Jul 212019

Mistress intends Milking my Manhood five more times before she and I are done, and so far, two down five to go. We are hell bent on beating my all time record of six explosions in one session. We have 4 hours in which to do it and there is 2 hours and 40 minutes or there about left. Do I feel lucky?.

Mistress rigs up her suspension and fixes me in position. A leather body harness is strapped to my torso and various cuffs and straps are placed on my ankles, wrists and thighs. Mistress relays some instructions on how the suspension will work. Check check and whey hey, I am lifted off the ground, F’king excellent!. I follow Mistresses instructions and fall forward. I am lay horizontal facing down in midair. A strap is placed round my head to help support it and a plug is set to pulse in my arse. Which feels very nice i might add.

My bollocks dangle down in to the abyss and my boner points to my chin. Lunna is stood to my left and MJ to my right. MJ had previously secured a rope around my coin purse earlier (For those who are wondering what the F’k is he talking about coin purses for…I’m referring to my ball sack). They take it in turns to edge me, build me up and let me down and they do this for some time. They have some special techniques up their sleeves but I will keep those to myself. I close my eyes and go with the flow.

A few weeks have passed by since I took to writing this blog for MJ, about Milking my Manhood. I recently received a nudge from one Mistresses most loyal servants to ‘get on and finish it’. In fact I have received three DM’s asking for me to ‘fill them in’ on ‘what happened next?’. Apparently some of you are waiting with baited breath. I am truly flattered thank you, but it is not ‘I’ who is the star of this show/blog. I was merely part of this whole amazing performance/session.

Milking my Manhood was, and still is an experience that will go down as ‘One of my most memorable sessions’ ever. Giving you a ‘Blow by Blow’ account is all well and good, but, I know as well as you do. It isn’t just we ‘Submissive’ fellows that read MJ’s blog. Others who are looking for ‘Hints‘ and ‘Tips‘ on ‘How to Conduct a session‘. Or at least a session of this very nature. I am in no doubt, read and siphon this very informative information and use it to their own end.

There is of course nothing wrong with reading and learning but, and I say but!. These skills are something MJ has developed over a long period of time and I do not wish to ‘give away’ her ‘trade secrets‘ as it were. These techniques and acquired skills are something in which MJ exceeds in, and I am sure there are many of you out there that will agree with me wholeheartedly. So with that said, I don’t wish to ‘kiss and tell’ as it were, but merely touch on the periphery of my experience. Perhaps give you a small window in which to gaze and enjoy the titillation that MJ and her seductresses offer.

My last cum (No’7) didn’t cum easily, it put up a fight. At one point I didn’t think it was going to happen at all. I almost gave up. MJ had used throughout the session a mix of techniques and devices such as the seriouskit milker, the Venus 2000, and her wonderful hands as well as this, that and the other. We had reached 4 hours and MJ looked at me and said “You don’t need to be somewhere else this afternoon do you?”. To which I replied “No”. It was at that moment I knew, she intended to keep me here until I produced No’7.

I was given some refreshment as well as some ‘down time’ or better known as ‘recovery time’. (MJ’s care and due diligence during a session is commendable, as is her aftercare). My cock couldn’t quite make up its mind whether it wanted to ‘bed down’ for the afternoon or ‘get up and dance‘. It wasn’t long before MJ and Lunna began to work their magic. I had a sudden burst of energy and up it went, ridged. Cooking on gas baby!

Forty minutes later I shot my load for the seventh time. It was both exhilarating as well as exhausting, but we smashed it. MJ and Lunna’s face’s were a picture. If there were ever two ladies that enjoyed playing with cock it was these two. MJ has one goal, to milk each and everyone of us. Lunna, is her accomplice and partner in crime. She will do anything in her power to help Mistress achieve her goal. Hand in hand they do this beautifully and in turn blew my mind to confetti.




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