Best Male Milking machine on the market?

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing several of the Best Male Milking Machine s available. I have become some what of an authority regarding male milking devices and machines. It was nine years ago when I purchased my first device and I have accumulated quite a few since. I’m frequently contacted, mostly men who are thinking of purchasing such a device either for themselves or for their Mistress to use. My advice to them is research first or if possible ‘Try before you buy’. Each machine differs and what might work for one, won’t necessarily work for another.

As I’m not trying to sell you a device, only advise. I am able to give you straight and honest feedback to help you make a decision on what to buy or what to try. I use these machines on a daily basis and therefore I not only have ‘hands on’ experience (no pun intended) but I also have feedback from the hundreds of men I see each year.

Depending on how technical you want to get. Or the size of your budget and of course the space you have as well as the discretionary factor. ‘Oh no it won’t fit in my cupboard’. Then there will be something on the market that’ll suit your pocket as well as your lifestyle.

Lets start with the most technical and expensive machine on the market The sky’s the limit with this machine. It is quite a cumbersome piece of kit and is best suited to a professional environment as it takes up a lot of room. Its also quite a noisy. The accessories available to buy with this machine are wide and varied and can get very technical. Not only does it have attachments for your penis but also for nipples and arse. Its better used on you than by you if that makes sense.

Electrics can be added to some of the accessories to enhance the experience. The SK isn’t a machine that’ll have you cumming in seconds not even minutes, if at all. Its built more for effect as it looks almost sci-fi and offers a multitude of sensations rather that a quick-fix masturbation device. Its British made which is great. If you want to try it you are welcome to book a session with me in order to do so. I own two.

Whether the Serious Kit is The Best Male Milking Machine remains to be seen. To some yes. I love to use it as I’m a bit of a tech-sex fiend. I will be reviewing each machine I have experience with over the coming weeks so keep an eye out.