Medical Play at The Clinic in the Countryside.

Medical Play sessions are becoming more and more increasingly popular with clients. So hygiene, skills and kit are always at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

My skill base with regards to Medical Play is every evolving. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a very renowned and very respected Medical Play specialist Mistress. Who came to visit me to share her knowledge. Watch this space as she may well be teaming up with me in the future!

My beautiful discreet Fetish Clinic also known as The Clinic in the Countryside. Aptly named by Slave Phoenix who has experienced most, if not all of my clinical role play procedures.

Talking of which. You may experience so many delightful and equally un-delightful procedures all depending on what you are looking for. Each and every Medical Play session is tailored to each individuals fetish and level of experience. It shall not be taken that everyone wants the same thing and one size fits all…no…no! Quite the contrary.

You fetish fantasy will be assessed and played out accordingly. At no time will you have needles or catheter if its not what you’ve asked for. Respecting your limits it a top priority. There is a page about to be launched on my site which will give you the full lowdown on my Clinic In the Country side. At the moment it is currently under construction

medical play Berkshire mistress Jane
Nurse Jane tending to her patient Slave Phoenix.