Female submissive Lunna, available in Reading.

Hello there, my name is Lunna. I am a tall sultry blonde submissive female and kinky assistant to The Reading Dominatrix, Mistress Jane. I’m very highly sexed and therefore quite demanding. Lets see how Mistress has you fill my desire.

I suppose you’d like to know what turns me on most of all?. I thought so. Where to start….hmmmmmm. Well, you don’t have to be George Clooney to turn me on. What gets me going most of all is when I know you’re under my spell. When I can see the sheer desperation in your eyes as you lust after me. When I know I have you captivated, thats it in a nutshell really.

I don’t like pain and I don’t wish for my beautiful soft plump flesh to be marked either. I am a sensual submissive, meaning I enjoy being stimulated and enjoy it when Mistress tells me to stimulate you in what ever way she asks of me. A type of sensual Domination I suppose.

I enjoy estim and Mistress has been know to tie me to another sub with us both connected to the electrics. She’ll ask us some questions and woe betide either one of us if we get it wrong. I enjoy being spanked. I love to be worshipped, after all I am a Goddess of Desire. You can worship my beautiful shapely ass. My boobs and my gorgeous feet. I like Nipple clamps and most of all my favourite, the cock-gag, especially once you’ve made me excited. Lots of other twists and turns. Why don’t you come and have an appointment with us both and find out for yourself.

female submissive lunna

There are many ways I can be included in a session with Mistress Jane. I can assist in her ministrations. Or I can be a slave just like you are and we can be Dominated together by Mistress. Above all I am a submissive female and therefore I am here to please my Mistress and You too if that’s what makes her happy!.

female submissive reading

If you’d like me present during your appointment then please make this known to Mistress Jane when making your booking. Please give prior notice. All extra monies taken for my inclusion are given directly to me and Mistress Jane does not profit from my attendance what so ever. Quite the contrary. I take care of my own finance’s.

I’m also available on a 1-2-1 basis for tie and tease sessions. Contact mistressjane4u@hotmail.co.uk for more information and bookings.

See me on twitter https://twitter.com/GoddessLunna1