Fantasy fulfilment, Free your Mind, Body & Soul

Fantasy fulfilment

Do you relish the thought not having to make any decisions at all? To relinquish all control of your mind, your body, and your soul? For your body to be played with, your mind to be immersed in a intense haven of euphoria and your soul to regain its sense of self.

BDSM: Bondage Discipline (BD) Domination and Submission (DS) Sadism and Masochism (SM) in layman’s terms, sounds quite scary to some, especially the ‘Sado’ part. But basically all it means is giving over control and getting down to some kink and fulfilling your fetish fantasy however tame or extreme that may be. At the end of the day it is You the client (He who holds the purse strings) that approaches Me The Mistress with your ideas, your fantasy, your wildest dreams, your fetish, your means of escape. And it is I, The Mistress that translates your fantasy in to a real time experience…….reality.

fantasy fulfilment rubber play

For a brief time you want to be detached from yourself, from your normal role, while your whole being is immersed  in a fantasy land. It helps to refresh your outlook and gives you time to escape, after all, this is all about escapism. To some, a hobby and a mere ‘dip your toe’ exercise, and to others a source of invisible delight, but necessary. A distraction from the norm. Embrace it and I will enhance your experience as best I can.

How ever hard or heavy a scene looks, don’t be fooled by a photo. As the scene may look ‘full on’, in reality the sub maybe experiencing lite sensual and erotic sensations although covered in head to toe rubber, which to some gives the impression extreme forces are at hand. Its not all about pain, whips and chains….its all about trust and handing over control of Your fantasy. Relax and enjoy the ride.