Feb 082020

Hi Jane,
I just wanted to thank you and Lunna for a fabulous session this morning, it was exactly what I wanted and you both played your parts brilliantly. It was a pleasure to experience your skills and professionalism and I would certainly like to session with you in the future😀
Thanks again and hope to see you soon.


Dec 302019

This year has been quite a year in my evolvement of how I feel about the BDSM feelings I have had life-long
It has been a time to process and to come to terms with what has been a struggle throughout my life
I just want to say that you have perhaps unknowingly have had a significant affect on me on my journey – acceptance and direction – and more than my direct time with you – but how I see you ‘touch’ the community around you – and that in itself has been an inspiration
I’m in a good place now – but with still work-in-progress going on – and of course that will always be – but somehow this has become more enjoyable as I get to know more souls who inhabit this lifestyle of love and happiness – that is what you have shown me more than anything else.  
I am not ‘lonely’ anymore – but in fact ‘found’ myself – and more importantly my self worth, wisdom and spirituality – that I have the confidence now to share and help others on this path
Bless you MJ – for what you do and those you bring together in kindness – you are a special soul
Much love

slave J

Dec 292019

Hello MJ
Many thanks for seeing me Saturday.
I must say never in all my time sessioning with you have I felt so completely subjugated – the otk spanking for not being prepared down below as I should have been, the correction for this in the medical room strapped down whilst shaved and having my breathing controlled.

I really enjoyed my transformation into your rubber maid with the slut lips. And then being strapped securely into the sling where you totally dominated me. All of the play was tremendous, the Nipple clamps, electrics and sounding and submitting to the most wonderful  breath control you administer. I know I didn’t say a great deal in this part of the session  – I was lost in the zone with the amazing sensations you create.

Eventually allowing me my release which overwhelmed every part of me as I gasped and moaned in the enclosure of the plastic bag. 

How wonderful! See you next year Mistress. Slave I.

Dec 292019

Hi Mistress Jane.

I would just like to say a big Thank You for the most wonderful experience on the 27th Dec.

Right from the start when your good self and Nylon Jane met me at your studio door, my first thought was ‘Is this Heaven’. The pair if you gave me a most wonderful experience through-out our session, you gave me exactly what I asked for and that was exactly what I needed. I would just like to say a very big Thank-you to you both, I will be back soon.

Yours Thank-fully R

Dec 162019

Hi Mistress Jane, (cfnm)
Thanks for another fantastic session on Saturday.
I wish it could  have gone on all afternoon :🙂

Have a great xmas and a happy new year.
I look forward to catching up with you again in the new year.
Best wishes.
C x

Dec 152019

Would You Mistress Jane, as the brilliant Player and Ringmaster pass on to your ‘Collectively Evil Team’ my appreciation for Saturdays CFNM event.  It was a great day to be kinky.

Thanks M

Dec 152019

Dear Jane, 

T h a n k  y o u  for being the best Mistress ever, and arranging a superb event. That was a brilliant CFNM event yesterday…. I’m sure it was the best I’ve experienced. Sooo much fun. You could say that Lunna was the powerhouse in there, quietly getting on with the naughty stuff and being so splendidly seductive. Trixy too. Not forgetting the delightfully wicked Scarlet, with her very unique touch that she introduces to it all. It never ceases to amuse me, her penchant for nettle play. Of course, not forgetting your good self, for orchestrating all the moves, adding those special MJ touches, outstandingly fantastic with the CP & soothing, and perfect pegging, with all the other bits too, not forgetting the icing on the cake at the end!

You put such a lot into arranging a fabulous day for everyone.  Thank you. R

Dec 022019

Mistress, Good Afternoon.
I wanted to thank you for a memorable journey and session today, it was very special and I appreciate greatly all the hard work that you put into both the the pre and post session as well as the time spent together in the middle.
You are a very special, caring and stimulating Mistress and I am very glad to be part of your “stable of pets”

Nov 242019

Mistress Jane, 

Apologies for delay in not sending a message sooner – c’est la vie.  If only live was simpler. But first a massive thanks to You and lunna for a wonderful session.  Beyond my dreams.  So intense.  And the cane once again had that after sting sensation, I thought was lost forever.  And the pin wheel drove me mad with desire. 

Anyway thank you for everything.  Your caring, your concern for details, your kinky mind.  If it was my last time I will remember you to my dying day but after that experience my mind keeps thinking of ways to return to the UK for more. 

All the very best to you Jane.  Look after yourself and may you continue to give tremendous pleasure for many years to come. Sub.N

Nov 242019

Dear Mistress Jane
Thanks to you and Lunna for a lovely session last week at your milking clinic 🙂
I’ve seen the clips on Twitter and they have come out very well.

All the best…Hairy Sub