Jan 242019

The lights were low and the music captured the atmosphere. Mysterious, dreamy and captivating. Lunna, dresses head to toe in red latex stood in front of the mirror watching herself as she applied shine to her catsuit. Slowly stroking over her curves she moved and twisted as if she were teasing a mysterious stranger looking back at her through the glass. She looked heavenly. I was also dressed in latex, black, head to toe.

We were ready. I pulled the curtain aside which opened out in to our stark white theater, where we had our subject already secured and also dresses head to toe in black latex. He lay silently, his heart pounding in his chest as the anticipation built. Lunna closed the curtain behind us and we set to work preparing him. Our latex clad subject was to be milked. This was no ordinary milking, no, no…this was going to be an extreme milking. Whereby we would keep him here all day and milk him over and over and over. But not only were we about to drain him dry, there was going to be a twist. He was going to be tube fed his own cum as soon as he produced it.

Lunna had already started to lube up his hard eager cock. I placed the feeding tube to the specially adapted mouth piece he was wearing in order for him to be able to feed from it. Straps secured his body, arms and legs and his head was secured with a head harness to help keep him still. We ran our rubber covered hands all over his latex clad body and teased his cock and squeezed his ripe swollen balls. They felt very full and of course they would be. Over the past month he had been given strict instructions to follow. Instructions that would help towards this very procedure. The instructions contained a diet consisting of foods that helped a man produce more seaman. It gave him exercises which included prolonged edging with no happy endings, the list goes on.

We were all eager to start. The first cum was to be milked out of him by machine. The pump was turned on and as the receiver hovered above his waiting cock and I lowered it slowly on to his shaft. His foreskin peeled back comfortably with the force of the suction. He groaned as the tight fitting tube slipped to his base like a tight pussy would have. It felt good and he was enjoying the sensations.

The first cum, we would extract very slowly. So the male milking machine was set to a very slow rate. Enough to keep him right on the edge but not quite enough oomph to push him over. I lubed up his ass and slipped in an anal estim plug. I attached one lead to the plug and the other to the receiver which was slowly working its was up and down his hard shaft whilst milking his cock. He now had the extra stimulation from the estim to deal with but it was no hardship. He was moaning pretty heavily now but soon those moans would turn to moans of frustration. Why? because that machine was still pumping nice and slowly. We were going to make him work for that cum, and if it meant holding him on the edge for a prolonged period, then so be it. To him it would feel like an eternity. Besides, he was enjoying the ride for the time being.

It was time to step things up, so an adjustment was made to the speed of the pump. This he noticed instantaneously. He tried his best to jig his hips to the rhythm of the pump but his bonds held him down to tightly. His breathing quickened and we could tell he was ready for his first serving. He let out a muffled moan which was a big indicator that he had just cum. Moments later the tube that was fixed to his mouthpiece filled with that obvious fluid. His own cum.

Round one, seconds out! We left the pump on for a short time after. We wanted to ensure all his cum was consumed after all. We would give our subject a drink and allow a few moments for recovery before proceeding with his treatment. A whole hour had passed since we started and we had a whole day ahead of us. His cock didn’t need any encouragement to get it hard. In fact it pretty much stayed hard most of the time. We decided that this time we would edge him by hand. Taking it in turns, me then Lunna. A bit like a tag team. Controlling his cock, feeling it throb when it starts to get close. Or uncontrolled twitching when hitting the spot. All the time, watching and listening. Reading his body language, listening to his breathing and moaning. All the tell tail signs that let us know when a person is enjoying something, or getting over excited.

His plug had been removed in order for either one of us to tease his prostate at will. Prostate pleasure combined with intense long, slow lingam massage with lots of oil, and working up and down the pleasure scale a few times was driving him crazy. At the moment his cock was responsive and super sensitive but as the day went on things wouldn’t feel quite as pleasurable. So in order to avoid him getting over sensitive or desensitized we tried our best to not play with the head of his cock to much. Or use vibration especially at this early stage.

It wasn’t long before we had our second controlled orgasm. As before the tube was directed to his mouth so his could suck out the contents. Again we offered him some refreshment and gave him a little rest before proceeding to stage three of out extreme milking program.

This time Lunna and I left the room. Giving him time to contemplate and build up. He didn’t know when we would be back if at all.

The door opened and following me was a different assistant. This time Miss Trixy was in attendance. Trixy wore a black latex catsuit not unlike the one I was wearing. She was hooded with and wore thigh length boots. “What do we have here” she said……….To be continued……….

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