Feb 102019

Reading Mistresses Kinky accomplices are ready to join in the fun. Last Friday saw the return of my gorgeous feline friend and collared submissive Kitten. Our day was fully booked within 4 hours of the advert being posted so we must be doing something right. Kitten has proved to be ever so popular and the demand for her presence is growing more and more. Alas, Kitten is only available very infrequently due to her residing and working in Cornwall.

Some of you may have noticed Kitten’s twitter profile has ceased to be. This is simply because her account was hacked. Kitten will soon be going on her travels and therefore won’t be available for some time.

Sub Kitten & MJ in shiny rubber catsuits

This Tuesday will see the return of my two favourite T-Girls. Hot and sexy Tgirl Gigi, and Gigi’s partner in crime Tessa.
Our day is fully booked and if you have been one of the lucky ones to get a place then it promises to be fun as well as down right dirty. You can expect to see lots of lipstick, heels, cocks and kink.


You haven’t been lucky enough to get a chance to come and play with us on Tue?. Get in before the rush and send me an email registering your interest for such an event. Alternatively, keep an eye out on my blog pages for and up and coming announcements of such frivolities.


Your Reading Mistresses Kinky Accomplices are ready to join you!. I have my two regular accomplices Miss L’amour and Goddess Lunna. We can also be booked together making a foursome. That includes You of course. Get in contact to discuss your fantasy and lets work together to make your dreams a reality.



Feb 062019

Our subject was again to under go more Orgasm Control and Multiple Milking. He wasn’t as yet displaying any signs of fatigue, which was just as well. As we fully intended to go another round of extreme Orgasm Control and Multiple Milking. He was here for the duration or at least until we were satisfied we had extracted every last drop of cum from him. Rubber assistant Trixy looked over him curiously. Stroking and squeezing where appropriate. She took hold of his balls and squeezed them. “Ripe for the plucking Mistress” she said with a Cheshire cat grin.

Rubber assistant Trixy

Third time lucky. We had decided that his third extraction would be done in part by hand manipulation and then finished by the Venus 2000. Trixy took hold of his semi sausage. “Hmmm flagging a little are we?” asked Trixy. Our rubber clad subject winked back at her, a positive sign. Maybe he was just playing hard to get for the minute. It wasn’t long before he was fully erect once again. As time went on each cum would get harder to extract. We would have to work harder the more the well was drained dry, but he would too.

Trixy was stroking his shaft slowly but firmly. Earlier I had placed a tight rubber ring around his plump balls, something I do to help with the staying off of an early spurt. Whether it helps or not is another matter, but it seemed too anyhow. It was now my turn to takeover the handling of his manhood. Adding plenty of lube, ripe and large with a deep purple head I squeezed and stroked it teasingly. He groaned and mumbled as loud as he could considering his mouth was filled with a large gag with feeder tube.

Trixy gently squeezed and stroked his nipples whilst gazing closely into his eyes. He was transfixed by her deep blue stare. I guess he wasn’t really aware of his surroundings, he was simply lost in the sensations at this moment in time. In a dazed dream state close to cuming. I reached for the Venus 2000 and slipped the receiver over the head of his swollen cock. But I didn’t allow the receiver to suck down right to the base. I held it just so it slurped on the head of his cock. this I could see drove him wild. It must have felt as though someone was sucking on his cock.

We strung him along for some time. He was gagging to cum but the moment he looked as if he was about to we stood back and eased off with the torment. He was on a roller-coaster ride of sheer bliss. I gave Trixy the nod to say ‘This is it”. I allowed the receiver to devour his whole cock. He groaned as if someone has punched him and it had winded him. I kept the Venus slurping at a steady pace. He was building up for the big one, and bang! there it was his third cum. His cock pumped hard as his body made jerking movements awhile his seaman squirted into the V2. We gave him a few moments to ‘come back down to earth’ then slid off the receiver, dripped the contents into a funnel which I attached to the feeding tube and you know the rest.


Feb 042019

My gorgeous Domme friend and Original Strap-on Queen, Strap-on Jane will be gracing my dungeon with her divine presence here in Reading, Berkshire on Monday 4th March.

Strap-on Jane

Jane has joined me on several occasions for sessions as well as being one of the lovely ladies who come to my CFNM events. We have so much fun together and share the same work ethics. We’ve grown to be good buddies and I simply adore her.

Not only is Strap-on Jane the original Strap-on Queen, she is also very well known for her Nylon Jane site. Stockings galore in other words.

Now down to the nitty-gritty of what the day will bring. Hopefully lots of fun and fuckery. Together we can offer an experience never to forget. Our combined skills will take you to new heady heights as we Dominate your whole being.

Who makes a suitable playmate for us? YOU DO…..We tailor each individuals session to meet their expectations, and level of experience. Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned naughty sort. We love role play of all kinds, let us know your fantasy and we will mold it in to a live theater with You playing the leading role. We love to dress our sissies and tv’s and have them suck on our appendages. Spit-roast…we love it, so come on, be the jam in our big and juicy Jane sandwich!

Naughty nurses in NHS or Rubber uniforms while You, our patient gets a full MOT…..we will milk you dry. And for all the naughty boys and Nephews who have been peeping at Auntie while she lifts her skirt to straighten her stocking tops, get over my knee now boy!

So as you can see, we enjoy most things as long as its safe, sane and fun. Apply within……

Feb 022019

This is my 10th year working as a Pro-Domme and although I like my operation to be a quite low key affair. Meaning I don’t tour or go to clubs and socialize in order to meet other Dominants or Mistresses. It just means that it isn’t my thing. But I think all Mistresses must have a little wish list of other Mistresses they would love to meet or work with. I prefer to view the Mistresses I most admire from the comfort of my armchair via the net. About two years ago circumstances brought the original Strap-on Jane and I together. I had always wanted to meet her. I’d seen her at clubs many years earlier but never actually introduced myself. When we did eventually meet we got along really well from the word go and have teamed up on several occasions. She is an amazingly beautiful and talented lady and we have had a lot of fun since.

I had been looking at Domina Sara’s site for a while and would check it every now and again to see her latest updates. I was so impressed with her skills as a Mistress and her web site. Not to mention her and her partner’s premises ‘Fallen Angel Studio’ and ‘The Practice’ that I eventually contacted her and our friendship was born.

We teamed up for a few sessions last year which was a great honor for me. We will be teaming up again this year and I can hardy wait. A truly lovely lady as well as being a wicked Mistress and Fetish Nurse. Bring it on!

Trixy, Lunna, Kitten, T-Girls Gigi and Tessa are still going strong. Kitten will be here on Fri 8th Feb and we are already fully booked. Gigi and Tessa will be here on 12th Feb, and again that day is fully booked. Trixy is available most days and Lunna is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Enquire within.

Feb 022019

My female submissive, the luscious feline Kitten will be back on Friday 8th by popular demand. Kitten has proved to be a popular feature and a great addition to my ever growing stable of kinky playmates.

Bookings are limited due to immediate response of the advert going live on twitter. Apply within.

Jan 242019

The lights were low and the music captured the atmosphere. Mysterious, dreamy and captivating. Lunna, dresses head to toe in red latex stood in front of the mirror watching herself as she applied shine to her catsuit. Slowly stroking over her curves she moved and twisted as if she were teasing a mysterious stranger looking back at her through the glass. She looked heavenly. I was also dressed in latex, black, head to toe.

We were ready. I pulled the curtain aside which opened out in to our stark white theater, where we had our subject already secured and also dresses head to toe in black latex. He lay silently, his heart pounding in his chest as the anticipation built. Lunna closed the curtain behind us and we set to work preparing him. Our latex clad subject was to be milked. This was no ordinary milking, no, no…this was going to be an extreme milking. Whereby we would keep him here all day and milk him over and over and over. But not only were we about to drain him dry, there was going to be a twist. He was going to be tube fed his own cum as soon as he produced it.

Lunna had already started to lube up his hard eager cock. I placed the feeding tube to the specially adapted mouth piece he was wearing in order for him to be able to feed from it. Straps secured his body, arms and legs and his head was secured with a head harness to help keep him still. We ran our rubber covered hands all over his latex clad body and teased his cock and squeezed his ripe swollen balls. They felt very full and of course they would be. Over the past month he had been given strict instructions to follow. Instructions that would help towards this very procedure. The instructions contained a diet consisting of foods that helped a man produce more seaman. It gave him exercises which included prolonged edging with no happy endings, the list goes on.

We were all eager to start. The first cum was to be milked out of him by machine. The pump was turned on and as the receiver hovered above his waiting cock and I lowered it slowly on to his shaft. His foreskin peeled back comfortably with the force of the suction. He groaned as the tight fitting tube slipped to his base like a tight pussy would have. It felt good and he was enjoying the sensations.

The first cum, we would extract very slowly. So the male milking machine was set to a very slow rate. Enough to keep him right on the edge but not quite enough oomph to push him over. I lubed up his ass and slipped in an anal estim plug. I attached one lead to the plug and the other to the receiver which was slowly working its was up and down his hard shaft whilst milking his cock. He now had the extra stimulation from the estim to deal with but it was no hardship. He was moaning pretty heavily now but soon those moans would turn to moans of frustration. Why? because that machine was still pumping nice and slowly. We were going to make him work for that cum, and if it meant holding him on the edge for a prolonged period, then so be it. To him it would feel like an eternity. Besides, he was enjoying the ride for the time being.

It was time to step things up, so an adjustment was made to the speed of the pump. This he noticed instantaneously. He tried his best to jig his hips to the rhythm of the pump but his bonds held him down to tightly. His breathing quickened and we could tell he was ready for his first serving. He let out a muffled moan which was a big indicator that he had just cum. Moments later the tube that was fixed to his mouthpiece filled with that obvious fluid. His own cum.

Round one, seconds out! We left the pump on for a short time after. We wanted to ensure all his cum was consumed after all. We would give our subject a drink and allow a few moments for recovery before proceeding with his treatment. A whole hour had passed since we started and we had a whole day ahead of us. His cock didn’t need any encouragement to get it hard. In fact it pretty much stayed hard most of the time. We decided that this time we would edge him by hand. Taking it in turns, me then Lunna. A bit like a tag team. Controlling his cock, feeling it throb when it starts to get close. Or uncontrolled twitching when hitting the spot. All the time, watching and listening. Reading his body language, listening to his breathing and moaning. All the tell tail signs that let us know when a person is enjoying something, or getting over excited.

His plug had been removed in order for either one of us to tease his prostate at will. Prostate pleasure combined with intense long, slow lingam massage with lots of oil, and working up and down the pleasure scale a few times was driving him crazy. At the moment his cock was responsive and super sensitive but as the day went on things wouldn’t feel quite as pleasurable. So in order to avoid him getting over sensitive or desensitized we tried our best to not play with the head of his cock to much. Or use vibration especially at this early stage.

It wasn’t long before we had our second controlled orgasm. As before the tube was directed to his mouth so his could suck out the contents. Again we offered him some refreshment and gave him a little rest before proceeding to stage three of out extreme milking program.

This time Lunna and I left the room. Giving him time to contemplate and build up. He didn’t know when we would be back if at all.

The door opened and following me was a different assistant. This time Miss Trixy was in attendance. Trixy wore a black latex catsuit not unlike the one I was wearing. She was hooded with and wore thigh length boots. “What do we have here” she said……….To be continued……….

Jan 132019

My car had been playing up recently. A rattling sound had appeared under the bonnet and it was starting to get louder and so before anything dropped off I decided to take it in to get fixed. I dropped it off early so that I could be back for my first appointment at 9am. The Citroen dealership talked me in to having it serviced with discounted full valet inside and out too and that it would be ready for pick up by 6pm that day.

Off I went leaving my car behind to have the full works. My day went by and at 5.50pm I had one of my subs drop me at the garage. It was dark and raining so I paid the invoice and scurried off. As I looked over my shoulder I saw the mechanic pulling down the roller shutters so they could close the garage. But no sooner had I gotten a quarter of a mile down the road I could hear the same old rattling sound. It wasn’t worth turning back to the garage as that had just closed so I drove home directly. By the time I returned home the rain had stopped. As I climbed out of my car I glanced at the foot well. I couldn’t believe it, there was mud and leaves there. I was fuming.

The following morning I rang the garage and asked to speak to the manager and complain about the lack of customer service. Not only was my car still dirty inside and out but it hadn’t been fixed either. I was quick to bring to the managers attention that I renewed my car every year at that particular garage. I also purchased top of the range and this could be the very thing that could see me take my business else where. With that he told me that He personally would drive over straight away. He would leave the courtesy car with me and take my car back to have all the work and valet done. As well as refund what I had paid the night before.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock at my door. It was the Citroen service manager. I invited him in. He was very apologetic and promised he would have my car delivered back to me by 5pm but as he chatted I noticed he kept looking at my shoes. I turned to the mirror and could see him staring down at the seams on my stockings.

“What are you looking at” I demanded to know. “Oh, your shinny shoes Madame” he replied to my amazement. “I beg your pardon” I started. “And your seams….ahh” he carried on. “Stop right there” I barked. “Maybe you need to got on your hands and knees and lick my shoes to compensate for my unclean car” I said as I pointed at the floor.

The manager sheepishly got down on to the floor and began to lick my heels. As he eagerly licked my away I told him that he should wear some stockings as he seemed so interested in looking at mine earlier. “Yes” he mumbled, “Anything to make you happy madame”. I pulled some stockings out from a draw and handed them to him. “There, put them on!”.

While he dressed himself I slipped on my strap-on harness. When I turned to face him his jaw dropped. “You still want my custom don’t you?” I asked him. To that he replied “Yes indeed Madame” as he dropped to his knees in order to orally receive my cock. He sucked long and hard, grovelling as he did so. He was getting hard himself and began to touch himself. I leaned forward and slapped his hands away. “Don’t touch” I barked at him.

“I’m going to make you very sorry for your mistake” I told him. To which he replied “I will do anything to make amends Madame”. I ordered him on all fours and knelt close behind him. “Oh Madame, what are you going to do?” he asked nervously. To which I replied “I’m going to fuck you in the ass so you know never to mess me about again”.

I slipped my cock in to his hole and began to thrust and grind. He gripped the rug and yelped. My hands gripped on to his hips as I banged my cock in to him. He threw his head back and began to moan. “Yes Madame, I deserve it” he kept repeating. I reached round to feel his cock which was wet and hard. He was grinding back on my cock now so I began to jerk him off. “I’m a dirty kinky f*cker madame and I deserve it” he said again “Fuck me hard Madame”. I thrust my cock so hard I thought I throw him in to next week. My hand jerked faster and when I told him I was going to feed him his cum he suddenly came and spurted his load.

A very embarrassed manager left shortly afterwards to carry out the work that should have been done in the first place.

Jan 032019

My two favorite T-Girls, Gigi and Tessa, will be back to join me for a whole day of Decadence and get your rocks off filth and debauchery on Tuesday 12th Feb. Expect lots of lipstick, hight heels and short skirts while these two naughty gurls charm the pants off you!

Gigi has been a regular visitor to my den of iniquity and over the years we have enjoyed some pretty wild sessions together. But now we have Tessa. This will be Tessa’s third event with Gigi and myself, and if the last two times are anything to go by then you guys and gurls are in for a real treat.

Above all, we want you to have fun! and event is suited towards the novice as well as the more experienced kinkster as each session is tailored to each individuals interests and level of play. All limits are fully respected. All play is safe, sane and consensual.

So some ideas? Sissies, maids, bi-curious, cross-dressers, tv admirers, sluts and cocksuckers. Full and part makeovers available. If you want to be dressed, please supply your preferred state of dress ie lingerie, slutty, make-up, wig etc. Please give your waist, shoe and chest sizes if you want to be dressed.

Bookings are now being taken for this event. Please email mistressjane4u@hotmail.co.uk with a brief synopsis of any experience you might have as well as your scenario (If you have one in mind). Please include your hard limits and your preferred time and session duration. Please note I have a minimum age requirement of 30 years.

Dec 182018

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a lovely, peaceful Christmas. Have a wonderful time. This year has been better than ever and I have met some great people. 

Lets all see what the New Year brings…and hope that with all the turmoil going on in Politics iron themselves out soon.

So from all the team a great big Happy Christmas from Gigi, Trixy, Kitten, Tessa, Lunna and myself. 

Thank you for your continued support over the past year.

All the best xx

Dec 152018

When David Leadsom, the Secretary of State for Constitutional, Health and Local Governmental Responsibilities is called to an emergency meeting with the Chief Whip Doctor Jane at her Parliamentary office, he automatically assumes she’s going to congratulate him on his department’s house-building programme. However, Dr.Jane is furious because last night he brought the government into disrepute by his antics at the annual dinner of the senators club (“the most un-PC event of the year” as its MC boasted).

And Dr. Jane the chief whip has an even greater shock in store for David – stepping into view in her office is Miss Gigi: one of the waitresses whom he had his hands all over at the dinner! Oh is he in trouble now!

“Why do you think I have summoned you here today?” asked Dr.Jane. The room fell silent for a brief moment before Mr.Leadsom began to answer the question. 

“Well Dr.Jane, it is obviously because of my outstanding contribution to the party and my recent securing of 1 million net additions to the housing stock whilst our government are…”….”I’ll stop you there” interrupted Dr.Jane. “I did not summon you here for a pat on the back or a golden hand shake Mr.Leadsom. I Summoned you here because of your behavior towards this young lady at the Senators Club last night” The room fell silent again. “Well I can explain” Answered the very frigidity Mr.Leadsom.

Dr.Jane was having none of it! And planned to teach all involved a lesson they would never forget.

If David was going to behave like a naughty teenage boy then the ladies had decide to treat him like one. First of all they order him to strip down to his tee shirt, socks and pants. Dr. Jane sat on a chair and ordered David to get over her lap while Miss Gigi held his wrists to keep him in position; Dr Jane spanked his bottom – progressing to pants down. David protested but knew better than to challenge Dr.Jane who had the power to ruin his career for good. As her hand rained down on his bottom he couldn’t help but yelp like a puppy. The two ladies chatted among themselves almost as if he were not there and before long had decided that the only way out of this was if here were to donate a health sum of money to a charity furthest from his heart. A feminist charity fitted the bill perfectly. 

Before he knew it he was over Miss Gigi’s knee. She pulled his pants down and gave him a sound spanking. His bottom burned red and each spank stung his flesh deeply causing him to wriggle. “Be still” barked Dr.Jane who held his wrists firmly..

After this thoroughly humiliating spanking Dr. Jane ordered David to bend over the back of a chair, palms placed on the seat,  he was told to make a lengthy apology to Miss Gigi whilst Dr.Jane used her strap on his bare behind.

This isn’t enough recompense so the two ladies command Mr.Leadsom to kneel on the settee with one of the ladies sat either side of him. Dr.Jane tells him he must make a donation to a feminist charity and while making up his mind as to the amount, they will help give him some encouragement by punishing him left-and-right. First Dr. Jane strikes his bare bum with a cane, then Miss Gigi whacks the other cheek with a paddle. At first Mr.Leadsom struggles to see their way of thinking but as the two ladies begin to get in to the swing of things he soon see’s the error of his ways and after a few whacks from each side he pledges over £1000. But this figure isn’t nearly enough so the two ladies pursue their target and continue to beat Mr.Leadsom’s rather sore bottom. Eventually after much persuasion from the ladies Mr.Leadsom  pledges a appropriate and generous 25k, and from his own pocket I might add.

But, this is not enough for his tormentors for they don’t trust him, he is a politician after all. So they devise to inflict the pièce de résistance. The two ladies tie him up, gag him (including a face mask) and bedeck him with Christmas lights. They then take a few photos posing either side of their victim. So if the Dishonorable Member tires to renege on his promise, these little mementos may surface on the Internet – but in fact, they may just tweet them anyway …