Dick’s Frustrations In Absentia!!

Dick was frustrated! And that was putting it mildly.

Dick was in fact hugely frustrated, on several levels, and with little sign of relief very soon… and no, in case you’re wondering Mistress Jane had not placed Dick in chastity… though She may well have done for all the difference it might have made.

The first level of Dick’s frustration lay in the simple logistics of a work schedule and family commitments which kept Dick away from MJ’s magnificent dungeon, and though he had made his way peacefully through the first 40 years of his life pretty much entirely kink free, he now found anything shy of a weekly treat something of an ordeal.

The second level of Dick’s frustrations lay in his recent (and indeed increasing) dis-satisfaction with his DIY skills – (not drill and hammer) – And whilst for the past 30 years, Dick would at this point have thrown little Richard over his thumb and popped one out promptly, Dick now found that the much longer and far more intense sensations he enjoyed at the expert ministrations of MJ’s prostate boosted feast, had left him with the clear opinion that a basic one hander wasn’t worth the effort. You may also be amused to note that Dick’s attempt to reach around and stroke his own prostate – not least as he was hardly in any doubt where it was – had also ended, prematurely and somewhat farcically, due to severe cramp which in turn left Dick with a promptly deflated ego, ardour and penis.

The third, and (for the moment at least) final frustration, came from the resurrection of what Dick had hitherto considered to be a fully scratched itch. And this was entirely down to two recent video clips tweeted by Mistress Jane which showed her applying various canes to a gentleman’s upturned buttock’s whilst he lay strapped to Her bench. Now, with the very greatest of respect and absolutely no offence intended to the chap in the clip, the sight of said buttocks were most definitely not the issue. Nor indeed was the severity of the beating, which appeared some way short of the absolute humdingers readily shown on the world-wide-web.

What planted the seed for Dick (just as had her Blue Room Challenge – which had created an itch which it had taken Dick 18 months to scratch) was the fact that this was Her bench, and Her canes and She was the one wielding them – and with those mocking phrases “six of the best to start you off”, and “just grin and bear it.” And this little seed had now sprouted on Dick’s shoulder and was whispering persistently in his ear, in Her mocking voice… questioning just how well Dick may have fared under a similar onslaught… and now Dick was again keen to know, and frustrated that his reluctance for marking, and limited resilience to pain, would prevent him finding out any time soon.

Dick had finally scratched the Blue Room Challenge itch, after a number of steadily more intense sessions with MJ’s various straps and tawses, which had finally reached the point of a 100-plus-stroke beating, which Dick firmly believed was at least very near (if not all the way there) to MJ at full tilt. And whilst it had taken Dick a few sessions to reach that point, MJ had confirmed (unless of course She was just teasing Dick) that She had little left in the locker room with regards said implements.

This was not true of course with Her canes. And Dick’s limited experience of these had shown him just how different they felt to the straps, and how much harder he found the resultant sensations to bear. He was also very much aware, from both his own observations and confirmation from Jane that She had a great deal more in the locker room – both elbow grease and severity of implement – with which to push him further when it came to caning. And now with those darned video clips, Dick found himself once again keen to know just how much more intense “those strokes, as videoed” were than the ones he had received.

Dick was also very much aware that this was a path fraught with danger on several fronts.

First, he really was worried about the marks which at some point on the severity scale, were bound to appear vividly and clearly on his buttocks (if of course he ever got that far).

Second, he was very aware that he should exercise care (and perhaps restraint) when it came to making bold requests from the safety of his desk. He was also very much averse to placing Mistress Jane in the position in which She needed to “interpret’ his requests and if need be “tone them down” firm, as he was in the belief that this went against the ethos of his “relationship” with Mistress Jane. Dick much preferred it when he calibrated his request accurately and Jane delivered in full.

Finally, Dick knew he would be disappointed in himself, if he found his limit was too far down the scale, and that he could barely make it beyond Her gentlest canes, much no doubt as an Olympic cyclist might feel, out of the track with stabilisers attached.

So, perhaps now you can see why Dick was frustrated. But, Dick had a plan!

Dick was a frequent traveller for work, and often away in some tedious hotel, or stuck in an airport or on a plane with little to stimulate his senses. And when little else was available, Dick could immerse himself in his own little world and debate his top 10… He had done this with top 10 songs, films and books… which made for polite conversation when required… but he had also done it on rather more adult themes… top 10 shags, blow jobs, kissers, porn scenes etc… and so now Dick set about debating his top 10 “sensations” at the hands (or other implements) of Mistress Jane.

First he determined the rules – of which he decided there should be Three. One there could be no repeats. Two, he felt for balance there should be 5 treats and 5 torments on the list, and that they had to alternate. And three, Dick felt it only fair to omit any mention of MJ’s assistants a) as he had not met them all, and b) lest he offend if one or other failed to make the cut – the latter point not least as he may find himself tethered and at their mercy at some point – and Dick was anything but stupid.

The winner (treats category) – and claiming a lifetime achievement award, was his first “perfect” prostate orgasm, which as you may recall from blogs past – went something like this:

MJ placed an attachment onto the Hitachi wand that would supply vibration to Dick’s cock through a sheath. She then strapped the wand to Dick’s belly with the business end close to his cock. A quick application of lube was applied then the sheath was placed over Dick’s penis.

Dick realised that by clenching his stomach muscles (think belly dancer) he could manipulate the sheath on his cock to optimum effect… and so he did.

Then Jane slid first one, then two, carefully lubed digits-of-delight into Dick’s already stretched and lubricated anus, and slowly began to massage his prostate. With the skill of a safe cracker, Jane had determined the precise combination (of massage and vibration) necessary to milk Dick’s prostate, and with both now in place, She knew it was just a matter of time. Dick knew that too, and so did little Richard… and so with all three relaxed, and Dick in control of the vibrator (by virtue of a little belly dancing on his part) they moved closer and closer. And Jane watched very carefully, to ensure She was ready to “fine-tune” proceedings when the time came.

The first sign was a slight swelling to Dick’s prostate – “here we go” thought Jane – then the first bead of pre-cum appeared. Jane slowed the massage to elongate this as much as possible, and Dick held his breath. Then as the flow of semen started Dick started to count in his head… one and two and three… and still it flowed… by ten Dick was into uncharted territory… at fifteen the more traditional squirt, squirt, squirt started… and continued… on and on… to twenty two. Then with a massive sigh, Dick collapsed on to the bed… easing himself off MJ’s fingers.

The winner (torments category) was Dick’s longest and most intense CP session – which he assumed (but couldn’t be absolutely sure) had given him his first real “CP induced endorphin high.”

Having previously experienced MJ’s Borstal Strap, Prison Straps and Heavy Lochgelly Tawse, with both severity and pace raised to (pretty near max) Dick knew he could cope. And so on the day in question Dick had requested 24 of each, as hard as She liked, and had challenged Her to “make him say yellow” indicating that that was hard enough, and hoping that would encourage Jane not to hold back.

And sure enough once strapped to the bench, Jane had set about Dick with gusto – starting with the Borstal Strap, then on to the Tawse and finishing with the two Prisons Straps.

This stuck with Dick in the number one slot for a number of reasons: One, it finally laid to rest any remnants of the ghost of Jane’s Blue Room Challenge. Two, he finally felt his resilience in the face of pain (for this type of pain at least) had caught up with Jane, and he was at last cycling without stabilisers! And three, Jane had teased and played with Dick during his ordeal, insisting (not necessarily correctly) that he had miscounted on several occasions, and starting again.

Dick was pretty clear on the winners, but (as he had anticipated) found himself debating long and hard over the remain places – with strong candidates…

“Treats category” including: various rides on Jane’s strap-ons; the perfect mechanical blow job Dick had experienced on Her new Temblr, several afternoons where Jane had taken Dick around the block on more than one occasion; and (even though he had not mastered the toy yet) Jane’s new REV1000 – which Dick was sure he would get the hang of eventually.

“Torments Category” including: the hand of evil – particularly when applied without lubricant and without mercy; the nettles Jane had applied so firmly and for so long to his scrotum; the electrics which held so many possibilities and which he was learning to endure for longer and at higher settings; and any of the many challenge games they had played in which Jane drove him to beg for mercy – particularly when She was anything but swift to grant it.

Just which of these came in which place… of course really didn’t matter… the debate at least had satisfied Dick until next time.


………..To be continued