Nov 212017

The Medical Fetish male milking facility

Nurse Jane and Doctor Jane will be examining patients from Doctor Jane’s surgery on Dec 14th & 21st. So isn’t it about time you booked your appointment for an intimate check up by the two very strict and demanding medical team. All sorts of medical procedures can be carried out at Dr.Jane’s Medical and male milking facility.

We  cater for all tastes and experiences from medical uniform fetish’s, where you can request whether you want the medical team to be wearing Latex nurse or the old style NHS cotton tunics. The procedures at the Medical Fetish facility range from edging to sounding and from estim to anal and everything in between. We specialise in male milking and with our range of male miking extraction machines we are sure to fulfil your needs as well as acquire plenty of samples for the lab!

So, what are you waiting for, don’t delay, book your medical appointment today! Apply within….

Male Milking with The Cock Doctor, Jane.

medical fetish


Masturbatrix Berkshire Mistress Jane will milk you dry! With her specially adapted male milking facility equipped with Gynae chair and specialist equipment such as Venus 2000, Serious Kit male milker, Robojac and the newly released Tremblr. Extra milking staff can be on hand to enhance your experience with the Berkshire Mistress.


Have your cock teased and held on the edge of orgasm over and over until you’re begging to be released.

After me having denied you your orgasm I finally grant you release only to ruin it.
Experience ‘The hand of Evil’ as it continually torments your manhood after orgasm. Experience the immediate tingle which soon escalates into an unbearable wave of over stimulation that centres on the head of your cock.
Nurse Jane the Berkshire Mistress welcomes you to her clinic…Here you will be subjected to a very invasive examination. Stripped and inspected ready for your procedure to commence. Genital shaving, bed bath, needles, saline injections, surgical stapling, anal and prostate probing and milking, mock castration, estim, penis and nipple pump, urethral sounds plus estim sounds, male milking with one of my three milking/masturbation machines. PVC or Latex as well as authentic NHS nurse uniforms are available upon request. You will be in our very capable hands.
medical fetish

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