Review….The Tremblr by the makers of F-machine Pro

The New Tremblr male masturbation device.

A few weeks back I took receipt of the new ‘Tremblr’. A hands free male masturbation machine by the makers of the f-machine pro. A well engineered piece of kit that comes in a neat carry case. Having read the instructions I then phoned my friend and asked for the use of his body. Well one part of it in particular, yes you guessed it, his cock.

Ask anyone who knows me will tell you, I love gadgets like this, I have them all. While your hands are tied I can masturbate you, or rather the Tremblr can. While it works your shaft I can be tending to other parts of your anatomy and therefore allowing you to experience more sensations.

After lubing my friends ‘stunt’ cock I flick the switch and pressed the remote. The receiver starts to slide up and down and  immediately he began to moan. The machine works on suction and you can adjust the dilation and speed at the flick of a switch. I started slowly and gradually increased the speed. It took a little bit of playing around to begin with just to get used to the controls but once we worked that out it was plane sailing and its every guys Dream!

Stunt cock said it felt like a really good blow job and then some. He then begged to take it home.

If you take a look at the link below you will see ‘stunt cock’ being fucked by the F-machine Pro 2 while being masturbated by the Tremblr….over 21’s only please!