Mar 162017

Encased in Latex and inspected by Berkshire Latex Nurse

He stood in the centre of the surgery waiting for the nurse to tend to him. Excited though he was he trembled nervously. The nurse now stood only inches from him, accidentally brushed against the front of his gown. He could not disguise his raging excitement as his cock prodded her. She turned to face him, his cock now pressing onto her stomach…”turn round and bend forward, use the chair to balance yourself” said the nurse as she pulled on some latex gloves. “Open your legs” she added. No sooner had he spread his legs he felt a cold finger of lube tease just outside his anus. His raging hard on showing no signs of subsiding dribbled out a string of pre cum. The nurse gently massaged him then slipped a finger inside. The sensation made him wobble on his legs. It was a strange sensation but not unpleasant. The nurse gave him a thorough probing before asking him to stand up straight again.

Once stood he was asked to remove the medical gown and was asked to sit. The nurse then produced some latex items which she helped him into. He was now cocooned in latex from top to toe…”Well you are at the rubber clinic sir” said the nurse sarcastically as she caught him staring in the mirror. He was asked to lay on a large black medical bench with stirrups. Once lay the nurse began to strap him in tightly forcibly pulling his legs apart in the stirrups. There was a strategically placed zip in the rubber suit he had on allowing the nurse to have full access to his privates once unzipped. His hard on was tightly pressed against his belly inside the latex. The nurse then began to pour lube over her hands then proceeded to massage the lube over the latex suit and over his pronounced cock. She worked the lube all over his latex clad encased body. When she got to his latex hood she gently ran her hands over his head, when she reached his mouth she promptly placed her hand over his mouth and pinched his nose with her other. After a few seconds she released her grip just as he needed to gasp for air. As if nothing had happened she carried on lubing up his latex body. When she reached his cock she began to unzip the latex suit. His hard cock sprung out.

The nurse then wheeled over a trolley and picked up a square clamp like object which she began to fit onto his cock. She tightened the screws and attached some wires, moments later he felt a sharp tingling feeling sear through his raging cock. “I need to take your temperature” announced the nurse picking up a long black plug “Only at this clinic we do it anally”. She slipped the plug into his hole and secured it in place.

His cock was subjected to different tests while clamped between the two electric plates before the nurse removed them. He was then cleaned and swabbed and a layer of latex was removed from his body. A steel tray was placed next to him containing sterile sounds. He was sounded by the nurse and his urethra stretched with varying sizes followed by a cock pump. Before she pumped his cock she placed a latex hood over his already covered head. This hood had a respirator type mouth piece and no eye holes.

As his cock was stretched inside the pump he uttered a deep moan indicative of pain. He could feel every pump on the trigger as his cock stretched millimetre by millimetre. Just when he felt like his cock could take no more the nurse knew by instinct to release the pressure. He took a sigh of relief. The nurse pumped and then measured his appendage before letting him see light again and removing the latex mask.

Lube was smothered over his hard on and the nurse rubbed in it in wearing  latex gloves. Her hands slid in the lube as he uttered a moan of pleasure from his lips. This made the nurse tease his hard on all the more. Her hands gliding and massaging the lube into his hardness. He then felt the plug being removed and replaced with a finger which was pushed in deeply reaching his prostate. As the nurse gently massaged him, in and out, he gave a long prolonged moan signalling to her he was about to cum. She gently withdrew her finger at this moment and slid it in again pushing on his prostate causing him to cum in seconds……..examination done.

Nurse Jane will soon be opening a new extension to her dungeon. A totally dedicated rubber Latex fetish clinic where all your medical fetish fantasies come to life!

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