Post cum torment Vs edging and Denial…

Post cum torment is a little like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. There is no in-between. Edging is one of my favourite session types. Also known as cum control and orgasm control. I think that the latter and Post cum torment compliment each-other, if that’s the right word. They are like chalk and cheese but work well together in a funny sort of way.

Some guy’s can be edged for a long time, 2 hours or more. If in that 2 hours I constantly bring them to the edge (prolonged edging). But don’t allow them to cum, that’s the Denial part. Also called Tease and Deny. Others like to cum multiple times, 2,3,4 sometimes more. This is known as multiple orgasm. Or controlled multiple orgasms.

Occasionally there are those chaps that like to go the extra mile for their Mistress. They are the ones who take my ‘Hand of Evil’. Those are the lovers of Post Cum Torment or Cock Head Polishing.

So imagine you’re strapped down to with an inch of your life. I edge you for a time then Deny you. Eventually allowing you to cum in one mass explosion. BUT I don’t stop there, I carry on and on and on. Concentrating on your glands. Or holding your cock head in my fist which I then rotate giving it a good polish.

Has it got you squirming yet?. Follow the links below to see some of my free clips.

The two clips above show a cock being manipulated by hand. Machines such as the Venus2000 or the Seriouskit can be used too. Watch it and weep my little fetish chums. Who knows, it might be your turn soon.