Dec 062017
Dear Mistress Jane,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for a lovely session  today. You were amazing and  very considerate. You put me at ease and let me explore my rubber doll fantasy.
I hope that one of the photos or videos you made of the session will appear on your twitter account soon so I can see myself being under your control and a good rubber doll!
I hope to book an appointment again with you in early January with either the lovely Trixie or Gigi in attendance too!
Thanks again for a Wonderful time!
Warm regards,
M  (your rubber doll!)
Nov 242017

Dear Mistress Jane,

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful first time experience in your medical clinic yesterday. It was amazing to feel so many different sensations and take in the incredible ambience. I went away feeling very elated and relaxed.

I hope to visit again soon.

Best wishes A

PS A very happy patient who is very pleased with himself!

Nov 102017

Dear Jane,

First, what great pics and what a wonderful time I had with you and your friends again
Second, that I hadn’t dropped you a note already to say thank and what fun I had. I basked in the euphoria, memory, experience etc for ages and loved the things you did with my body and the way you made me feel.
I loved not knowing at all what was going to happen and loved getting all those different types of attention
Please say thank you again to Trixy, Mistress Torment and Leather man and a big thank you to You.
Hopefully see you again soon
Love G xxx
Nov 082017

Dear MJ,

Thank you for the fantastic session this afternoon. I certainly think you succeeded in de-spunking me !

Thanks in advance, P

Nov 072017

Dear Mistress Jane

I wanted to express my sheer gratitude for granting me an audience with yourself and Miss Torment last week. The whole experience surpassed my expectations.

My review.

After a friendly welcoming we moved on to having our pre session chat. Designed to put me a ease, which it did, and to discuss the proceedings. I was then instructed to remove my shoes, socks, glasses and watch. Then told to stand before Mistress Jane, who towered above me. Miss Torment closed in behind and gripped my arms behind my back whilst Mistress Jane teasingly undid my clothing. This alone was a very sensual experience but it didn’t end there. I was led to the medical room where I was secured to a bed with white straps. There the two ladies began to work on my whole being. For most of the time I was in a deep dreamy head space experiencing all sorts of sensation and mind play.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mistress Jane and Miss Torment and would look to session with each of them together or on a one to one basis, thoroughly recommend.

Best Regards


Nov 062017

Dear MJ, Mistress Torment and Trixy

Thank you ladies for a great session last week. Loved all the Halloween decorations dotted around the garden especially the howling cat that made me jump out of my skin when I activated it on walking by.

It was great to meet Mistress Torment and Trixy finally. You all compliment each other beautifully. I had a great time and look forward to any future events you hold.

All the best


Nov 062017

A big thank you.

Just a quick note to say thank you. It was a pleasure to finally meet Mistress Torment. I had a wonderful time with you both and hope I don’t have to wait to long until my next visit.

Kind Regards


Oct 192017

Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut

This was my third visit to Mistress Jane. I was so excited, I locked myself in my CB 6000 , I sent Mistress a picture of the numbered padlock, so she could be sure It was the same lock. I would need to earn my release.

When I arrived at Mistress Jane’s, I was stripped naked then inspected. The padlock on my device was checked for any signs of tampering. Mistress could see I was nervous and excited at the same time.

Mistress clad me head to toe in the most amazing multilayered rubber outfit then placed a ‘Slut’ collar around my neck. There was no mistaking who was in charge. I was a plugged, chastised, multi-layered Rubber Toy for Mistress.

I was ordered to my knees where I was given the privilege of worshipping Mistresses shoes, then legs then strap-on cock. I was further honoured being allowed to work my way and polish Mistress’s rubber covered bottom with my tongue. My chastised cock throbbed.

As reward for being a good cock sucker , Mistress released me from my chastity device then instructed me to lay face down in her sling , this would be my first time in suspension. A head-harness placed on me and before I was hoisted off the ground I was hogtied. It was an incredible experience, suspended in bondage. Mistress did all kinds of things to me whilst secured in various positions throughout my session. I loved the electrics and strap-on as I love to be Mistresses Slut.

After the first half of my session I was re dresses in black and red layered latex. The feel of the latex as it warmed to my skin felt amazing. A rubber breath hood was placed over my face and I was hoisted up on a sit position where Mistress continued to blow my mind with her torments.



This was an amazing feeling, words can’t describe, I was in rubber heaven. Mistress controlled my breathing, she had my total trust. Then came the Grand Finale which I will leave to your imagination. It was an awesome session as Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut. Mistress Jane’s aftercare was amazing too. I am smiling as I write this.

Thank you very much Mistress Jane.



Sep 202017

My third visit to Mistress Jane and my first encounter with Miss Trixy. I had seen how much clients had enjoyed time with them both and whilst a big step for me, never having experienced the attention of two ladies, I thought this was something I was ready for. So I emailed MJ to ask and it was arranged. I must confess I was nervous and on arrival at MJ’s chambers, thought it best to be honest as to how I felt. They could not have been kinder, sitting with me whilst I discussed the session to come, given a cup of tea and confirming my likes and dislikes from my emails. I still had butterflies but became calmer knowing I would be looked after in the hands of two wonderful ladies. I had asked they dress in rubber and MJ was in a black catsuit while MT wore a short pink dress – contrasting in style and both stunning. I had requested to be dressed as a rubber maid and I knew MJ had a number of these outfits.

I was dressed in black rubber with panties, a skirt, stockings, a top and corset, long black gloves and my head encased in the obligatory rubber hood with white trim. A collar and lead were placed around my neck confirming my submission.  Once clad in this latex I was put in high heels. I quickly became aroused by the transformation and MJ noticing this led me to her medical room and the games began.

Thanks again. You were both so kind in saying how much you enjoyed it and it is so good to be played with and controlled by you both. Looking forward to the next time.

Best wishes



Sep 192017
Just a big big thank you for the best session I’ve ever had.  You are just simply stunning, not just physically but more importantly as a person.
Marks are disappearing so you as before got that part spot on.
And the balance of pain and pleasure, the balance of your touch and that pin wheel, the balance of sting and the warmth, was perfect. I was still high on adrenaline.
Wishing you all the best.