Apr 192019

I know your thinking “What the hell is a blog about Climate change doing here!”. And you’d be right in thinking that, but also wrong. As Climate Change effects everything on this planet and that also includes You and I. Yes there is a world outside of our little bubbles believe it or not. A world that can not go on without our help.

It is ‘we’ the human race that caused this mess, and it is ‘we’ who need to try and reverse the effects. Its a very worrying and heartbreaking situation and for a generation that has so much technology and knowledge, we are pretty stupid. Lets look at the bigger picture, it is our responsibility!

Its time to STOP burying our heads in the sand and for each and everyone of us to do our bit, as each bit could make a difference. I don’t mean to patronise anybody or tell you how to suck eggs either but I am potentially trying to reach out to the 10,000 people that visit my site each month (Yes 10,000 according to my analytics).

Any little bit can help. For more info about the devastating effects watch this documentary. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00049b1

Have a peaceful Easter.

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