Sep 062019

Dear Mistress Jane, 

Thank you for the most wonderful session that you so kindly and skilfully orchestrated for Tuesday evening. Firstly, you had already summoned me to appear for what I realised was to be a punishment session, and before the date you announced that a mystery guest would be present. You had played your ace card.After a recent MedFet session, I had left you whilst released from my chastity device, with your consent to be unlocked for a brief period to recover from the rigours of some of the procedures that I underwent. However, on the following morning a serious transgression occurred which was namely unauthorised masturbation…. totally unacceptable, as we know. Needless to say that my subsequent confession was more than adequate for you to get out the punishment book! Upon my arrival at The Dungeon, I was met by our mystery guest, the legendary Scarlet. I had not had the pleasure of her company for far too long. Her divine presence exudes severe strictness, punctuated by her salacious sensuality. Our session was simple in structure, but oh… so very good! The CP and nettle play was out of the top drawer, and the “special treats” department excelled beyond all expectations. I certainly wasn’t expecting that to happen! Do please thank Scarlet again from me for being such a star. She has an unparalleled uniqueness, of which I was so pleased to be reminded. Together, you both put on an outstanding session, for which I cannot even thank you enough. It was…. just so great to see you both, and thank you!

With my fondest regards, R. xx

Dear Mistress Jane. Thank you so much for a bind blowing experience. I have visited a few fetish escorts and pro domes but none compare with you! you are a gorgeous and very talented lady with obviously a wealth of experience as I felt relaxed and put my full trust in you at all times. You gave me the exact scenario I was looking for, but much better than I expected. As for that very naughty and sexy Lunna she is one beautiful young lady and like yourself very talented especially when it comes to teasing.

kind regards, one very happy patient!!!!!! Chris

Aug 152019


Just to thank you both for a brilliant session today, it was everything and more that I could have hoped for. Thank again to you both. Jon.

Mistress Jane,
Many thanks for yesterday’s session. It was a real sensory overload, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the clips on Twitter.
You really have some tremendous equipment and a real eye for detail that makes such a difference.

Mistress Jane,

Just a short note to thank you for yesterday’s session. It was one of the best. You can certainly restrain a wriggler and the sensory overload hogtie with multiple electrics, chains and your nails was very special. The levels of pain and pleasure were just right.
Good luck with the move.
Regards, Doug

Thank you soooo much Mistress,

I had such a lovely time today, all very intoxicating and gorgeous. I Loved my time with Lunna, she is a very sensual lady and Mistressed me very well indeed, I loved caressing and kissing her. I now have sore nipples but that’s the burden I have to bear for such a lovely time 🙂

See you soon :)Tina x

Aug 152019

First Timer’s Session with Mistress Jane and Goddess Luna

I am a 60 year old man who has fantasised about female domination for over 40 years, but wouldn’t make the commitment to meet a Mistress as I feared that reality could never live up to fantasy. I have looked at numerous websites over many years without seeing anything that made me change my mind, until I read MJ’s website. Not only did her website have all the information I needed, but it was also so clearly written by someone who cared about delivering a quality service to her clients that I was convinced the time had come to make the huge leap of faith and put my trust in her.

Having made the booking I was still having nagging doubts even as I walked up to her studio door, but as soon as I saw MJ and Lunna those fears disappeared. I had a preconceived idea as to what I wanted each of them to wear for the session, but that went straight out of the window as they looked utterly gorgeous in the outfits they had chosen and just being in the presence of two stunningly beautiful women in MJ’s superbly equipped chamber made me feel extremely nervous, but in a wonderful way.

We had a brief discussion of my roleplay fantasy and the protocols involved in a session and then it began. I knew I was going to suffer so I was scared, but at the same time I felt completely safe, and without going into any detail about my fantasy as we are all different I felt as though I had been transported from the real world outside her studio to a fantasy world that had previously only existed in my imagination. It was a truly magical experience with both MJ and Lunna playing their parts to perfection, slowly and surely testing my limits with a variety of devices and finishing the session with an unexpected bonus that I had neither asked for nor expected when I experienced an orgasm the like of which I hadn’t achieved since I was a virile young man with twice as much testosterone flowing through my veins as I have now.

So my advice to any of you who were in my position, if this is something that you know you really want to do don’t put it off indefinitely, but please take the time and effort to choose your Mistress wisely. I am so glad I did and I’m sure you will feel the same. Life is for living and I can honestly say that I have never felt so alive for such a sustained period as I did in the company of MJ and Lunna.

Jul 242019


Dear MJ,

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon yesterday. It was a welcome surprise to be greeted by super-girl and then to discover bat-girl too.

The session as usual was lots of fun, professionally conducted and in the muggy circumstances your care, pastoral approach and diligence were greatly appreciated.

in the meantime, Robin is about to have dinner dinner dinner….. 😊 



Hello MJ
I can’t belief a week has passed already since my session with you! It was quite simply the best Mistress experience I’ve ever had. Your 3 tweets capture it well but the fact it was retweeted by Serious Kit themselves (& they don’t appear to do many RTs) speaks volumes. Thank you KT.


Dear Mistress Jane and Goddess Lunna  
Many, many thanks for a wonderful session on Wednesday, my only complaint being that 4 hours with you both was nowhere near enough for any man when in the presence of two wonderful women such as you.
It is something that I will need to repeat again sometime soon.
I’m glad that you enjoyed my little gifts. 
Until the next time, Love, sub-slave Andy
Jul 022019

Mistress Jane,
Just a quick belated thank you for yesterday, you truly are artiste at your craft! Once again, an awesome experience, thanks!


Dear Mistress

Thank you so much – and please pass on my huge thanks to Lunna. I honestly don’t know how you do it! Every time I’ve visited you it has been an entirely different experience and just when I think it won’t get any better, it does!! I was absolutely buzzing from the session today – I so enjoyed it.
Big thank you 😊



Hi Mistress,

Thank you for such a great session on Wednesday. With the roulette wheel I just didn’t know what was coming next, or more to the point, how much CP I would have to take before I got lucky. That won’t be the last I see of that I’m sure!

And then being so immobilized in suspension I felt so helpless and vulnerable, the breath control enhanced that feeling the moment you put the mask on me.

Seeing your expressions and hearing your mirth as you applied the pain was wonderful. My cock and balls still ached a bit the following day after the punishment they took.

If my pain is your pleasure then your pleasure is my reward. You are simply amazing.

Slave Stu x


Mistress Jane
Thank you for a brilliant session today, It was everything and more that I had hoped for, you were superb.
I hope to see you again soon.
Thanks and again and very best wishes
Apr 172019

Nurse Jane, Thank You for yesterday’s session, Nurse Jane.  It was very…… energizing.
To repeat Your own words, it did indeed blow the cobwebs away and to repeat my own, You made it seem like time stood still for a period.
The techniques used to subdue and calm were particularly effective.
Kind regards, J

REVIEW 04/19

Hi Mistress
Just had a look through the photos and I think they are absolutely stunning, I can’t believe that’s me. The make-up, the hair, the colours and your photography too, truly stunning. It is so worth taking a bit of lovely leisurely time to get something so amazing, thank you soooo much. Love the videos on Twit of the edging and the final moments, a wonderful memory all round. If others could only know the full detail of our time together I think they would be very jealous indeed. I’m not always sure of my looks in the past with full make-up etc but really love these.
I shall just have to calm down and park it until our next session.
A heart felt thank you :)Tina x

REVIEW 04/19

Dear Beautiful Mistress Jane,
Thank you so much for an excellent session this morning.  Those electrics really had a sting in their tail!!
It was quite delightful to see you again and to ‘enjoy’ your company and skills.
Very best wishes,

REVIEW 04/19

Dear MJ.
Just a quick Thank you for yesterday. 
I enjoyed very much my time with you and Miss Trixy.  You both took me into areas of ‘kink’ that I never thought about going to before.  If you would be kind enough to pass on my thanks to her too please I would be obliged. It was a pleasure! to meet her.
Thanks once again, have a great weekend.

Until next time.
Very best regards. N.

Apr 042019

Dear Mistress Jane,

Just a short message of thanks for yesterday’s session with you. In my experience the first experience with a new mistress rarely meets one’s hopes but yesterday was an exception and it was really exceptional. You really took on board all the small details I had tried to communicate and the personality you adopted, extent of role play, intensity of punishment etc were perfect. 

See you again soon.

Regards & Thanks – D

Mar 162019

Yesterday I met Mistress Jane for the very first time where had an out of this world session with her. She made me feel that I had known her, forever.
She was considerate and kind, she found out so much about me (some things I didn’t even know myself) and used this in the session, respecting my limits, whilst ready to push those limits if that is what I desired, and taking me on an out of this world journey. 
I felt safe and secure in her company and she made my fantasies become reality.
Her premises are so well equipped, that I could not find any fault what so ever.
I have tried several Mistresses previously, some good, some very good, others unfortunately indifferent, but Mistress Jane is in a different class. Is she the best?, not certain, but she is certainly in the top one. 
If you guys are reading this, then you have found her website. If you have fantasies but are wondering whether you should contact her, do so, you won’t regret it. Don’t leave this world “wondering what-if”. I just know you’ll have the same fulfilling experience that I’ve just had, one which I cannot wait to repeat.

Best regards, Sub Slave A

Mar 102019

Hi Jane
I would like to thank you and Strap On Jane very much for my session on Monday with the beautiful Jane duo. Being allowed to serve you both was a dream come true. My ass has just about recovered from that amazing caning which I received. Reminding me of the wonderful experience every time I sat down.

Great to watch my spit roasting abuse on twitter. I hope you both enjoyed the session as much as I did. I look forward to serving you both in the future.

Your humble slave mars bar.

Mar 102019

Dear Mistress
I had such a wonderful time – I wish I could have stayed all day! Both you and Lunna were amazing – I have never experienced two sessions the same with you and each time I have been surprised and thoroughly enjoyed your inventiveness. I feel very privileged to see you and hope you get as much fun out of sessions as I do.