Sep 202017

My third visit to Mistress Jane and my first encounter with Miss Trixy. I had seen how much clients had enjoyed time with them both and whilst a big step for me, never having experienced the attention of two ladies, I thought this was something I was ready for. So I emailed MJ to ask and it was arranged. I must confess I was nervous and on arrival at MJ’s chambers, thought it best to be honest as to how I felt. They could not have been kinder, sitting with me whilst I discussed the session to come, given a cup of tea and confirming my likes and dislikes from my emails. I still had butterflies but became calmer knowing I would be looked after in the hands of two wonderful ladies. I had asked they dress in rubber and MJ was in a black catsuit while MT wore a short pink dress – contrasting in style and both stunning. I had requested to be dressed as a rubber maid and I knew MJ had a number of these outfits.

I was dressed in black rubber with panties, a skirt, stockings, a top and corset, long black gloves and my head encased in the obligatory rubber hood with white trim. A collar and lead were placed around my neck confirming my submission.  Once clad in this latex I was put in high heels. I quickly became aroused by the transformation and MJ noticing this led me to her medical room and the games began.

Thanks again. You were both so kind in saying how much you enjoyed it and it is so good to be played with and controlled by you both. Looking forward to the next time.

Best wishes



Sep 192017
Just a big big thank you for the best session I’ve ever had.  You are just simply stunning, not just physically but more importantly as a person.
Marks are disappearing so you as before got that part spot on.
And the balance of pain and pleasure, the balance of your touch and that pin wheel, the balance of sting and the warmth, was perfect. I was still high on adrenaline.
Wishing you all the best.
Sep 142017

Hello MJ

What an amazing day today was. I could write pages but I’ll keep it brief.

To finally experience a massage by your magic hands was lovely. Another area in which you have super skills.

Then after a refreshing cup of green tea and some of your delightful fudge it was into the dungeon for the ‘serious’ business.

The way you introduced me to Miss Trixy was a true Mistress Jane master stroke. Genius! You certainly know how my mind works.

If I had to single out a favourite part of the session (which it’s impossible to do) it would be the cling wrap part. I love it when you render me totally helpless and unable to move a muscle and then apply your choice of tortures causing my body movements to be involuntary. Straining against the the confines of my bonds with no hope of escape, especially with Miss Trixy perched as she was, on my face!

She certainly is a beautiful and talented assistant to you and her dark hypnotic eyes are something else. I might have fallen into them if she wasn’t holding on to my nipples so tightly!

Thank you so very much MJ. I truly appreciate all the planning and effort that you go to to make every session so perfect.

Until next time

P xx

Sep 092017

Dear Jane,

Wow – what an intensively pleasurable experience – I had both my body and my mind abused and I loved it.
Mistress Jane had a very special session planned for me. She had asked me previously about my limits if there were to be a male present. When I arrived I met Jane and her assistant, Trixy, both beautiful. They undressed me and caressed me- I loved the attention and the contact and found myself responding very quickly. I wore a red thong and they commented that perhaps the other slave should be in panties too – I thought this was just mind games, until I was strapped in a sitting sitting position and another slave was brought in and strapped to me back to back. OMG man-to-man flesh touching, I was screeching inside and yet aroused as anything.  OMG this is uncomfortable but the discomfort was manifesting itself in a harder erection! Perfect for Jane and Trixy to apply electrics to both our cocks – the twist was that each Mistress would control the stimulation of the slave cock that they could see – totally random and an amazing sensation. Lots of other activities ensued as one can guess but I wont rattle on.
This was a totally amazing session, it was f*cking awesome.
Thank you Jane, Trixy and slave G x
Aug 302017

Good Evening

Just wanted to thank you for an intense session. I certainly experienced positions (of which there were quite a few which i am grateful for) I’d never been in before and they were certainly restrictive & tight. I’d never had my balls tied and never experienced such wonderful electrics nor nipple clamps so there was quite a bit new to me. All of which i enjoyed. I also liked that you used a variety of gags. I’d certainly like to explore things further with you in the future.

Kind regards


Aug 152017

Hi Mistress Jane,

I would like to thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable experience yesterday! It was a complete pleasure to meet you and be under your total control. It was a dream come true!

Now I am enjoying this experience and I would like to thank you very much for a fantastic introduction!! 🙂 You are a very special lady.

I look forward to having my limits stretched in you very capable hands!

Kind regards,



Aug 052017
Dear Mistress Jane,
Thank you for our return to visit the wonderful world of CP on Friday evening. It’s quite surprising what a couple of weeks abstinence from regular punishment does to one whilst we engaged in other activities, but my goodness I most certainly felt like I needed that.
It was a hell of a shock, once securely restrained on the bench, to receive a quick fire six of the best, with no prior warm up. In fact, that was a great idea of yours to administer the whole session’s punishment in batches of quick fire…… Indeed, highly effective and much appreciated.
After the first couple of batches of quick fire it really hurt intensely, but I acclimatised to your style, and went on to thoroughly enjoy it.
You kept it simple, but mightily effective, by merely using only the School cane and my favourite, the Dragon cane.
As always, I thoroughly appreciated your dominance, eroticism and of course a damned good old fashioned thrashing. Also, thank you for dressing so appropriately in vintage style to administer a little traditional therapy…. It’s something which I treasure greatly.
My backside feels very tender now it’s the following day, and it’s a splendid reminder of what you gave me.
I’m already looking forward to our next session together.
Thank you so much, Mistress.
R.  xx
Aug 022017

Just a quick note to thank you very much for the session yesterday afternoon. You have excellent and very private premises. Thank you for listening to me during our initial chat and for following through with my interests / requests during the session itself. It was a lovely experience which I hope to repeat in the not too distant future.
Best wishes
Jul 262017

Mistress Jane’s Rubber Gimp

A butt plug was inserted and Mistress Jane helped me don a full black rubber suit, it has built in feet and gloves, Mistress Jane’s final action was to zip my suit up to the neck at the rear. I bowed my head while Mistress put on my gimp hood and zipped it up, she then put a slut collar around my neck. My wrists and ankles were cuffed and a rubber corset placed round my waist. A red bit of string was put around by cock and balls, Mistress said “It was to control me” and used as cock lead too.

I was now locked in the suit, collar and cuffed and ready to submit to Mistress Jane.

I knelt before Mistress who now wore a large strap-on. I was ordered to kiss the strap-on, and lick it with my tongue. Mistress Jane told me, “I was a rubber slut born to suck cock.” I agreed with her and sucked harder.

As a reward I could worship Mistress Jane’s Red Shoes, this I did, Mistress Jane congratulated me on the shininess of the shoes afterwards. I was then given the honour of worshipping Mistress Jane Rubber, knelt behind her I polished the latex she was wearing with my tongue. I was also told to suck her red heels like a strap-on.

Later I was moved to the bondage bed, my feet raised, wrists secured. I was in rubber bondage. My cock lead was removed my cock was put into a pump, electrics were added to my engorged shaft soon after. I felt the tingle of the electric pulses through my cock. Mistress then unzipped my rubber suit so she could removed the butt plug which had prepared my hole for her. She then skillfully used the strap-on on me, a wave of euphoria enveloped me.

I was later released and then ordered to walk over to the suspension cuffs, these were locked on and a spreader bar was placed on my ankles forcing my legs wide apart. The rubber breath play hood I was wearing was then zipped up covering my face and I could feel Mistresses hands touch my rubber encased body, an orgasmic wave passed over me. I was on the verge of cumming, when suddenly Mistress stopped touching me after realising I as about to explode. She told me “If I had cum I would have had to lick up my mess off the floor, you cum when I want you to, you are my Rubber Gimp.” I was now Mistress Jane’s Rubber Gimp.

Mistress Jane’s Rubber Dolly Slut

During the second half of my session Mistress transformed me into her ‘Rubber Dolly Slut’. She dressed me in a blue latex catsuit, corset, skirt, big latex boobs, gloves, hood and my special ‘Slut’ collar. I did a Demi-plié in first position, the feel of the rubber was amazing. I repeated several times, I could have performed them all day for Mistress. I was now Mistress Jane’s Rubber Dolly Slut.

I was then led to The Medical Room by the lead that had been attached to my slut collar. I was positioned on the gynae bed, legs placed in stirrups and wrists secured, chest straps applied. Mistress reiterated what Rubber Dolly Slut I am and told me what happens to them. Her dominating stare with deep brown eyes made sure I understood. The moment I got excited Mistress applied some breath control in order to control me and calm me down. Soon after the Serious kit Milking was applied while Mistress placed a second hood ( a gas mask) over my doll hood.

I was milked. I will leave the rest to your imagination but to say the session lived up to expectations is an understatement, it surpassed them. My fantasy to be Rubber Dolly Slut becoming a reality.

Mistress Jane’s aftercare was amazing too.

It was an awesome visit, I am in sub space, with a big smile on my face.

Thank you very much Mistress Jane.

Jul 252017

Dear Mistress Jane, Trixy, Tia and Mandy,

Well Ladies what can I say. I will start with you Mistress Jane, thank you for accepting my application to join you and your friends at last weeks cfnm event. I commend you on your organisational skills, attention to detail and for putting me at ease the moment we met.

Trixy, Tia and the very naughty Mandy. Ladies, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, I will look forward to the next opportunity to join you all at the next cfnm event.

Warmest Regards