Mandy’s story…P 1

” Mandy’s meets Dick”

Detective Inspector Mandy of the Greater Manchester Police Force, spent her days chasing bad guys, and whilst there was always a good banter amongst the team, the day job was a serious business. On the odd occasion she could get away though, Mandy enjoyed a trip south to see her old friend Jane, and had taken part in a few of Jane’s CFNM parties.

Initially mainly a spectator, at the last event she had enjoyed a more active role, coaxing a stranger’s cock to orgasm… and the more she thought about it the more she fancied going that one step further and being a “domme for a day.” Never one to dwell idly on an idea, Mandy emailed Jane to see if she would help make it happen, and was pleased to receive a prompt and positive response, along with the comment that Jane knew just the right chap (good old Dick), for her first session. A quick email to Dick was followed by an almost immediate yes please from him, and a date and time was set.

Mandy arrived at Jane’s late the night before and over a bottle of Merlot, they discussed their ideas for the following day. Jane would be there throughout of course, but from the moment Dick entered the dungeon Mandy would “run the show.” Mandy admitted to being surprisingly nervous, and so they agreed to include something of an interrogation (which Mandy thought would place her on home ground) and which would allow her to get into the swing of things. Mandy also fancied giving Dick a good seeing to with a strap-on. And as a finale they agreed Mandy would sit on Dick’s face whilst Jane did her usual (and Dick’s favourite) combination of prostate massage and Hitachi vibrator.

But Mandy wasn’t a total ‘virgin’ when it came to Domination. She had gained some experience over the years albeit from casual hook ups. So she had a good idea of how to play and control a willing sub.

On the day, as Mandy “dressed” for the occasion she asked Jane what Dick was like. Mid forties, medium height, somewhere between stocky and fat depending on whether he was holding in his stomach, tanned, short grey hair… relaxed, with a sense of humour not unlike her own, and chatty. Jane also said Dick took neither the session, nor himself, too seriously and that all 3 of them should just have fun.

Prior to his arrival, Mandy and Jane chose a number of toys for the afternoon, laying them out on the bed, and agreeing which ones they thought would be best. When Dick’s text arrived confirming he was parked, both ladies were ready and Jane responded with the usual “enter”, and stepped outside to greet him, leaving Mandy sat on the edge of the bed.

Mandy’s heart was pounding, not out of fear (as there was of course nothing for her to fear as such), but she really didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front Jane, and also, in front of Dick, whom she knew full well was one of Jane’s regulars. But, as she had done in front of some of the hardest men in Manchester, Mandy put on her “game face” and slid into her role. Then in came Jane, and right behind must be Dick. “Show time” thought Mandy. And with that a cool calm settled over her.

As Dick came in, Mandy saw him glance over and smile, “no real sign if nerves” there thought Mandy, as she slowly uncrossed her legs, eased off the bed and sauntered over to Dick, conscious of his roving eye’s as they took in her high heels, her stocking clad legs, black knickers (“you just wait to I turn round” thought Mandy), her black corset, and her outstretched hand which he shook, and held perhaps a little too long… Then after her introduction (as Mandy) Dick fell for her first little trap, and asked “is it Miss Mandy or would you prefer Mistress” which (as she had imagined) allowed her to rejoin with “Oh, I don’t need titles to control little boys like you.” And with a sharp scratch down his nipple Mandy had (she was sure) made just the right first impression.

Spotting an approving nod from Jane she turned to play her trump card (and hammer home her advantage) as she sashayed across the room, certain now that Dick’s eyes were fixed on her (perfect?)

tanned and exposed buttocks sitting either side of the thong, nestled in between. And with instruction for Dick to strip she stood and waited for him to comply.

Dick was soon naked and amusingly standing to attention, as Mandy stepped in very close and slowly circled him making sure he was aware as she scanned every inch of him. Her experienced eye took in the details: shoulders, chest and arms pretty solid, too much weight around the middle (despite his efforts to hold it in), legs not quite in proportion to the top half (clearly Dick exercised for vanity not fitness). Cute arse (a slight nod to herself), and just the hint of a semi, from an acceptable (but by no means exceptional), circumcised cock.

Urging Dick across to the bed she bid him select the implements he liked, and once complete, she glanced down to see some improvement in his erection. Time to play the joker she thought, bending over the bed and instructing Dick to spank her. Amused first at his hesitation, and then by the six firm and brisk whacks he planted on her bare cheeks… lingering just a little at the end and squeezing softly.

Clearly worth the sting though, as there was nothing semi about little Richard now, and not wanting any chance of retreat, she asked Jane if she wouldn’t mind applying a cock ring and binding Dick’s balls as she had seen Jane do at the last CFNM party – a request Jane promptly granted. And finally, cuffing Dick’s wrists Mandy hoisted his arms aloft via the ceiling mounted pulley. Next, she picked up the fierce little tiger claw nipple clamps. She had tried these on herself earlier and was well aware of just how intense they were, particularly when pulled. Once attached and chained together Mandy gave them a little tug, all the while staring into Dick’s eyes to catch the reaction. As he winced, she followed up with a nettle leaf to the cock, and was rewarded by another wince and a combination of surprise, and perhaps just a little hint of fear.

Excellent thought Mandy, then stepping in really close to explain the rules of the game, in which she would quiz Dick, and torment his nipples (via the clamps) or his nethers (with the nettles) until he answered… And of course Jane would cane him if they didn’t like the answers. Mandy thought this combination would work well in her day job too, but alas it would never be allowed.

Mandy then went on to explain the five levels of caning… and as a reminder for Dick, level’s one two and three were promptly demonstrated by Jane. They had discussed this the night before and thought the scientist in Dick would welcome the chance to “calibrate” the intensity of his ordeal… and of course by only going up to level three… they retained that air of mystery, with regards just how much more levels four and five would hurt. Finally, Mandy couldn’t quite resist grabbing Dick’s cock and giving it a friendly squeeze as she warned him of the very serious penalty for lying.

Then with one last, exquisitely slow, stroke of the nettles down the full length of his cock (just to make sure she had his full attention) – the “interrogation” began.

The first six questions were benign enough… but still earned Dick plenty of nipple torment and nettling, plus caning at levels two, three and four on the scale… And each time the cane bit, or the nettle stroked Mandy stared into Dick’s eyes to savour the response… also stepping in really close to catch the smallest hint of a whimper or yelp.

Then the questions got a good deal more personal, and Mandy had anticipated these would take a lot longer to answer, and hopefully generate a few lies (just for the fun of punishing the infringement), but to her surprise Dicks responses were prompt, and in her considered opinion quite truthful. Clearly Dick felt very safe in MJ’s dungeon (yes he did!), and also quite clearly he had no qualms discussing his little sexual idiosyncracies with them (no he didn’t).

So it was a relief to Mandy when they finally got an answer worthy of punishment, and with Dick admitting to a wank in the fast lane of the M42 whilst driving… the police officer in Mandy felt obliged to announce this was recklessness in the extreme… and hence worthy of another level 4 from Jane’s Dragon cane. This was followed up shortly thereafter with what Jane deemed to be Dick’s only lie, after he suggested he had never had a threesome, despite the spit-roasting Jane and her friends had given Dick on more than one occasion. And a lie came with six of the best from the Dragon cane, and sent Dick through the roof, swinging and howling for quite a while. As Mandy watched, she marvelled at just how ruthlessly Jane had applied the cane and doubted she would have had the nerve to go that far. Dick however, seemed (despite his obvious distress) to be having the time of his life (yes he was!).

Mandy’s final question really was quite personal, but again she was surprised by the prompt – and judging by the nod from Jane – clearly truthful answer.

With the interrogation over, and Dick lowered and placed over the whipping bench, Mandy picked up Jane’s beautiful heavy lochgelly tawse and offered Dick two dozen, to fill in the blanks. No sooner had Dick nodded than she gave him twenty four real beauties, as hard and (almost) as fast as she could. Almost, as she didn’t want to sacrifice intensity for speed, so erred on the side of slower and harder. Something she was sure Dick would appreciate. She enjoyed the feel of the heavy tawse in her hand, and the way it cracked into Dick’s upturned buttocks, setting them wobbling. She also enjoyed the evident distress Dick displayed, though as he was not restrained she was impressed he “stayed down.”

Once over, it was time for the next stage of their little game, and something Mandy had been looking forward to immensely. Indeed, it was why she had decided to contact Jane in the first place, and truth be told she was rather excited at the prospect.


to be continued….