Feb 022018

Hi Jane

I would just like to thank you for such a fantastic session yesterday. On the drive down I was very apprehensive, convinced I was either having a mid life crisis loosing my marbles or both, maybe I am? However on arriving you soon put me at ease and I felt in very safe hands. You looked fantastic! I found the whole process of booking the appointment through to the end of the session very efficient professional and exciting. I really enjoyed the feeling of being restrained totally helpless having to suffer your tickle torture, especially when you alternated between teasing my nipples and tickling. This combined with the relief at the end was one of the most sensual and erotic experiences of my life! I will definitely be back for more in the near future. Maybe next time I will be brave enough to say no safe word so Mistress can be as merciless as she likes!
Thanks again.
Sub T
Jan 262018

Dear MJ and Strapon Jane

Thank you for allowing me to serve you both Fri 26th during your day of double domination.

The session surpassed all my expectations. I left with a big smile on my face which I am still wearing today. Thank you for treating me with kit gloves as this was a first time for me in lots of ways as you know. I shall stop rambling and wish you all the very best and hope to see you both very soon.

Yours truly


Jan 262018

Dear Mistress Jane and Strapon Jane

I would just like to convey my thanks for the session I had with you both today. I have been a fan of Strapon Jane’s movies for many years and to finally get to meet her let alone have Strapon Jane and Mistress Jane use me for their enjoyment was absolutely mind blowing. As the saying goes ‘Turn your fantasy to reality’. I couldn’t have wished for anything more.

My advice to anyone twiddling their thumbs thinking about seeing these two Dommes together, is get on and do it, you’ll have a great time.

Thank you Ladies.


Jan 052018

Dear MJ

It is a wonderful feeling to have now been serving you for the last  5 years …. What started as a fantasy in my mind was realised into reality by you……. I am sure you have many sissiy men who have served you over the years …. But for me it has only been you.

I feel in heaven when being with you and you have completely understood what I have wanted …. Every time I come to you…. There is a new feeling of satisfaction…. A new understanding of my submissive side….. it is you who as they say “ deflowered “ me…. Gave me the immense pleasure of serving a strong … beautiful Mistress…

I sincerely wish you a very happy new year and look forward to serving you on the 5th anniversary… I will let you decide what you would like to do with me….. as always I know you will take me to another level….

Hope to continue as long as I can and take my limits further..

Your Sissy Sue…

Jan 032018

Dear Mistress Jane

I wanted to write and thank you for the unbelievable session I enjoyed yesterday,  I am sure you do not need a testimonial from me but here’s one anyway in case you wish to use it.

I had wanted to visit Mistress Jane for some time and whilst on holiday over Christmas decided a new year required a resolution and that was to visit her if at all possible, and sooner rather than later.

Despite e mailing over the Christmas/New Year period, Mistress was very attentive to her e mails and we fixed a convenient date and time.

On the morning of the visit, and as a confirmed sissy slut, I decided to make one or two purchases to enrich my experience – this meant a visit to the shops to purchase a fab new lipstick and lip gloss, some painted stick on nails and some rather alluring false eyelashes – after all a girl needs to treat herself now and again.

Upon arriving I rang as instructed and was given the simple directions to her lair, all very secure.  Two things struck me on arrival – one was the Mistress looking stunning in fishnets and a corset and the other was the premises itself – a very austere medical room and a dark dungeon with both containing lots of exciting and scary implements, some of which I looked forward to experiencing.

Mistress had prepared well, laying out my outfit for the day – black stockings, heels, split crotch panties, a bra with impressive false boobs, and a latex top, skirt and corset.  I was soon stripped naked and dressed and as a forewarning of what was to come, Mistress asked me if the proffered butt plug would be ok for me!  Then the process of transforming me into the slut I longed to be began with the most thorough make up session, including foundation, false eyelashes, lots of eye make up, lipstick, gloss and blusher.  Then a shortish dark wig was placed on my head and Slut Joanne finally arrived.  I was blown away when I looked into the mirror – even I fancied the creature that was before me and I hoped that in future maybe other TG girls and even men would too and give me the treatment I craved and deserved.

What followed was a sensation overload – I was placed on the gynaecologist bench with legs akimbo so that my man clit and pussy hole were available.  Mistress played with my hole gently with different sized plugs and cocks whilst at the same time subjecting me to electrical torture on both my clit and pussy.  My nipples meanwhile were getting no less attention with pinches, strokes, hard and soft clamps and it was ecstasy when they were clamped and suspended above my head.  I was given cock sucking lessons and attempted to deep throat the proffered cock and I was threatened (or maybe promised?) interaction with Gigi, Mistress’s TG submissive who she said would love to fuck all my holes.

We then moved on to the dungeon area where I was placed on all fours to receive another pounding, followed by reverse cowgirl which really reached the parts others could not reach!  The session ended with my feet in stirrups being rammed and with my clit being stroked which resulted in a massive explosion, the results of which I was forced to lick clean.

Afterwards, as Slut Joanne gradually receded into the background I was treated warmly and courteously and was properly prepared to re-enter the vanilla world I had come from, tired but elated.

All in all this was a wonderful experience and I will certainly be back, next time I hope to let you know about my adventures with Mistress and sub Gigi.  I can barely wait.

Thank you again Mistress Jane

with utmost respect

Slut Joanne


Dec 232017
Dear Jane,
Thank you so much and I just wanted to say that our session yesterday was easily the most fun I have had with my clothes off.
I think I now understand the term “sub space” and still feel so relaxed after floating home last night, beats meditation.
So many delicious firsts and so many sensations going on at the same time,
I am hooked! (not literally!)
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year
Dec 202017

My first experience of the IMPALER was brilliant Mistress. Felt so completely helpless with wrists, ankles and neck firmly secured and my face in the head rest pad. Would recommend it to any sub brave enough.

You certainly pushed my limits on it. I had no chance of lasting long enough for you with Venus attached, and that meant the cane. Having to choose which cane myself blindly by naming a number between 1 and 10 added an extra dimension.

The caning you gave me was well deserved for previous misdemeanour’s and I’m branded, a reminder of who I belong to.

You are the best.


Dec 182017
Dear Mistress Jane,
I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome time on Thursday. You were truly brilliant in the role of my strict and sexy Auntie and played the part superbly.  You have a very firm hand and delivered the perfect spanking that was exactly what I needed. 
Also, your willingness to provide relief was greatfully appreciated. A good proportion of the ladies I have visited over the years do not offer this at all and so it is not something that I assume will be on offer.
I thoroughly enjoyed my brief time with you and it was a pleasure to be so expertly disciplined by such a beautiful and enlightened lady. I would very much like to see you again as you are so good at what you do but as you are a long way from where I live the opportunity may not arise to often. 
Thanks again and with much love,
Dec 142017

Hello Mistress Jane & Nurse Strapon,

Probably by now you are enjoying a glass of wine with Nurse S Jane and discussing the most interesting cases you had today, so I think this is the best time for me to give you a small feedback.
First of all, I want to thank you again for making room for me in your busy schedule.
Second, thank you to both of you for offering such a great experience. I managed to finally live one of my fantasies. I experience so many sensations like cool, warm, pain, pleasure, lots of teasing…it was amazing.
Thank you do much for a great session, it was a pleasure to meet you both.
Happy Holidays and all the best things in the new year!
Have a great weekend!
One lucky patient.
Dec 072017

Hi Mistress Jane,

I’m slowly coming back down to earth and now able to reflect on my experience with yourself and Lunna. I must admit I was in a bit of a daze directly afterwards and somewhat euphoric.

What a fantastic time I had, it has been a while since I last session-ed, but you made my time with you somewhat of a memory that will stick, you knew exactly what buttons to press (literally) to get me going and just held me there on the edge.

I still don’t feel I can fully express my feelings about my experience with you both, but my god it was good.

I would like to thank you both for an amazing time. Lunna was fantastic and a very naughty latex lady, the hood topped it, and you know exactly how to bring the very best of the time to encourage full realease to leave me completely drained!!

Thanks again to you both, and I still smell of latex which is great!!! 😏

Take care both of you and I am already looking forward to the next time I can present my latex self to you.

Best regards M.