Dicks exploits….Auto-Pilot

Dick Goes On Auto-Pilot

Following his “Double Dom” session with Mistress Jane and the delightful Miss Trixy, Dick was as eager as ever to return to Jane’s dungeon. But, as he sat at his keyboard composing his next “request” he was torn between a re-run of any of his 5 previous sessions – each of which he had “re-lived” in his mind any number of times since – and the chance to try something new.

As he sat their musing he was alerted to an email from Her!! which said simply – “fancy wearing rubber?” Still very much under Her spell, Dick found he couldn’t say no to Mistress Jane, and whilst hitherto this hadn’t been on his wish-list Dick found himself becoming aroused at the thought… and moments later had replied “yes please.”

Two days later as he approached Her chambers, Dick was still quite excited, and eager to take his journey one step further into the unknown. As he approached the door it was opened from within, as MJ peered around the door, with that heart-warming smile and a gentle “hello Dick.” Dick quickened his pace and entered to find Her dressed head to toe in a magnificent figure-hugging black rubber cat-suit (possibly not the correct term) but to Dick She looked far more inviting than any of Batman’s cat-women.

“Kit off, and come here” said Jane, giving him no time to think. And once naked She set about coaxing him into a rubber suit of his own, far more sheer, and sensual than Dick’s own wet-suit. With arms and legs in, and the zips suitable arranged to allow Her access to the important bits, MJ then set about gloving Dick in long tight rubber gloves. Finally, She placed a tight rubber hood over his head, with holes for eyes, nose and mouth… before finishing him off with a tight rubber corset over the top.

Stepping back to admire Her handy-work Jane nodded towards the mirror for Dick to get his first view, which to Dick’s surprise was strangely appealing – and as he stared at himself in the mirror, with Jane’s arm provocatively over his shoulder Dick wrestled with just what it was that he liked – having had no prior urges to dress up in pretty much anything at all.

As he stood there two thoughts fought for prominence in his mind – the first was how wonderfully anonymous he felt covered from head to toe, and with the hood masking his face, he was of course totally unrecognisable – the second was a memory plucked from his youth, when after the green light from his first “proper” girlfriend who had agreed that Saturday night would be “their first”… Dick had purchased his first packet of condom’s – quite a nerve wracking experience at 14.

Dick was even more nervous when he returned home and decided to try one on… (lest – heaven forbid it did not fit)… Then as he rolled the condom over his raging hard-on the delightfully delicate tightness gripping his cock, even when he let go, was almost too much for him to bear (which did not bode well for his likely performance on Saturday), a few strokes later and Dick had filled his first condom…

Anyway, back to the present as MJ reached down and grabbed “Little Richard” leading the way to the medical bed, easing Dick aloft then lifting his feet into the stirrups, before securing him in at hands feet and via several straps around his torso. Adjusting the zips a little further to allow Her full access to cock, balls and bottom Jane then set about arranging Her various gadgets in silence. Pausing now and again to stroke Dick through the rubber suit.

When she was ready to go, Jane then asked Dick what he immediately considered to be one of the most wonderful questions he had ever heard – as in a business-like tone, Jane asked “So Dick, how many times can you cum in an hour?”

Dick was a little flustered, and again thought back to his early teens, when aged 13 and back home after a Christmas Party at which Dick had snogged several tipsy 13-year-old girls from his class, a very excited Dick had knocked out 4 before falling asleep. Still a record for him, though not necessarily in just one hour.

Jane, still waiting for an answer, gave Little Richard a slap, which brought Dick promptly back into the room… and conscious that he hadn’t answered yet, stammered out “I’m not sure, may be two, or perhaps three.”

“Let’s find out then shall we” suggested Jane, much to Dick’s delight.

And with that she was all action again. First lubing and stretching Dick’s anus before easing in a cock attached to Her “fucking machine” and with height and angles confirmed She set the machine onto a slow thrust, thrust, thrust… which took the large rubber cock almost all the way out before easing it back in again. Then she lubed Dick’s cock and lowered the Robo-jack receiver down onto his shaft, and with the flick of another switch it greedily sucked Dick’s penis all the way in. A few more adjustments and Robo-jack continued to suck up and down with a steady rhythm.

Stepping back Jane took stock of the situation, and noted Dick was breathing in little pants, and squirming and twisting just a little to gain maximum benefit from his current plight. Then adjusting the height of the bed a little Jane ensured that each thrust of the cock plunging into Dick’s anus would arrive firmly against his prostate. This had an almost immediate effect, and Dick started to squirm a little more. Confident She had him now, Jane upped the tempo a little on both machines, and stepped back to await the inevitable fireworks.

She didn’t have to wait long as after about a minute at that pace, with a cry from Dick, Little Richard erupted for the first time that afternoon, with a number of squirts all captured in the Robo-jack sleeve.

But, it didn’t stop there – as to his considerable surprise Jane just left both machines running – and very soon the ecstasy of release became the agony of post orgasm torment, made worse by the infernal pounding against his prostrate from the large cock still thrusting in and out. On and on it went, and no matter how much Dick pleaded Jane just left him to stew.

As the minutes wore on, what had been agony, seemed to switch for very brief moments at a time, into something almost pleasant again, and as the minutes continued to ware on those moments of pleasure became longer and more frequent, until sensing She had waited long enough, MJ applied a little vibration to the base of Dicks cock, and turned up the pace on both machines a little more.

Dick was now clearly back in the saddle, and his moans took on the tempo of the thrust, thrust, thrust in his anus… so when MJ upped the pace again and applied more pressure to the vibration at the base of Dick’s cock it was only a matter of seconds when Dick let out a long sigh, and Little Richard again squirted into the Robo-jack receiver.

But, again it didn’t stop there – and to his considerable dismay and distress – Jane again left both machines running… only this time the sensory overload was much worse. “So Dick” said Jane teasingly as She stroked his face through the rubber mask “how confident now are you about a third lap? Shall I pop out for a cuppa, and leave you to it?” Dick again pleaded for mercy, but confident he was coming to no harm, Jane left him there on auto-pilot for a little longer, chuckling to Herself.

Finally, Jane relented, and with a flick of a few switches all was silent and still. Easing the cock out of his arse, and lifting off the Robo-jack receiver from his now slightly wilting penis, Jane wondered if She

could indeed pull off a third. But always up for a challenge Jane gently re-lubed Dick’s cock and with a gloved hand stroked it slowly from the base almost to the tip, but carefully keeping away from the still over-sensitive glans at the top.

After a minute or two of this gentle persuasion, and with a digit-of-delight slowly entering Dick’s still stretched and lubed anus and pressing firmly against his prostate, Jane new there was one more bullet still to fire. And with a slow circular massaging of his prostate, and the invincible Hitachi wand set on “high” applied firmly to the base of his cock, Dick too felt a glimmer of hope, and once again started the slow climb to orgasm.

On and on She massaged, and closer and closer Dick got to orgasm, but still he couldn’t quite make it… still, on and on She continued… until, with a shudder and an evident swelling of his prostate, a slow flow semen trickled out, and went on, and on, and on… as Dick held his breath and savoured the sensation… until with just one final squirt Dick let out a huge sigh.

Jane stopped immediately, not wanting to ruin the final one of the day, and eased out Her fingers, before letting Dick relax, whilst She cleansed and cleared things away.

Un-buckling Dick, and helping him up, Jane removed his hood, and helped him out of his rubber suit, handing him a bunch of tissues to wipe himself down.

As he dressed and chatted with Jane about what next, Dick’s attention was drawn to the range of CP implements hanging on the wall, and not yet ready to have his bottom stripped with the kiss of the cane, Dick focussed on some of the smaller looking items, and having tasted the tawse and the large prison strap, couldn’t quite imaging how these delicate items could possibly bring any pain. Rather foolishly he joked with Jane that the only way one of “those little sticks” could possibly hurt him was if She poked him in the eye with one.

Jane took this as a challenge, and suggested to Dick that She had any number of cruel and unusual ways to make him beg for mercy, and that She could even make him beg without touching him at all… if of course he was up for the challenge… But with that mocking chuckle, and clad in that magnificent rubber cat-suit, how could Dick possibly refuse… So with a nod from Dick Jane announced that next time She would make him beg no less than 6 times… and with a very determined stare from Jane, in his heart Dick had no doubt that She would… and he could hardly contain his excitement.


To be continued…………