Aug 142019

Welcome to Reading Mistress Blog pages…..Friends, Pervaholics and Kinksters lend me your ears. Its been a while since I blogged so I thought I’d write one now while I have a moment to spare. Team MJ are still loving life and having lots of fun. This is just an update to keep you in the loop of whats been going on recently. Enjoy!

Last month saw the return of TV Mistress Tessa. The day was packed full of naughtiness as you’d expect. There were a variety of visitors during the day, but all had one thing in common. To be Dominated by a TV Mistress. Tessa will be joining me later on in the year but the date is yet to be decided. I will of course blog and tweet the upcoming event in my usual fashion.

pervaholics and kinksters
tv Mistress Tessa

Lunna has become quite a popular feature and is available to join in your session on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with prior notice of course. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays she is available up to 12 noon only. Lunna is a true Goddess and has earned herself a little following of regular visitors over the past year. Its down to her sheer sexiness of that I am sure.

Sub Female Lunna

TGirl Gigi is still a prominent feature. She will be joining me for a day of naughtiness very soon. I’m sure the clips and photos will emerge at some stage.

TGirl Gigi

And not forgetting Trixy who we haven’t seen much of over the summer is now back at it. With her Cheshire cat smile and ever changing hair Miss L’amour is back with a bang!

Miss L’amour

And then there’s me, organiser and orchestra-tor. Lots planned for next year. New location, new dungeon and Medical facility. New kit. Lots of events in the pipeline and finally, we will be making clips to sell. So f*ck Brexit…we all bored of it now. Its on wards and upward!

pervaholics and kinksters
Mistress Jane

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