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My COVID-PRECAUTIONS-I hope you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times. I saw my last client on Friday March 20th just as the Government were about to announce Lockdown for the UK.

Today is Wed 8th July and I am happy to announce I AM NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Please read my covid-precautions below.

There will be some hoops to jump through (see below)

If you have a temperature or are not feeling fighting fit, then please stay away!

I will be taking one booking per day to give me time to fumigate my dungeon after each session. After each session my premises will be fumigated using a disinfecting sterilization fogging machine (see link below). All items and machines used will be thoroughly cleaned using medical grade sanitizer and then a viricidal cleaner.

Your temperature will be taken with a temperature gun on arrival. If your temp is slightly above the norm I will politely ask you to leave and hope that you understand.

Make sure you have showered thoroughly before you come and are wearing clean clothes.

All clients should arrive wearing a face mask!

No hugs or pecks on the cheek please.

Hand sanitizer is available and you will be expected to sanitize your hands.

If you need a short breather (in the event you find your face mask is getting to stuffy for you) You can ask to step outside for some fresh air.

I won’t be offering my makeover service for the time being.

I won’t be using my domestic setting for the time being.

Latex can be worn as it can easily be cleaned whereas leather is a bit more difficult.


Thank you for your co operation..

MJ's covid-precautions

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