Feb 112018

Lunna Latex was in a very mischievous mood (no change there). I had allowed Lunna and our rubber clad guest to ‘shine up’ each others catsuits, and yes, while they were wearing them. Lunna, being the naughty little minx that she is at times, paid special attention to polishing his groin area, and I don’t mean with her hands! She had her very pert latex clad bottom pressed against him, while he had his hands on her hips. She was sliding over his bulge, up and down and up and down whilst at the same time giving a semi orgasmic moan, which of course was sending our dear guest into overdrive, and who could blame him.

At this rate this session would be over before it had gotten started so had to but in. Both of them looked very shiny indeed. Her especially in the tit, ass and pussy area and his in the ass and groin area. Lunna was reeling him in with her playful demeanour, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her for one second. As I began to secure him in to bondage, Lunna sat opposite to grab his attention. How did she do that I hear you ask…well, her big brown eyes lock onto yours, she sits provocatively whilst rubbing and stroking her latex clad body, she licks her lips and opens her legs and touches between them. Well if that doesn’t grab your attention then nothing will.

The session moves on and our rubbery guest is now lay down and secured on the bondage bed. His erect cock is being stimulated with estim and now Lunna is sat over his face. Still zipped in her catsuit she then lowers herself down and invites him to lick her latex. He doesn’t need to be asked twice. Lunna speaks quietly and softly “I like you licking my latex”. His cock twitches uncontrollably, with a combination of lust and pulses from the estim, but I suspect more from lust. She then stands above him. His eyes are transfixed. She strokes herself over the catsuit and begins to unzip the crotch. He watches intently as she slides her fingers inside her suit….”Aahhhhhhh” she moans. He pushes his tongue out and licks the air. “My pussy is all wet because of you” Whispered Lunna. “Here, taste my fingers”.

I can see that these two have there own little party going on, and if Lunna doesn’t rein it in soon his cock is going to explode. I have my finger inserted in his hole and can feel his muscles contracting, “Any minute now” I thought. It was then Lunna reached for the cock gag. “I want to stop that naughty little tongue of yours poking from out your hood”. She placed the gag in his mouth and began to lower herself. His eyes looked on at the feast before him but before Lunna latex could land, his cock spurted copious amounts  leaving Lunna very frustrated indeed.

Lunna’s latex latest catsuit was from https://libidex.com/


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