Dicks Fetish Medical

Dick gets his first Fetish Medical

Well into his second year at Berkshire’s premier BDSM academy, and with dozens of the most varied and delightful sessions with Mistress Jane, and several of her friends now under his belt, Dick found himself wondering why on earth had he not yet met “Nurse” Jane. So, spurred on by some rather attention grabbing short clips of Jane, immaculately presented in that tight, short and shiny latex nurses outfit, Dick emailed to make an appointment for his first Fetish Medical, and was rewarded with a prompt reply from Nurse Jane confirming She would be happy to ensure he received the treatment he deserved, the following day!

And sure enough, the following day, with the parking and texting ritual complete, Dick entered Nurse Jane’s Fetish Medical facility to find Her, as he had hoped, looking breathtakingly stunning in that exquisitely kinky nurses outfit, with hair tied in a pony-tail revealing a pale and slender neck, and a playful smile on her bright red lips – all very much to Dick’s approval – Dick liked a bare nape!

Wasting no time Dick was swiftly stripped and strapped onto the “examination table” and once securely tethered, Nurse Jane confirmed the course of treatment prescribed, would commence with electrics to anus and cock, plus saline injections to balls and nipples, and with no second opinion permitted, She set about preparing the target areas. As Dick pondered his fate he was relieved by the considerable distraction provided by Nurse Jane as She stretched and stooped to gather Her equipment, providing teasing glimpses of white knickers, and that magnificent cleavage, all perfectly framed by such tight latex.

With his anus lubed and plugged, and his cock lubed and ringed – and with the currents adjusted to Her liking – Jane set about sterilising the target areas for Dick’s first ever course of injections. And had She bothered to apply a stethoscope Nurse Jane would have noted a considerable increase in Dick’s heart rate, not because of any phobia of needles, but for the all-the-more-intense twinkle in Her eye as Nurse Jane asked again if he was sure he wanted to go through with this.

Dick watched as Jane loaded the syringe with saline, and turned carefully to stand between his legs, and taking a gentle but firm hold of his scrotum She eased the tip of the needle under the skin. Pausing to look up into his eyes, Jane eased down plunger and injected just enough… and Dick felt the first intense (and so very localised) sting build and build, all the while conscious of the need to keep absolutely still. Satisfied She had made Her point (no pun intended), Jane withdrew the needle and moved around slightly to inject at a second, then a third place in Dick’s now throbbing scrotum, and She clearly had Dick under some considerable distress.

“So Dick, are you enjoying your treatment so far,” asked Jane with a grin. Dick thought enjoying was certainly not a word he would have chosen, but he acknowledged that She had his full attention, and that he wasn’t ready to quit just yet. And at this point (if truth be known) Dick was actually quite relieved, as he had taken Her statement of injections to balls and nipples perhaps more literally than She had intended, and had imagined the needles entering his testicles perpendicularly and thus injecting the saline directly therein. Hence the reality of piercing just below the skin of his scrotum, was at this stage, very much a relief.

So when Jane asked “how about a little squirt into your nipples then,” clearly intent on “completing the therapy” – Dick nodded – and even when She added “be careful, I’m told the nipples hurt a lot more” – Dick found he was committed. So around She came to take hold of his left nipple.

At this point Dick was anticipating something a little more intense than down below, and as the needle was eased in Dick decided it was perhaps a little more tender than into his scrotum. And this opinion lasted for just the micro-second until Jane started to inject. At which point the pain want from well within Dick’s limits to straight off the scale…and Dick, entirely unable to contain himself, abandoned his usual polite and to a certain extent, playful request for mercy, and yelled “please stop, please stop, please stop” until Jane relented and withdrew the needle.

As Dick lay panting and squirming, whilst Jane gazed down eye-brows raised and with that mocking smile, he couldn’t help comparing his recent experience to that of a wasp sting. But not just any old wasp sting, this was one from a mean, steroid-injecting, jungle-dwelling, dragon-slaying, evil fucker with perfect aim and a hell of a punch. So, when Jane noted that She had more saline and Dick had more nipples – Dick prayed She was just playing with him and that that was an end to his ordeal, hence when asked if She should proceed, Dick offered a very pleading no thank you, certain that he had now found a very clear and not-to-be-breached-ever-again, limit!

Hitherto, many of Dick’s most memorable sessions (and indeed his favourites) were when Jane took him to his limit and kept him there teasing him just on the edge – as She had done on more than one occasion with Her prison straps and tawses, with her electrics, and with nettles massaged slowly and firmly into his balls. And on each of these occasions She had hit just the right note, and held it there for quite some time. And Dick always came away wondering if he would have liked it even more if She had pushed him just that little bit further, like the slaves in the literature he now enjoyed. Well, now he had had the first glimpse beyond his limit, and it was a much wiser Dick that would leave MJ’s medical facility that day.

But, all was not done yet! MJ had far more in store for Dick, which She was sure he would enjoy much more, but just before She put all the needles safely into the sharps disposal, She made Dick one last offer, which in the interest of completeness he accepted. And so Jane again held his left nipple and this time with no syringe attached She slowly eased the needle right the way through, and left it there to settle (lest too swift a withdrawal led to bleeding). This Dick found was much less of an ordeal.

Now Jane set about removing the electrics from cock and anus, and lubed Dick up for a little ride on Her new Tremblr, and in no time at all the device was “sucking” it’s way “expertly” down Dick’s now erect and eager shaft. With ropes expertly applied to keep the device from climbing off, Jane went through a series of adjustments to pace, pitch and suction – all to Dick’s most definite approval – as She fine-tuned the quality of his “mechanical blow-job”. And as the device sucked steadily up and down the length of Dick’s cock, he lay back to enjoy the journey, and as he did he could not help but compare the sensations now washing over him with the “ghosts of blow-jobs past.”

Dick’s first practical experience of sex (at least that for which he had more than himself to thank), came shortly after his thirteenth birthday, and started (perhaps not surprisingly) with his first French kiss, which he is ashamed to admit caught him so off guard that he almost bit the intruding tongue clean off (an oft reminded in-joke between Dick and girlfriend number one). This was followed, over the succeeding weeks with fondles, north then south, as they joined each other in eager exploration, culminating later that summer, on a poorly supervised camping trip, in an inquisitive mouth sliding tentatively down Dick’s achingly hard cock. A treat for which the provider of such immediate joy was rewarded with a prompt squirt in the eye (another in-joke, to be endured).

From then on Dick was hooked, and still judged all subsequent suiters by the quality of their French kiss and their blow-job, and with a little professional assistance had built up quite a catalogue of treasured memories. And so, as he lay back now and savoured this new sensation, Dick considered himself something of a connoisseur.

The pressure the Tremblr applied evenly around his shaft was perfect, the pitch of movement from the very base of his cock up to just below the glans was just how he liked it, and the pace (although easily varied) was currently nice and slow (and just perfect). So when MJ slid a few digits-of-delight into his anus to get up close and personal with Dick’s eager prostate the result was never really in doubt. But as neither party was in any rush, Jane massage slowly but firmly and the Tremblr (as was it’s way) just went on sucking, and sucking, and sucking.

Dick’s eyes were now closed and his lips parted as his breathing grew deeper. And still She massaged, and still it sucked… until heralded by a swelling of the prostate, and a deep intake of breath, Dick started to fill the receptacle… and still She massaged, and still it sucked… until a clearly spent Dick started to squirm a little as orgasm turned to post orgasm torment… and yes, it turned out that the Tremblr was equally expert in tormenting a cock as it was at pleasuring it.

Hinting She might pop off to put the kettle on at this point and leave Dick to stew, immediately got Dick back to his old self with a plea for mercy (which he half hoped She would deny) but which this time She granted – and with the flick of a switch the sucking abated, and the receptacle was eased off, depositing a dollop of cum on Dick’s stomach.

With tissues to follow, Jane released Dick from his restraints (and removed the needle from his nipple) and shortly thereafter a slightly wiser (re nipple injections), and now happily sated Dick, strolled back to his car…until next time

to be continued.