Jun 032019

The kinky car dealers weakness for Heels and Stockings…..

A few weeks ago I had the embarrassing situation with a customer who we had let down, to make matters worst when I met her she caught me starring at her heels and stockings. From that meeting it was clear to her I had a heels and stockings fetish.

I was troubled by this addiction and went to see a GP who had heard of similar cases. The recommendation was to book an appointment with a nurse who specialised in fetishes and their treatment. An appointment was made. I arrived at the address and knocked on the door which was opened by the nurse who greeted me with a warm welcome. I couldn’t help thinking I had seen her face somewhere before. She looked familiar but I just couldn’t remember where I’d seen her before.

Once inside the nurse asked the question “Have we meet before?”. It was only then that the penny dropped. “Christ” I thought to myself. This is the lady who we had let down weeks earlier. It was at that moment she recognised me too. “I do know you” she said squinting her eyes as she peered closer at me. “The service manager at my garage, correct?”.

I could feel my face going a deep shade of beetroot as my heat began to pound in my chest. “Yes we have met and I’m still very sorry about our mistake” I told her. My head dropped hoping she couldn’t see my embarrassment. As I did I immediately found myself staring at her heels. My were eyes transfixed and now gazing up her legs ‘I bet she’s wearing stockings!’.

Something was beginning to stir in my undies. “Right let’s start” said the nurse which immediately snapped me out of my trance and took my mind off my growing erection. “Urmm, yes nurse” I replied not knowing what I had just agreed to, if anything. “Remove all of your clothes please” she asked. As I undressed she told me part of the treatment was to wear stockings, which I found strange but did as I was told. Nurse knows best.

I stood in the stockings, feeling slightly embarrassed but not so much so. “Feel them” she said as she watched me closely stroking my silken legs. They felt nice, in fact they felt good and I could feel my cock wake up. “Hmmmm” she said and handed me a pair of black stilettos. “Try these for size” she barked. “Heels?” I said to her feeling a tad confused. “Put them on!” she replied firmly. At this point I dare not argue and put the heels on. “Heels and Stockings, I’ve seen it all now” I quipped.

She sat back on a chair watching me closely. She crossed her legs then somehow without using her hands managed to slide her shoe down her toes and began to dangle it. She saw my reaction or rather the reaction of my cock which was now at full mast and dribbling at the carrot that was been dangled in front of it. She then told me to “Kneel, as close to my dangling heel as you can without touching it”. I was now bursting at the seams to cum and being so close to her heels made it all the more impossible to hold back, but I knew I had to.

She started to rub the tip my cock with the point of her shoe. My pre cum dribbled over the tip as my cock twitched helplessly. This made her grin. “Poor poor patient” she cooed. “My diagnosis is you have an acute Heels and Stockings fetish”. She bent forward and whispered “Remove my shoe and lick it clean you messy boy”. This was a dream come true for me but she probably knew that.

She told me to place the shoe back on her foot. She then stood up. “Take a good look” she told me. Her shiny spit/cum covered shoes glistened in the light. My eyes followed her legs up as far as her hem line. I so wanted to touch her stocking-ed legs but dare not. The nurse then walked away from my stare. This time my eyes didn’t follow her, but I could hear she was doing something behind me.

“You can turn around now” she said. Her uniform was open, her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart and she was wearing black patient thigh length boots. “I want to see if boots get the same reaction as as my shoes did, and I want them licked cleaned”. To ensure I had enough spit she told me to open wide. As I did she leaned toward my face and spat directly into my mouth. “Now lick my boots”. My cock was throbbing, I so wanted to masturbate and cum all over her boots. Then to my surprise she invited me to rub my cum covered cock over her boots.

Heels and stockings fetish

She stood closer to me and whispered ‘fuck my boots’. I almost came right there and then but held back. I wanted to prolong this ecstasy for as long as possible. Her legs were together, I held each boot and slipped my cock between them just above her ankles. “Aaaagghhhh” I moaned as my foreskin slid back. “Again” she demanded. I did as she asked. “Again” she repeated it over and over until I found myself fucking her boots fast and hard until I squirted my hot cum all over her heels. Panting I leaned forward to catch my breath but her hand gripped the back of my head as she pushed my face towards my cum “Lick them clean” she whispered. “This is the best course of treatment for your weakness, your heels and stockings fetish!”.



May 182019

Upskirting is the practice of taking unauthorized photographs from beneath a woman’s or mans skirt. In the hope of no doubt in obtaining a crotch shot. Young David is a college pupil with a particular predilection – peeking up women’s skirts. Need I say more!

After being reported by the sixth form girls and the young French mistress (who wears her skirts eye-poppingly short) the school authorities decide they have to act. This is especially the case when they believe David has been attempting some upskirt photography. So with no further ado, David is summoned by the Headmistress, Miss Gigi who is looking particularly stern and efficient in pencil skirt, knee boots and a pink satin pussy bow blouse.

After reprimanding him and in no certain terms tells David that if he is caught ‘Upskirting’ again. He will be expelled immediately. Head Mistress Gigi tells the errant pupil that he will receive a much-merited spell of corporal punishment. Firstly she orders him to strip down to his tee shirt, briefs and socks. She then walks over to a ladder backed chair and places herself comfortably.

David stood still with his hands to his front, head bowed in shame. Miss Gigi calls him over to her. “Get over my knee BOY” she snaps. Then follows a good over the knee hand spanking. David smirks thinking he’s got off lightly as his pants are still covering his buttocks. But it isn’t long before Miss Gigi forcefully yanks them down, baring his lilly white cheeks.

As the spanks rain down on Davids bare buttocks they soon turn a deep shade of crimson. “Oooch ouch” David moaned. But this just aggravated Miss Gigi all the more. Suddenly the spanking came to a sudden halt. David breathed a sigh of relief then made a very big mistake by asking. “Is that us done Miss?”. His head was turned just enough to catch Miss Gigi’s expression and she was not amused.

He could feel Miss Gigi stretch forward to reach something. David gulped when he caught sight of the slipper gripped tightly in her hand. “Right young man” started Miss Gigi. She pulled her arm back as far as she could then swoop! thud thud thud…the slipped pelted Davids now very tender backside.

As she punished him she reprimanded him on how a head pupil ‘Should set a good example’ and not shame the school with his ‘Upskirting’ shenanigans. After a barrage of pelts with the slipper Miss Gigi asked David to ‘Stand’. She stood up beside him then pointed toward the chair she had been sat on. “Bend over my chair boy and hold the seat”. David did as he was told. “Spread your legs” asked Miss Gigi. David now feeling quite tender as well as a tad embarrassed obeyed.

upskirting perv upskirting perv punished by Head Mistress

He watched as Miss Gigi reached for her phone. He assumed she would be making a call but to his utter astonishment Miss Gigi bent down and held her camera phone upward between his legs “Smile” she said sarcastically as she snapped an ‘upskirt’ shot. “Now you know how it feels” she barked. David felt totally humiliated.

Miss Gigi was not finished with this ‘Upskirting’ Pervert yet. She had other plans in store. There was a cabinet to the left of the chair where David was stood. She opened the top draw. David’s eyes darted to see what secrets were kept in the draw. There was an array of paddles and some hair brushes. Miss Gigi reached for a leather paddle. “This is going to hurt” she informed a very worried David.

“Bend over the chair and take your punishment” Miss Gigi snapped. David wished that it would soon be over. He was beginning to regret getting caught. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and in walked Dr.Jane. “Ah so this is the young man you want me to see?” asked Dr.Jane. The two ladies had a brief conversation then Dr.Jane approached David.

“Now young man spread your legs” asked Dr.Jane as she reached inside of her white doctors coat. Out emerged a latex disposable glove which she proceeded to put on. “Now this won’t hurt a bit” she started before a very worried David stood up and looked towards Miss Gigi for help. “Eeeerrr, no no Dr.Jane” interrupted Miss Gigi. “This is the Upskirting boy. He’s here for the cane not an examination” ohh sorry replied Dr.Jane, my mistake. “Phew that was a close shave” thought a very relieved David.

David breathed a deep sight of relief. But he wasn’t in the clear just yet. After all, he did hear a mention the cane. A weapon he was not fond of. “I see his backside has been nicely warmed Miss Gigi” said the Doctor. “Thank you” replied a very pleased Miss Gigi. Happy with her handy work.

Dr.Jane reached for a cane. She swooshed it in the air several times in order to intimidate David, and it did. “Bend forward boy” demanded Dr.Jane who sounded like she meant business. David gripped his teeth as well as the seat as he stretched forward. He counted 48 strokes which were delivered in batches of six’s and eights.

His backside was really smarting now. He was told to stand up and apologize for his terrible behavior and promise he would never cast a dark cloud such as this over the school ever again. No doubt David will be back in the future for some other misdemeanor but for now lets hope he has learned his lesson.


May 082019

Berkshire Domina Mistress Jane on her travels. April has been quite a hectic month with regards to getting out and about. You see, I’m a bit of a hermit on the side. Earlier in the year I planned a stay up in bonny Scotland at Mr & Mrs Feendish’s. A pair of pervaholics I have admired for many years. I met Grimly (Mr.Feendish) in person the previous year when he came to my dungeon in Reading. Combined with our visit to The Feendish’s a day of sessions with Lady Annisa was arranged.

Earlier in the month The Feendish’s hosted a party oop North which Trixy and moi attended. Here I met another kinkster I have admired from a far for many years JGLeather from Canada…..wow! A week later we were both heading up to Edinburgh. My faithful Sub Phoenix booked to see myself and Lady Annisa at her beautifully appointed premises in the city. After the days session’s were done the three of us, Trixy, Annisa and I popped to one of the local hostelries for some well deserved food and refreshment.




From here Trixy and your Berkshire Domina Jane headed on to Glasgow to stay with Mr and Mrs Feendish. Grimly works leather. He can make almost anything and gave Trixy and I a four day intense leather crafting course which was superb I might add. Trixy made some bondage cuffs and a choker and I made a prisoner transfer belt. See pic.

Grimly is a very talented man. In his own words ‘A complex character, eccentric, devious, intelligent, mad, bad and dangerous to know’. Like me, he is a sensation junkie.

On our last night Trixy, Mrs Feendish and I dressed in our rubber and headed for the Feendish’s play room. As soon as we walked in we could tell someone had a serious gas-mask fetish. A leather clad Grimly was waiting there for us, nervously. Yes, three of us to one, you’d be nervous too! We had a great time. Such lovely, fun people.

berkshire domina Grim fun Reading Mistress

I had only been in Reading for a couple of days then it was up to Milton Keynes for a day of sessions with my lovely friend Domina Sara at The Practice. A kinky medical paradise. Phew I need a holiday to get over it all.

Berkshire Domina Mistress Jane

Apr 192019

I know your thinking “What the hell is a blog about Climate change doing here!”. And you’d be right in thinking that, but also wrong. As Climate Change effects everything on this planet and that also includes You and I. Yes there is a world outside of our little bubbles believe it or not. A world that can not go on without our help.

It is ‘we’ the human race that caused this mess, and it is ‘we’ who need to try and reverse the effects. Its a very worrying and heartbreaking situation and for a generation that has so much technology and knowledge, we are pretty stupid. Lets look at the bigger picture, it is our responsibility!

Its time to STOP burying our heads in the sand and for each and everyone of us to do our bit, as each bit could make a difference. I don’t mean to patronise anybody or tell you how to suck eggs either but I am potentially trying to reach out to the 10,000 people that visit my site each month (Yes 10,000 according to my analytics).

Any little bit can help. For more info about the devastating effects watch this documentary. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00049b1

Have a peaceful Easter.

Apr 142019

Your Reading Medical Mistress offers examinations and treatments at her Berkshire fetish clinic and Male Milking Facility. Also known as The Clinic In The Countryside to many regular visitors.

Imagine all the devious delights that you can experience at the hands of Your Medical Mistress. All the treatments are bespoke and examinations are tailored to suit your interests and level of experience. Examinations and treatments can range from a superficial examination to the more invasive depending on what You the client is looking for.

Uniform requests are welcome, so that your Reading Medical Mistress is dressed to blend with your fetish. Be that authentic NHS nurse or rubber gummi nurse. You too have the choice to wear rubber if you wish. Available are authentic cotton hospital gowns or medical green latex ones. Rubber catsuits in many sizes are also on hand for you to wear.

Other fetish medical staff available to assist your Mistress should you want an extra person to assist in your examination. Kinky Nurse L’amour or Lunna. Perhaps TGirl Nurse Gigi or male Dr.G? The choice is yours. Its all about enhancing your experience as best we can. So, if you’d like me to invite one of my trusted kinky accomplices to join in your medical please say at point of booking.

Just to give you an idea of the treatments on offer. They range from a none invasive medical check to prostate examination and probing. Male milking by machine, orgasm control, ruined orgasms and post orgasm torment to the more invasive therapies such as needles, urethral sounding, anal dilation, medical restraints, saline injections and catheters. But fear not, theses treatments are not compulsory and need to be requested when booking. Nurse is ready to see you now!

Apr 032019

Rubber Bondage Mistress welcome’s You to the world of rubber fetish. The look the smell the feel just drives you wild and who can blame you. Are you a rubberist?

Rubber bondage Mistress
Rubber Fetish

It would seem that Latex and bondage go hand in hand. I don’t think I’ve ever had a latex fetishist who wasn’t in to their bondage in some way shape or form. Many years ago when I first started going to fetish clubs I would see people in latex and think ‘Oh my God, they are hardcore’. Especially if they were wearing a hood which I used to find really scary. Now I’m the proud owner of around 30 hoods of varying styles. Funny when you look back isn’t it.

Rubber Bondage Mistress
Rubber doll

I suppose wearing a hood offers some kind of anonymity as well as enclosure. To be completely encased, like a second skin. I love its ability to transform a person. There’s nothing quite like dressing a willing participant head to toe in layers of latex. The more bizarre the better.

Rubber transformation

I have around 15 catsuits in different colours and sizes for clients to wear. Plus Gloves and corsets. Stockings and suspenders. Hoods and head gear. Skirts, dresses, uniforms, leggings and accessories. So something to suit all styles and tastes. Whether you want to be Transformed in to a rubber slut. A gimp or rubber doll. You will find my latex collection more than adequate.

Rubber Bondage Mistress
Rubber Bondage Mistress Jane of Reading in Berkshire.

Rubber Bondage Mistress Jane knows exactly what you want. Encased in your second skin and now asked to slide in to a body hugging latex sleep sack, bliss!. As the zip closes the lips of the sack together you feel it hug to tightly. The belts are tightened around you and there is no escape. A gas mask is places over your already hooded face. You hear your every breath echo within the mask. You relax in to your latex cocoon as your rubber bondage Mistress unzips the access holes.

Latex Bondage Mistress
Mistress Jane’s Rubber Bondage Klinik.

This is the start of your journey in to rubber bliss heaven. A head trip, and a body morph. There are many themes that can accommodate your style rubber fetish. Dr.Janes Rubber Fetish Klinik if you like to combine your medical fetish with your Rubber fetish. Rubber sleep-sack bondage and suspension. Tv slut in the dungeon or Rubber maid. Lots of choice to suit all palates. Like the sound of it?

Rubber Bondage Mistress.
Mistress and Rubber Bondage slave.
Mar 292019

Come and meet Tgirl Gigi. We are having a day especially for the Bi-curious and Tgirl admirers on May 9th. You have admired from a far but never quite plucked up the courage to go a head and do it. Well now is Your big chance. My lovely friend and kinky partner in crime Tgirl Gigi will be joining me for a day of divine delights and making all Your dreams come true. A day for kinky curiosity and exploring your Bi urges in a safe, discreet environment.

Bi-curious subs and Tgirl admirers
May 9th Double Trouble in Reading Berkshire

Does a Tgirl turn you on? Short skirt and stockings only with something a little extra lurking under that tight skirt. Something that You wouldn’t mind getting to grips with…..hmmmm sound tempting? Our Bi-curious and Tgirl admirers day is aimed at those who want to explore their kinky fantasy. Maybe you just want to ‘suck it and see’. It doesn’t matter whether this would be your first time or your tenth. Each session is adapted to fit in with your fantasy, interests and level of experience.

You can wear your birthday suit, you can be transformed in to a tarty slut or a prissy sissy princess. We are here to adapt and make Your liaison with us the best it can be. Both Tgirl Gigi and I enjoy working together and more importantly love what we do. We are the catalyst in to making your naughty dreams a true reality.

Bookings for our Bi-curious and Tgirl admirers day are now being taken. Contact Mistress Jane through either the email or phone number on this site. Send a brief synopsis of any experience you might have plus session interests and scenario or fantasy. You must meet our minimum age requirement of 30 years, no exceptions!



Mar 212019

So you’ve sought the services of a Professional Mistress or Dominatrix. After weeks of trawling though site after site, one particular has caught your eye. You read through it and make your very first booking.

Nervously you make your first appointment and you’re sh*tting bricks. Its impossible to concentrate on anything else, you feel distracted. As your appointment draws nearer your mind goes in to overdrive.

‘What will happen?’…’Will I be safe?’…What if….? ‘Will she look like her photos?’….’Will i enjoy it?…’What the F’ck am I doing’…Questions, questions and scenario’s going round and round in your head.

Parking your car, you take a deep breath…this is it! You’re approaching her premises. Thud thud thud, as your heart pounds deeply, making you feel breathless. Butterflies, your stomach is churning. Fight or flight. Adrenaline is what is driving you right now. You lift your hand to knock on her door….knock knock. Silence. Then you hear the distinct sound of heels walking towards the door. Oh my God, this is it and the door opens. Sound familiar?

Yes, I do get it. Its a big thing booking your first appointment with a Professional Mistress. From the moment you make a booking to the very moment you cross her threshold, its been a roller-coaster of feelings. Like fear and excitement all rolled in to one big soup. But that’s all part of it, the build up to your session.

Some guys have been visiting Professional Mistresses for years and still feel like its their first time every time. Its all part and parcel. Anyway Its supposed to be exciting so embrace it, enjoy it and never say never.


Professional mistress
Mistress Jane your Reading Dominatrix
Mar 112019

Reading Dominatrix Mistress Janes Reading Dungeon and Medical Clinic

This is my tenth Year as your Reading dominatrix Mistress Jane. What a fabulous ten years it has been. I’ve met and played with some wonderful people some of whom have become good friends.

My Reading Dungeon has seen some changes over the years and as some of you may know I am looking for new premises but it hasn’t been easy. Lets hope I will find somewhere new soon as I plan to go bigger and better as I feel that I have out grown my Reading dungeon and feel its time to expand and evolve. Being your Reading Dominatrix Mistress Jane can be a demanding role but I feed off that energy. Its what keeps me going.

Reading Dominatrix
Reading Dominatrix

I have some new kit on order, mainly rubber wear but also an inflatable sleep-sack chamber for heavy rubber bondage. Also coming soon are some hospital restraints and a rubber sleep-sack. I recently acquired some HW Design latex wear which really adds another dimension to the bizarre rubber fetish look. The more bizarre the better I think.

I am getting more and more in to the Fetish Medical play and as some may have seen I am working with my wonderful friend Domina Sara at The Practice in Milton keynes on 28th March and the 2nd May. I am also up in bonny Scotland on 25th April working with Lady Annisa at her Fetish Medical Clinic. Exciting times.

My Fetish Clinic & Mechanical Milking Facility.

Reading Dominatrix Mistress Janes Blog.

Do remember to keep a look out in my blog area for updates and news on your Reading Dominatrix Mistress Jane. And remember to keep your fingers crossed that I find new premises soon. If anyone out there reads this and knows of any where suitable please drop me a line. Have a good week ya’ll xx

Reading Dominatrix Gallery

Mar 072019

Did you know I offer a unique Alternative massage in Reading?. Imagine after a stressful day laying back in a warm room with soft music. Mood lighting, scented candles and one, two or three pairs of hands ready to massage warm oil in to your flesh and pamper your whole body. Sound good?

Alternative Massage

Try my Unique Alternative massage in Reading. Its a fusion of Swedish massage techniques, hot stones with a dash of kink. But not compulsory. Its a good ice breaker if your nervous about entering my world. Its an excellent stress buster if you’re looking for just a massage that includes relief. We all need to let off some steam now and again and my massage is a good outlet for anyone whether you’re wanting to branch out in to kink or not.

Your dash of kink can include any or all of the following if that’s what you fancy. Lite restraint, lite spanking, tying of your cock and balls, blindfolding, plus gentle squeezing. Nipple teasing and of course relief.

Prostate massage can also be incorporated. Gently lubed and relaxed your masseuse will tease around the area and then slowly introduce her gloved finger. An erotic sensation but understandably its not for everyone. But you don’t know until you try so why not go ahead and book your massage today.

Unique Alternative massage Reading Massage
Unique Alternative Massage in Reading

Located just South of Reading in Berkshire at my easy to find discrete location with free parking just moments off the M4 at Junction 11. Lay back and relax. While away your stress with my Unique Alternative massage in Reading. Let my capable hands soothe and tease your whole body. Who knows, you may be tempted to try dipping your toe a little deeper next time in my world of fetishes and kink. Same day appointments and drop by appointments sometimes available. Call me directly for same day bookings.