The Maidens of Merciless Tickle Torture

The Maidens of Merciless Tickle Torture has a certain ring to it, and we do exactly what it says on the can!. Without pity or mercy, we will tickle you until you are a gibbering wreck. Until you are too weak to resist and panting for breath between your cries for mercy!

Who is ‘We’ I hear you ask. My glamorous blonde assistant Lunna is my accomplice, my partner in crime and part of ‘The Reading crew’. Aptly named by our fab friends at Fallen Angel Dungeon Hire in Milton Keynes. Now back to the topic of Tickle Torture.

Secured end to end on my sturdy bondage bed from Blindfolded and lay out spread-eagled and waiting for us to strike. Unsure when as we move with stealth toward you. You jump as you become uneasy with nervous anticipation. Waiting, listening out for something, anything that’ll give you a hint of what direction we’ll attack from first.

Then all of a sudden we set upon you, tickling you frantically. You giggle uncontrollably. In fact we are all giggling uncontrollably. Then it stops as quickly as it started, and silence. We circle the bed, you can hear us moving around you but still you are twitchy. Lunna takes your feet, I take your rib-cage and we tickle. We tickle until you become short of breath and gasping for air.

We are The Maidens of Merciless Tickle Torture. So be-careful what you wish for. We are powerful and we will pounce. As our talons dig in to your responsive areas you will try to kick and twist but to no avail. We have you in our grip and there is no escape, no mercy, relentless and You are our prey!.

Tickle clip

Mistress Jane. Tickle Torture