Apr 172019

Nurse Jane, Thank You for yesterday’s session, Nurse Jane.  It was very…… energizing.
To repeat Your own words, it did indeed blow the cobwebs away and to repeat my own, You made it seem like time stood still for a period.
The techniques used to subdue and calm were particularly effective.
Kind regards, J

REVIEW 04/19

Hi Mistress
Just had a look through the photos and I think they are absolutely stunning, I can’t believe that’s me. The make-up, the hair, the colours and your photography too, truly stunning. It is so worth taking a bit of lovely leisurely time to get something so amazing, thank you soooo much. Love the videos on Twit of the edging and the final moments, a wonderful memory all round. If others could only know the full detail of our time together I think they would be very jealous indeed. I’m not always sure of my looks in the past with full make-up etc but really love these.
I shall just have to calm down and park it until our next session.
A heart felt thank you :)Tina x

REVIEW 04/19

Dear Beautiful Mistress Jane,
Thank you so much for an excellent session this morning.  Those electrics really had a sting in their tail!!
It was quite delightful to see you again and to ‘enjoy’ your company and skills.
Very best wishes,

REVIEW 04/19

Dear MJ.
Just a quick Thank you for yesterday. 
I enjoyed very much my time with you and Miss Trixy.  You both took me into areas of ‘kink’ that I never thought about going to before.  If you would be kind enough to pass on my thanks to her too please I would be obliged. It was a pleasure! to meet her.
Thanks once again, have a great weekend.

Until next time.
Very best regards. N.

Apr 042019

Dear Mistress Jane,

Just a short message of thanks for yesterday’s session with you. In my experience the first experience with a new mistress rarely meets one’s hopes but yesterday was an exception and it was really exceptional. You really took on board all the small details I had tried to communicate and the personality you adopted, extent of role play, intensity of punishment etc were perfect. 

See you again soon.

Regards & Thanks – D

Mar 162019

Yesterday I met Mistress Jane for the very first time where had an out of this world session with her. She made me feel that I had known her, forever.
She was considerate and kind, she found out so much about me (some things I didn’t even know myself) and used this in the session, respecting my limits, whilst ready to push those limits if that is what I desired, and taking me on an out of this world journey. 
I felt safe and secure in her company and she made my fantasies become reality.
Her premises are so well equipped, that I could not find any fault what so ever.
I have tried several Mistresses previously, some good, some very good, others unfortunately indifferent, but Mistress Jane is in a different class. Is she the best?, not certain, but she is certainly in the top one. 
If you guys are reading this, then you have found her website. If you have fantasies but are wondering whether you should contact her, do so, you won’t regret it. Don’t leave this world “wondering what-if”. I just know you’ll have the same fulfilling experience that I’ve just had, one which I cannot wait to repeat.

Best regards, Sub Slave A

Mar 102019

Hi Jane
I would like to thank you and Strap On Jane very much for my session on Monday with the beautiful Jane duo. Being allowed to serve you both was a dream come true. My ass has just about recovered from that amazing caning which I received. Reminding me of the wonderful experience every time I sat down.

Great to watch my spit roasting abuse on twitter. I hope you both enjoyed the session as much as I did. I look forward to serving you both in the future.

Your humble slave mars bar.

Mar 102019

Dear Mistress
I had such a wonderful time – I wish I could have stayed all day! Both you and Lunna were amazing – I have never experienced two sessions the same with you and each time I have been surprised and thoroughly enjoyed your inventiveness. I feel very privileged to see you and hope you get as much fun out of sessions as I do. 

Feb 102019

Hello MJ,

Just a note to thank you again for the wonderful session on Monday.  I have never felt so thoroughly used, an object for you to do with what you like!  Yet all the while, I felt safe and able to let go.  Please say thank you too to Lunna for her lovely contribution to the sensory overload!  I am looking forward to booking another session.

All the best,J

Jan 312019


Many thanks to Lunna and yourself for last Monday. Gosh – it was very intense and I was both emotionally and physically drained after – but with a feeling of total contentment. Being allowed to worship Lunna in her rubber was a wonderful high. The time in the sling, clad in latex, was an amazing test for me – a sensual overload in the inflatable rubber hood whilst subject to electrics, cbt, re-breather mask and plastic bagging. Total domination in the hands of two wonderful ladies. 

Thank you for the shots and film you took which highlight the experiences and they’ll be a lasting memory of a wonderful session.

With kindest regards


Jan 312019

Good afternoon,
I just wanted to write you a short email to say thank you so much for a wonderful session last week.
It truly was an out of body experience and I was left reeling for a few days. I’m so glad I took the plunge and thank you for everything you did. I loved the manual milking and the electro-stim pads around my bottom, plus the tickling/stroking of my balls – an amazing sensation.

I really enjoyed the full enclosure, in particular the hood – amazing to lose my identity and become someone totally different for a few hours.
All in all a great experience and hope to book a second appointment soon. 

Slave D.

Jan 132019

Dear Mistress Jane
I would just like to thank you and Trixy for another fantastic Tickle Fetish session yesterday! As always you were both very professional and I felt very safe throughout. The way you secured me spread eagle by my ankles and wrists to your bondage table left me very vulnerable to your tickling fingers. Even the great Houdini would have had no chance of escape. The blindfold added another dimension as I had no way of knowing what was coming next. However it was not all pain and discomfort as I very much enjoyed the nipple and cock teasing that you both administered whilst I was blindfolded. Just when I was starting to get used to this immense pleasure the intense tickling started again. My old chap couldn’t take any more and shot his load. Thinking that this would end the session and we could go home.

However you both had other cruel ideas and continued tickling for a while longer with my body now in a hyper sensitive state. I was now in sensory overload and was really at my limits. I started to regret being so brave or stupid earlier? telling you to be as relentless as you like with no safe word, but now it was too late! However you must be able to read me like a book. Just when I was starting to think I couldn’t take anymore, you both stopped. This is an experience that I shall remember for the rest of my life!
Please feel free to use this as a review and thanks again!
Lots of love

Mr.Tickle (p)

Dec 182018

Hi Mistress,

Thank you (and Gigi of course) for such a fabulous and interesting session. Fun was had by all!

My introduction to Gigi was handled so well that it wasn’t difficult submitting for my treatment in your presence.

You’ve trained me superbly and I’m now perfectly relaxed about submitting for the pleasure of you and your male friends. I would never have believed it a while ago.

You really are an amazing lady and it’s wonderful being a pet slut of yours.

The heights of domination you can take people to is just fantastic.

Sub S.