Medical Play at The Clinic in the Countryside.

Medical Play sessions are becoming more and more increasingly popular with clients. So hygiene, skills and kit are always at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

My skill base with regards to Medical Play is every evolving. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a very renowned and very respected Medical Play specialist Mistress. Who came to visit me to share her knowledge. Watch this space as she may well be teaming up with me in the future!

My beautiful discreet Fetish Clinic also known as The Clinic in the Countryside. Aptly named by Slave Phoenix who has experienced most, if not all of my clinical role play procedures.

Talking of which. You may experience so many delightful and equally un-delightful procedures all depending on what you are looking for. Each and every Medical Play session is tailored to each individuals fetish and level of experience. It shall not be taken that everyone wants the same thing and one size fits all…no…no! Quite the contrary.

You fetish fantasy will be assessed and played out accordingly. At no time will you have needles or catheter if its not what you’ve asked for. Respecting your limits it a top priority. There is a page about to be launched on my site which will give you the full lowdown on my Clinic In the Country side. At the moment it is currently under construction

medical play Berkshire mistress Jane
Nurse Jane tending to her patient Slave Phoenix.

BDSM Kidnap fantasy with Reading mistress….

Kidnap Fantasy: My female submissive Lunna was under strict instructions. I had her abstain from any form of self indulgence…nudge nudge wink wink. This was because during a session one day, I had to leave the dungeon momentarily.

I told her to keep our sub occupied while I was gone. He had only been in the dungeon for 20 mins by this time. Upon my return I caught her on her knees with his dick in her mouth and in the throws of an orgasm!. Needless to say I was not impressed. The chap in question was in his late 70’s so cuming a second time wasn’t an option. So the session finished early as he had cum and now he wanted to go!

Having a very highly sexed female sub isn’t always as good as it sounds. Getting back to the story though. I told her no sex, no masturbation for 3 weeks. Lunna was mortified but agreed.

Three weeks later Lunna had done it. Well done girl, ‘My reward’ she asked me. ‘Reward’ I answered, and she gave me one of those looks which said it all…. ‘I want cock!’. When Lunna wants cock she wants a lot of it and with it being a whole 3 weeks since she held one in her hand/mouth we needed a cock that was willing. A virile young man.

We had to seek one out and fast. I grabbed a few bits and bobs and threw them in to a bag. Lunna got in to the car and off we sped. I drove to remote car park which was renowned for dogging. I was sure we’d fine some fresh meat there. ‘Why are we here?’ she asked. ‘This is where folk come dogging’ I answered. ‘Ah’ she replied. Unfortunately ours was the only car there. We waited for around 30 minutes before another car drove in to the car park. A male in his early 30’s was at the wheel. He parked next to us.

‘Do you like him’ I asked her. The young man had thick jet black hair and olive skin. ‘Yummy’ she answered which I assume meant he was to her liking. ‘Right’ I said lets grab him. Lunna reached in to the bag and pulled out a couple of hoods and a pillow case. Suddenly the man got out of his car and started to walk away.

I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity and got out of the car. I placed a hood over my face as did Lunna and seizing the opportunity we ran up behind him. He froze to the spot, we quickly bagged his head in the pillow case, tied his hands and bungled him in to the car and sped off in to the sunset. Surely a bdsm kidnap fantasy was something most men could only dream about?

Lunna was sat in the backseat beside our hostage. I pulled over in to a lay-by which was down a quite country lane. ‘Lets see the merchandise’ I said as Lunna unzipped his flies and pulled out his cock. ‘He’ll do nicely’ said Lunna with a wide smile across her face. ‘Good’ I replied. Lunna had dressed head to toe in leather that morning and began stroking his cock with her leather gloved hand. He cock was as stiff a Mr.Stiff from Stiffington.

bdsm kidnap fantasy

His heart pounded and he stayed silent. He didn’t ask who we were or plead to be set free, he was simply compliant. Lunna carried on teasing his cock and it wasn’t long before he came. She quickly cleaned him up. ‘Satisfied?’ I asked her. ‘No’ was her stern reply. ‘Ok, then we’ll have to take him to the dungeon’, I told her.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at our destination. We un-bungled him out of the car and ushered him to the dungeon. There, we removed his clothes and secured his hands above his head. We stood back and looked at him. His cock had perked up again. He still didn’t speak though.

‘Your cocks been hard since we took you’ said Lunna. He said nothing. ‘I bet you have a kidnap fantasy like most guys, right?’. Still he said nothing. His cock told us otherwise as it remained hard right through his ‘ordeal’, if you could call it that.

‘We need to set a ransom’ said Lunna. ‘Ok, 5 cums in 3 hours and he can go’ I replied. ‘That sounds like a plan Mistress’ answered Lunna. ‘One down 4 to go’ she added. I threw a cushion at his feet. ‘That’s for you to kneel on Lunna’ now ‘Suck his cock’ I ordered. She approached him and pulled her breasts out. ‘May I’ she asked me. I nodded. She lifted up the pillow case just enough for her to push her breast in his mouth. He immediately began to suck on her nipple.

It wasn’t long before Lunna started to pant with desire. She fell to her knees and started to suck his covered cock. Our hostage threw his head bag and groaned. That groan said it all. She slurped and sucked and within ten minutes he came again!. Now I know better than anyone that Lunna has an insatiable appetite and she was just getting started.

I won’t divulge all that happened during our kidnap fantasy as that would be telling. What I will say is that Lunna and myself had a lot of fun. I dominated them both while she got her satisfaction. We did manage to get 5 cums out of him and when we were finished using him we dropped him back where we found him. He enjoyed every moment without a doubt. He stayed silent right through except when when came. It was then and only then he let out a loud groan of sheer pleasure.

 kidnap fantasy

Rubber nurse medical kink clinic

The patient gazed around the stark white room. He was bonded to the spot. Lay back on a gynecological chair with his legs raised by stirrups. His modesty covered by a green medical rubber gown and face hooded with a latex mask which felt like a second skin. The distinct odor of latex was apparent.

In she walked. His rubber nurse. Covered head to toe in shiny red latex. A fantasy of his. To be masterfully controlled by a rubber clad nurse and to have his body subjected to high-tech overload of sensations. To immerse his whole being in an overload of submission and pervetry. If there were ever such a word, if not then there should be as from now!

He didn’t want to be shouted at or hurt, he wanted to feel a multitude of erotic sensations inflicted upon him by his rubber Goddess. He wanted to give up all control and submit to her torments and twisted fantasies. But not to be hurt, no, that wasn’t what he was here for.

She leaned forward and told him to ‘Open’…he assumed she meant his mouth as there weren’t any other orifices in that area that would open on command. As he opened she drooled her mouth juices in to his. ‘Swallow’ was all that she said as he ingested.

Tubes, pipes and shiny cylinders were moved and attached to various parts of his anatomy. His nipples, anus and balls began to tingle and pulsate. There was so much going on that it became harder and harder to decipher what was happening and where. He soon started to ‘zone out’ and just lay back and let it all happen.

His mind wondered to places that he didn’t know excited. Dreamy music filled the room and he looked up and smiled. She was ready with the anesthetic mask and re breather, he closed his eyes and inhaled as the mask covered his mouth. The air circulated and echoed within the mask. All adding to the erotic experience of submission to his rubber nurse.

She walked away. Her heels clattered on the tiled floor, she stopped and he could feel her hand. Exquisite torment and probing of his penis. Her hand would build him up and at the very last moment when he thought he could hold it no longer, she released her grip and his urge to cum subsided. She repeated this several times, each episode became shorter as he became more worked up.

Warm, tight rubber cocooned his body. As well as the music he could hear the distinct sound of the ticking of the seriouskit male milking machine. Heels clattering around him as his rubber nurse directed her theater with precision timing. Tingling sensations and uncontrolled spasms of all kinds pulsed, throbbed and rocked him to his inner core.

Suction on his nipples combined with a tantalizing pulse sent his heart racing. A deep throbbing beat penetrated him anally and then he felt the incredible tight grip of a suction device on his erection……he shivered, not with cold but with excitement. His mind was fully immersed in that place that he had wanted to go. Nothing else mattered. Mistress, rubber nurse, Goddess had everything in hand.

Building up deep within he could feel a warm sensation overcome his body. Like he was delirious. His breath echoing in the mask, the ticking of the machine, the smell of the rubber, the erotic sensations and his vulnerability and total submission to his rubber nurse. All was all coming to a head……..and he knew he would be free of his burden the moment his reached his orgasmic ecstasy.

Aaagggggggggagagaaagggghhhhhhhhhhh…………he let out a cry of relief as he orgasmed hard and long. His orgasm felt like he was releasing the devil after an exorcism…a nice pain, satisfying and exhausting at the same time. He slumped as he basked in the glory of his amazing orgasm!

Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine. Mans best friend?

The Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine is wonderfully simple to use and very effective. Its small black carry case box can easily be moved from room to room. Its also quiet and therefore discreet.

Its a machine that you can quite successfully use on your-own without to much effort. The clear perspex receivers are lined with a rubber sheath. They are lite in weight and come in different sizes as we as having a custom kit. It rides up and down your shaft and if you get the balance right by using the red and green intake buttons to determine stroke length. It can give you the ride of your life.

You can quite easily edge yourself with the Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine but as you know that takes will power. This machine is my ‘Go to’ as its can pretty much guarantee an orgasm. I’d say the only down side is that it doesn’t work so well on a flaccid penis. It tends to spit it out. The receivers need a hard shaft to ride up and down on as well as a bit of lube of course.

So all in all the Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine is quiet, discreet, easy to use, so what more can you ask for. Its made in the US but there are now some UK distributors (see link)

I have two Venus 2000 machines and I definitely use it more than any other. Its a pretty versatile piece of kit meaning it can be used while the person having it used on them is in different positions. Take a look at some gallery photos

Best Male Milking machine on the market?

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing several of the Best Male Milking Machine s available. I have become some what of an authority regarding male milking devices and machines. It was nine years ago when I purchased my first device and I have accumulated quite a few since. I’m frequently contacted, mostly men who are thinking of purchasing such a device either for themselves or for their Mistress to use. My advice to them is research first or if possible ‘Try before you buy’. Each machine differs and what might work for one, won’t necessarily work for another.

As I’m not trying to sell you a device, only advise. I am able to give you straight and honest feedback to help you make a decision on what to buy or what to try. I use these machines on a daily basis and therefore I not only have ‘hands on’ experience (no pun intended) but I also have feedback from the hundreds of men I see each year.

Depending on how technical you want to get. Or the size of your budget and of course the space you have as well as the discretionary factor. ‘Oh no it won’t fit in my cupboard’. Then there will be something on the market that’ll suit your pocket as well as your lifestyle.

Lets start with the most technical and expensive machine on the market The sky’s the limit with this machine. It is quite a cumbersome piece of kit and is best suited to a professional environment as it takes up a lot of room. Its also quite a noisy. The accessories available to buy with this machine are wide and varied and can get very technical. Not only does it have attachments for your penis but also for nipples and arse. Its better used on you than by you if that makes sense.

Electrics can be added to some of the accessories to enhance the experience. The SK isn’t a machine that’ll have you cumming in seconds not even minutes, if at all. Its built more for effect as it looks almost sci-fi and offers a multitude of sensations rather that a quick-fix masturbation device. Its British made which is great. If you want to try it you are welcome to book a session with me in order to do so. I own two.

Whether the Serious Kit is The Best Male Milking Machine remains to be seen. To some yes. I love to use it as I’m a bit of a tech-sex fiend. I will be reviewing each machine I have experience with over the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

Poetry to my ears ;)

Mistress Jane, a dome supreme

Reigning in Reading, with her team

Luna, Trixi and T Girl Gigi

Dealing with subs, slaves and the needy

Through the gate, down the path, what fate awaits

A range of therapies to suit all tastes

Now Sir, get ready, today I will be your nurse

No, don’t struggle, that will make it worse

An intense stare, a quiet word, all part of the plot

The slave helpless, to change his lot

Ropes, whips, ties and suction, they are all the job

Pin wheels, loops, sounds even an electric prod

The mistress smiling, the slave quietly groaning

The excitement mounting pleasure increasing

 Slave wriggling, mistress frowning

 Bum descending, slave smiling, Dial turning, sub writhing

 Pleasure mounting, heart rate rising slave groans, Mistress smiling

A well earned happy ending.
By Sub.J

Strict tv Mistress Tessa joins MJ in Reading Wed 19th Feb.

My gorgeously Strict tv Mistress friend Tessa will be coming to play on the above date. Subs who seek a demandingly strict tv Mistress need look no further. Together tv Mistress Tessa and Mistress Jane make a formidable duo!. But fear not….each session is tailored to each individuals level of experience so please bear it in mind. Sessions can be as mild or mean as requested. That means novices are also welcome!

Submissive’s who enjoy the dynamics of a two Mistress session or those of you who enjoy being Dominated by, or being in the presence of a powerful and beautiful tv Mistress. Or those who are bi curious or bi experienced or tv admirers, then this event will be right up your street.

Tessa really loves to wear PVC and boots. She is tall and slim and will have you eating out of her hand immediately. If dressing for the occasion is something you would like to do please add this to your email application. There is discreet off road free parking within 2 mins walk of my studio. Shower facilities and fresh towels should you need it.

Sessions will run from 10am until 7pm. If you are interested in an appointment with us please send me a brief synopsis which should also include your age, the time and session duration that you seek. Your BDSM interests, and any scenario you have in mind plus your boundaries. Send to

PRICES FOR THIS EVENT….1HR £170….90MINS £250…..2HRS £280

Erotic Sensory Deprivation experience with Reading Mistress Jane.

Erotic Sensory Deprivation or sensory overload? This is when all five senses are stimulated at once that it causes a delirium state which makes it difficult for the receiver to know what is happening where. As there is so much stimulation happening at once. Imagine your senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, sound thrown in to a state of Erotic confusion.

He could hear Mistresses heels clattering on the floor as she approached the bench where she had secured him earlier. He could sense she was stood right beside him. Then he felt her. The restraints were being tightened and extra belts were being added here and there. He concentrated hard as he listened to the echo of his breathing inside his hood. As his anticipation built the deeper he breathed and with every breath, he took in the smell of the padded leather hood which pressed against his face. What would happen now?

This felt like the calm before the storm. He knew that this short pause in the session was so that Mistress Could prepare him. Gadgets were being attached to his nipples, his cock and lastly his ass. Suddenly he felt that familiar erotic throbbing pulse from the electro stim.

He so wanted to cum but Mistress had controlled that aspect so far. A strange feeling of suction started, followed by a tingling pulsing sensation on his nipples. Moments later a dildo penetrated his ass in conjunction with suction and pulsation on his hard cock. The tingling and pulsing around his cock began to intensify, and he was beginning to find it hard to concentrate on any one sensation.

He closed his eyes. This was beyond ordinary. The confusion of his senses sent his brain in to a haze. Mistress was in full control and he knew best just to ‘let go’ and enjoy. Things were becoming really intense and although he couldn’t decipher what was happening where, one thing he did know. He would cum sooner rather than later.

Imagine floating in space and feeling mentally detached. You’re aware that things are happening but your mind steps away for a little while. The sensations are pleasurable but at times very intense. Suddenly, its like nobody else is in the room, although in the back of your mind you know Mistress is orchestrating everything.

The combined sensations work up in to a crescendo of intense erotic pleasure which in turn enables you to ‘let go’. You’re not aware at this point that you are moaning and crying out loudly. Suddenly you are brought to orgasm. A most intense orgasm that makes you shudder to the very core of your soul as you experience full Erotic Sensory Overload.

Anyone who know me will know how I enjoy my gadgets and mechanical machines. Observe the photos above. This subject is hooded, so therefore his sight is restricted. He has an anesthetic mask over his nose with a rubber breath pipe. I know he can smell the rubber and the harder he breathes the more of a whiff he’ll get. He has an electric plug in his ass which is pulsing and tingling causing his rectum to contract. The Serious Kit male Milking Machine is attached to his cock. This is pulsating with the suction and tingling with the estim. Lastly he has suction applied to his nipples which pulsates and delivers a gentle tingle from the estim.

Reading Tgirl Gigi & Mistress event.

Reading Tgirl Gigi and Berkshire Mistress Jane are hosting a day of kink and debauched delights. I have now got a firm date in our diary which is for Monday 18th November. So don’t delay as bookings are limited as half the day is booked up already. Email your application to me with a brief overview of any scenario or fantasy you may have in mind.

As usual the day promises to be fun filled and darn right naughty. My pet slut, Reading TGirl Gigi is a well know and a very popular Tgirl on the scene. If this isn’t something you have experienced before, Gigi has all the experience and professionalism to put you at ease immediately.

I offer a full dressing service in case you’d like to dress for the occasion. Let me know whether you’d like to dress. Please include the style in which you would like to be dressed. Tarty, prissy satin sissy, sexy secretary, pvc or rubber. Your waist, chest and shoe sizes will also be needed.

Alternatively you may just wish to be buff naked and humiliated in to doing whatever we desire you to do. Whether you are bi curious or a full-on sissy cock sucker, this day is made for you. Remember there are limited spaces for sessions to meet Tgirl Gigi and myself. So don’t delay, book today!

Reading Tgirl Gigi

Sexy tie Tease with Goddess Lunna. Reading.

Sexy Tie Tease with Goddess Lunna in Reading. Yes that’s right. You can now book one-to-one sessions with a gorgeous Goddess.

Worship my beautiful feet and work your way slowly up my long beautiful legs. My tie and tease isn’t like any other you may have had before. I will secure you and then take full advantage of the situation. I may choose to sit on your face and smother you forcing you to breathe in my beautiful feminine scent.

I may just choose to sit astride of you while I slowly remove my bra. As I pinch my nipples I see you lick your lips. I know what you want. So near yet so far, that is unless I place my nipple in to your mouth and demand you suck-it until its erect.

I will tease your nipples and play with your man meat until you are putty in my hands. You will soon fall under my spell, and once you have, you will be addicted to me.

Sexy tie tease is what I love to do. I love to see the desperation in your eyes. I know you want me, and I drive you wild. That desperate look of want, that hard twitching man mean. All for me and it makes me feel so hot and horny. This is purely what it says on the can ‘Sexy Tie Tease’. That’s you, me and my wickedly delicious mind, oh yes and may be a cock gag plus few toys 😉

Come and make a date with me, Goddess Lunna in Reading Berkshire, for a uniquely mind-blowing sexy tie tease you will never forget. I work Mon to Fri 10am until 7pm. For information and bookings please apply to or call MJ on 07928 636 021 as she will be taking all bookings so not to end up double booking the studio between us

MY RATES are as follows……………1hr=£120 …….90min=£170………2hrs=£210 I have access to uniforms, stockings and suspenders, heels. If you have a particular costume request for me please mention this when booking your sexy tie tease experience.

sexy tie tease with Goddess Lunna