Oct 122018
Dear Mistress Jane & Miss Trixy,
                    Wow!! That was fantastic – it far exceeded my expectations.  To be rigorously dealt with by two beautiful and delightful ladies was the stuff of dreams.
I was amazed and delighted by your imagination and creativity, you were absolutely superb.
With many thanks,

A x

Aug 262018
Dear Mistress Jane,
Thank you so much for our recent medical session, where on the medical team we had the pleasure of the company of Nurse KittenXXX, who is one truly remarkable lady. I’ve had many a splendid medical session with you over the years, and that was how we initially met….. a moment I shall always remember and treasure.
This was such an extraordinary medical though, with assistance of your very naughty nursing care assistant. Whether she was trained on the NHS or whatever, I don’t know, but one certainly wouldn’t experience her style of care and wantonness in any other Clinic. I’ve never known anyone quite like her….. so wickedly naughty and clearly perfectly natural with it all. She has a very unique bedside manner!
Such fun we all had, to the extent that I shall have to book another medical session with yourself in order to fulfil the requirements of our Consultant.
Nurse KittenXXX is someone that all patients at The Clinic in The Countryside would be recommended to have present during their consultation with Nurse Jane, as she will soon relax and soothe the patient, before adding her own very special brand of therapy.
Thank you again for the most marvellous healthcare which you always provide for your patients.
With my warmest regards,
Patient R.
Aug 182018

To anyone who is considering booking an appointment.

I have just arrived home after having an absolutely mind blowing appointment with the amazing Mistress Jane and her accomplice, The Intoxicating Kitten. I had read a short write up on Kitten on Mistresses site and thought why not, ‘In for a penny’. It was quite difficult to arrange a duo appointment with both Kitten and Mistress because Kitten is only available evenings and weekends. I had asked for a medical scenario which I love. I am not in to heavy medical play, for me it is more about the Nurses attitude, the way she is dressed and so forth. I also really enjoy face sitting and Kitten did not disappoint, her way was the best I have ever experienced.

Both Nurse Jane and Naughty Nurse Kitten were a delight and the role play was utterly amazing. Kitten is the naughtiest Nurse I have ever encountered and I do hope for a repeat appointment as soon as I have recovered from this one. Without giving too much information away, as I really don’t like to kiss and tell, an appointment with Mistress Jane and Kitten involves copious amounts of naughtiness, kink and tease, in-fact more that you can probably handle. I thoroughly recommend without hesitation.

You only live once.



Jul 222018
Dear Mistress Jane,
I must offer my gratitude to you for such an exciting and extraordinary CP session this last week.
It’s something which I know we do regularly, but the whole crux of the matter was the most unusual “joker card”, was it, that you played. It was an outstanding twist to the session.
We started off with a hand spanking whilst I was over the bench, and then you invited me to assume the position for a proper OTK spanking. It’s always been my favourite, and just creates that very special bond between Mistress and Her sub. I never tire of being there with you doing that, and after all we’ve done it once or twice….. Lol….. It’s the best!
Then it was back over the bench for caning, and with a light whippy, stinging cane, and when you’d finished with that cane, you completely stunned me….. informing me that you were going to remove my chastity device, and I had 30 seconds in which to masturbate and achieve a cum.
Failure would result in a different sort of punishment. This was a tall order for me, but I did my best Mistress, though sadly starting from scratch it wasn’t going to be. During those 30 seconds you constantly teased me with a nettle frond, but once I had failed, you made me retract my foreskin so you had full access to the glans on the tip of my cock, in order that you could provide a thorough nettle massage. You also so generously treated my nipples to a similar stimulation from Urtica, the plant that keeps on giving. I was jumping all over the place, even as I took up position again to receive the rest of my caning.
My punishment for failure was a dozen strokes with Mariana, a favourite cane with both of us, but also an additional five for swearing aloud as you stroked the tip of my cock with the nettles! An absolutely awesome experience! How Life is full of surprises?!! Then we moved on to Regina which is a heavier cane and feels totally different as it lands on the target area. Sometimes one may be easier to take than the other, and that can alternate, but what remains a constant is my submission to my dearest Mistress and for whom I have the greatest pleasure in taking Her canings. It’s a wonderful experience that you’ve taught me much about.
Always to love and cherish thine Mistress, and thank you for everything.
With my fondest regards, R xx
Jul 192018

Dear Mistress Jane and Miss Lunna

I just wanted to say thank you for seeing me today – there are few better ways to spend a couple of hours than in your company, subject to your tender mercies! I had a thoroughly amazing time – utterly extraordinary and I had my mind blown numerous times 🙂
Jun 212018

Hi Mistress

I like to thank You and your friends for a great CFNM session yesterday.
Good to see my abuse on twitter.
Sitting down in meeting today was good reminder of my hour with 5 lovely mistresses beating my ass.
Hope your friends enjoyed themselves as much as I did.
Please thank your friends for the wonderful hour I spent in their, and Your presence Mistress.
Sure to be a few more days of red ass to remind me of yesterday.

Your humble slave Mr.mars bar

Jun 202018


Thanks for a great CFNM session today! I really appreciated the attention to detail and will definitely want to come again.

Best N.

Jun 202018

Hello Mistress Jane (CFNM)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful morning.  The ladies were so gorgeous and exhilarating!

That Tia is especially naughty.


Jun 202018
Dear Mistress Jane,
May I just say a wholehearted thank you for such a wonderful CFNM session. All five of you are just such stunning ladies it was fabulous to be subjugated and humiliated in your presence. I did indeed go home and have a lovely wank with a dildo up my ass thinking about Luna standing dominant over me (-;
Please pass on my deepest thanks to the wonderful ladies.
Jun 052018

Dear MJ

I had a really first-class time with you and Mistress Trixy delivering an exquisite alternative massage. You were both so in tune with my thoughts and desires, it was as if you were mind-reading. The massage was superb as was the strap-on and Trixy working on my nipples was sublime.

I loved every second of it and your little fantasy for me at the end, just put the icing on the cake. I will definitely be back and would recommend anyone reading this to make a booking as soon as they can!

Kind regards,