Medical Fetish Mistress uk

A Medical Fetish Facility nestled within the Berkshire countryside and accessed Just South off the M4 at Junction 11, Reading. 40 Mins by train from London Paddington.

Welcome to Nurse Jane’s Medical Fetish Facility where all manner of treatments and procedures are available. Please make your initial enquire via email to Make sure you supply a brief but informative synopsis as to any previous experience you might have and what treatments and procedures you seek for this occasion.

Please please when booking make it clear whether you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication. As sessions can be modified to accommodate you.

When you arrive we will have an initial consultation to discuss the finer points and the outlined interests from your emailed synopsis. Once we are both happy to proceed, your appointment shall begin.

There are patient gowns in cotton or rubber. As well as all manner of rubber available for you to wear. Your Nurse can wear cotton NHS or Rubber uniform. So please let Nurse Jane know your preference when making your appointment.

PROCEDURES & TREATMENTS available. For the faint hearted….

Auscultation examination

Depilation-Genital Shaving

Blood Pressure Check

General overall full body examination & probing.

Nipple Play-Suction-Clamping


Vacuum and Penis pumping (Manual & Machine)

Penis Enlargement-Manipulation

Penis Binding-Bondage

Testicular Manipulation-Binding-Stretching

Rubber Medical-Gummi-Rubber Dollification

Strait-jackets and sleep-sac

Lite Breath Play-Re Breather-Anesthetic Mask-BaggingSmell Bag.

Sensation Play-Wax-Ice-Pinwheel

Violet Wand Treatment

Electro Stimulation

Orgasm Control-Edging-Denial-Specimen

Prostate Massage

Mechanical Milking-Serious Kit-Venus 2000-Tremblr

ED-Engorging by use of Robojac

MORE PROCEDURES AND TREATMENTS. Not for the faint hearted.

Invasive Examination

Digital Rectal Examination-Stretching-Dilation -Insertions-Stimulation-Retractors-Proctoscope

Urethral Sounds-Rosebud-Helgar-Electro Sound

Needle Play-Art

Urinary Procedures

Gender Modification-Him to Her

Mechanical Milking

Sperm Sample RequiredIn some cases more than once!

DISCLAIMER: All services are carried out at your own risk. Hygiene is of the upmost importance. This is fetish role play and played out in a mock medical surrounding.