New Wiltshire Dungeon, opening soon! UPDATE.

My New Wiltshire Dungeon is three quarters of the way through a program of renovation. Its still a little way off from being completed but you know the saying ‘All good things’. They really will be worth waiting for and that’s a promise. I’ve been busy mending and re pointing the stone walls as well as landscaping the large garden. Of course my background in landscaping has been more than handy.

I have been receiving lots of enquiries for appointments but alas I am having to ask you to re send your email requests for bookings towards the end of July when I should have an opening date in mind. Fingers and toes crossed. My website has also had a face-lift to accompany my new chambers

New BDSM furniture is on ordered from and is expected to be installed in my New Wiltshire Dungeon for June. Take a look at their amazing Dungeon BDSM furniture. Lots of initiative design features. It doesn’t get any better than that. I can’t wait for it all to arrive.

Here’s a little teaser of the amazing Trerminus, just one of my new purchases from the UK company enfettered. my new wiltshire dungeon

New place, New space so expect to be wowed!