wasn’t an option. So the session finished early as he had cum and now he wanted to go!

Having a very highly sexed female sub isn’t always as good as it sounds. Getting back to the story though. I told her no sex, no masturbation for 3 weeks. Lunna was mortified but agreed.

Three weeks later Lunna had done it. Well done girl, ‘My reward’ she asked me. ‘Reward’ I answered, and she gave me one of those looks which said it all…. ‘I want cock!’. When Lunna wants cock she wants a lot of it and with it being a whole 3 weeks since she held one in her hand/mouth we needed a cock that was willing. A virile young man.

We had to seek one out and fast. I grabbed a few bits and bobs and threw them in to a bag. Lunna got in to the car and off we sped. I drove to remote car park which was renowned for dogging. I was sure we’d fine some fresh meat there. ‘Why are we here?’ she asked. ‘This is where folk come dogging’ I answered. ‘Ah’ she replied. Unfortunately ours was the only car there. We waited for around 30 minutes before another car drove in to the car park. A male in his early 30’s was at the wheel. He parked next to us.

‘Do you like him’ I asked her. The young man had thick jet black hair and olive skin. ‘Yummy’ she answered which I assume meant he was to her liking. ‘Right’ I said lets grab him. Lunna reached in to the bag and pulled out a couple of hoods and a pillow case. Suddenly the man got out of his car and started to walk away.

I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity and got out of the car. I placed a hood over my face as did Lunna and seizing the opportunity we ran up behind him. He froze to the spot, we quickly bagged his head in the pillow case, tied his hands and bungled him in to the car and sped off in to the sunset. Surely a bdsm kidnap fantasy was something most men could only dream about?

Lunna was sat in the backseat beside our hostage. I pulled over in to a lay-by which was down a quite country lane. ‘Lets see the merchandise’ I said as Lunna unzipped his flies and pulled out his cock. ‘He’ll do nicely’ said Lunna with a wide smile across her face. ‘Good’ I replied. Lunna had dressed head to toe in leather that morning and began stroking his cock with her leather gloved hand. He cock was as stiff a Mr.Stiff from Stiffington.

bdsm kidnap fantasy

His heart pounded and he stayed silent. He didn’t ask who we were or plead to be set free, he was simply compliant. Lunna carried on teasing his cock and it wasn’t long before he came. She quickly cleaned him up. ‘Satisfied?’ I asked her. ‘No’ was her stern reply. ‘Ok, then we’ll have to take him to the dungeon’, I told her.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at our destination. We un-bungled him out of the car and ushered him to the dungeon. There, we removed his clothes and secured his hands above his head. We stood back and looked at him. His cock had perked up again. He still didn’t speak though.

‘Your cocks been hard since we took you’ said Lunna. He said nothing. ‘I bet you have a kidnap fantasy like most guys, right?’. Still he said nothing. His cock told us otherwise as it remained hard right through his ‘ordeal’, if you could call it that.

‘We need to set a ransom’ said Lunna. ‘Ok, 5 cums in 3 hours and he can go’ I replied. ‘That sounds like a plan Mistress’ answered Lunna. ‘One down 4 to go’ she added. I threw a cushion at his feet. ‘That’s for you to kneel on Lunna’ now ‘Suck his cock’ I ordered. She approached him and pulled her breasts out. ‘May I’ she asked me. I nodded. She lifted up the pillow case just enough for her to push her breast in his mouth. He immediately began to suck on her nipple.

It wasn’t long before Lunna started to pant with desire. She fell to her knees and started to suck his covered cock. Our hostage threw his head bag and groaned. That groan said it all. She slurped and sucked and within ten minutes he came again!. Now I know better than anyone that Lunna has an insatiable appetite and she was just getting started.

I won’t divulge all that happened during our kidnap fantasy as that would be telling. What I will say is that Lunna and myself had a lot of fun. I dominated them both while she got her satisfaction. We did manage to get 5 cums out of him and when we were finished using him we dropped him back where we found him. He enjoyed every moment without a doubt. He stayed silent right through except when when came. It was then and only then he let out a loud groan of sheer pleasure.

 kidnap fantasy

Jan 122020

The patient gazed around the stark white room. He was bonded to the spot. Lay back on a gynecological chair with his legs raised by stirrups. His modesty covered by a green medical rubber gown and face hooded with a latex mask which felt like a second skin. The distinct odor of latex was apparent.

In she walked. His rubber nurse. Covered head to toe in shiny red latex. A fantasy of his. To be masterfully controlled by a rubber clad nurse and to have his body subjected to high-tech overload of sensations. To immerse his whole being in an overload of submission and pervetry. If there were ever such a word, if not then there should be as from now!

He didn’t want to be shouted at or hurt, he wanted to feel a multitude of erotic sensations inflicted upon him by his rubber Goddess. He wanted to give up all control and submit to her torments and twisted fantasies. But not to be hurt, no, that wasn’t what he was here for.

She leaned forward and told him to ‘Open’…he assumed she meant his mouth as there weren’t any other orifices in that area that would open on command. As he opened she drooled her mouth juices in to his. ‘Swallow’ was all that she said as he ingested.

Tubes, pipes and shiny cylinders were moved and attached to various parts of his anatomy. His nipples, anus and balls began to tingle and pulsate. There was so much going on that it became harder and harder to decipher what was happening and where. He soon started to ‘zone out’ and just lay back and let it all happen.

His mind wondered to places that he didn’t know excited. Dreamy music filled the room and he looked up and smiled. She was ready with the anesthetic mask and re breather, he closed his eyes and inhaled as the mask covered his mouth. The air circulated and echoed within the mask. All adding to the erotic experience of submission to his rubber nurse.

She walked away. Her heels clattered on the tiled floor, she stopped and he could feel her hand. Exquisite torment and probing of his penis. Her hand would build him up and at the very last moment when he thought he could hold it no longer, she released her grip and his urge to cum subsided. She repeated this several times, each episode became shorter as he became more worked up.

Warm, tight rubber cocooned his body. As well as the music he could hear the distinct sound of the ticking of the seriouskit male milking machine. Heels clattering around him as his rubber nurse directed her theater with precision timing. Tingling sensations and uncontrolled spasms of all kinds pulsed, throbbed and rocked him to his inner core.

Suction on his nipples combined with a tantalizing pulse sent his heart racing. A deep throbbing beat penetrated him anally and then he felt the incredible tight grip of a suction device on his erection……he shivered, not with cold but with excitement. His mind was fully immersed in that place that he had wanted to go. Nothing else mattered. Mistress, rubber nurse, Goddess had everything in hand.

Building up deep within he could feel a warm sensation overcome his body. Like he was delirious. His breath echoing in the mask, the ticking of the machine, the smell of the rubber, the erotic sensations and his vulnerability and total submission to his rubber nurse. All was all coming to a head……..and he knew he would be free of his burden the moment his reached his orgasmic ecstasy.

Aaagggggggggagagaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh…………he let out a cry of relief as he orgasmed hard and long. His orgasm felt like he was releasing the devil after an exorcism…a nice pain, satisfying and exhausting at the same time. He slumped as he basked in the glory of his amazing orgasm!