Safeword Mercy game for Dicks challenge

Safeword Mercy ….Mistress Jane Wins Again!!

Following his little email exchange in which Dick had invited Mistress Jane to “make him use the Safeword mercy” in as many different and varied ways as She liked, and with the appointment booked, confirmed and – now – just moments away, Dick could hardly contain himself as he strode towards Her premises. With a knock on the door he entered to find Her delightfully attired – as always – and with that mocking chuckle.

As something of a regular now Dick chatted away as he stripped, and in no time, a naked Dick was guided into MJ’s new harness – much like that attached to a parachute, which passed under his legs over his shoulders and was fastened around the chest. With hands and feet also tethered Dick was raised up on the hoist. Here he found himself physically very comfortable, but with nipples, cock, balls, buttocks, and (with cheeks spread wide) anus, all very exposed and entirely at Her mercy, psychologically, he was anything but.

As She prowled slowly around him making sure all the restraints were tight enough, Jane ran again through the order of the day – “so, I can do absolutely anything to you, just so long as it hurts enough for you to request mercy, is that right.” Dick nodded, with a nervous laugh. “But, your email never said anything about whether or not I should grant mercy upon request… did it, so what happens then?”

Dick thought this was a particularly unhelpful time to bring this up, but hoped the question was rhetorical, and said nothing, as Jane reached down to stretch his scrotum, apply rope around behind his balls and then giving it a good tug, before also applying a ball clamp which She tightened up behind his balls and then left hanging.

Moving up to his nipples Jane gave them a good twist before applying clamps here too, just to get them started. The weight of the clamps on both balls and nipples pulled down gently, until one by one Jane added weight after weight to all three clamps until there was a good 10 lbs plus swinging away on his balls and another pound or two hanging from each nipple. And thus, the games began.

At this point I guess we need to establish the rules (if we are to keep score) as by Dick’s reckoning he was doing ok – and so with the weight limit to his balls (arguably) reached without any mention of the word mercy Dick figured he was one nil up (not that he said that out loud at the time of course). Then as the nipple clamps were removed to be replaced first by MJ’s finger tips and then by Her finger nails She raised the stakes (almost) to Dick’s breaking point… Yet despite a determined series of pinches and twists Dick (in his view) gained the second point, by again not yielding.

Jane now sensing the first hint of a challenge, calmly walked again to the wall this time returning with two surgical clamps, which when applied one to each nipple and clamped shut, showed Dick that there was much more in Her locker. And with more weights added and a brief pause here, to capture the moment on camera (or more likely to just let Dick stew), Dick was a worried man, and just managing to hold on. Until Jane, no doubt sensing victory, started a slow and still gentle twist of the clamp… and that was it, I yelped the safeword “Mercy Please” and was very grateful for (if a little surprised by) a prompt release. (2:1 to Dick).

Changing her tack now Jane sidled around behind Dick and let loose with a flurry of rapid spanks to his bottom… but Dick, now in his third year was unmoved by this, and soon (no mercy requested) She relented (3:1 to Dick). And Dick risked a chuckle, until he saw Jane reach for the bath brush… which for those unfamiliar has a very heavy wooden head, a long handle, and in the hands of Mistress Jane, and particularly when applied rapidly, stings like hell!!

So, with little pause, Jane resumed her rapid spanking this time with the brush, and again Dick felt the sting build… and build… ten strokes to each cheek than 10 more… and still the sting continued to build. Dick was sweating and breathing heavily, and trying so hard to resist… but as Jane went in for round three and upped both the intensity and the pace Dick broke and again cried “Mercy.” At which point Jane too breathed a sigh of relief as Her arm was starting to get tired… a point She made to Dick with a chuckle, and if he hadn’t been so thoroughly restrained Dick would have kicked himself for not lasting just that bit longer (one for next time though!!) and, of course now just (3:2 to Dick).

It was at this point that Dick made his first acquaintance with a little leather device known as a “scrotal parachute.” In the dim light (and with Dicks dodgy eyesight) it looked harmless enough as Jane wrapped it around his balls… Dick figured this was a sure fire 4:2 lead, right until, as She stood very close and gazing into his eyes, Jane gave a little squeeze. At which point Dick realised the business side of the item now wrapped firmly around his balls was covered in very small, very sharp spikes, perhaps just a millimetre in length. Too small to do any real damage, but as Jane squeezed and twisted, way sharp enough to take Dick’s pain promptly off the charts and produce another rather surprised “Mercy.” To bring the match to a draw.

With this one in the bag Jane lowered Dick back to the ground, helped him out of the harness and led him over to the medical table, on which he was promptly (and comfortably secured), for the next stage in the game….

With little fuss, and perhaps conscious of the 3:3 score line (though still, neither party had discussed it) Jane applied conducting lube, and slipped two coils over little Richard… and already Dick new the match was lost. As the current started, and slowly increased Dick was determined to last as long as possible… but with little pause Jane steadily increased the current with a slow steady twist of the dial, and in pitifully little time Dick was again the loser using the safeword Mercy 4:3.

Of course, the 4:3 score was all in Dick’s head, and he had no doubt that Mistress Jane would have considered it yet another 4:0 victory, having after all, obtained a mercy from each of his nipples, buttocks, balls and cock… but at least this time Jane had needed to bring out the big guns to achieve Her goal.

With victory secured, Jane now suggested it was time for Dick’s treat, and thoroughly satisfied with this week’s little dose of pain, Dick heartily agreed.

Strapped to Her medical table, with little Richard lounging unimpressively after his ordeal, Dick was relaxed and content. On with the lube, and then with the flask of one of MJ’s lovely milking machines – Dick could never remember the names – and anyway he liked them all. Within seconds a steady slurp, slurp, slurp could be heard as his cock was slowly (and exquisitely) sucked up into the receptacle.

With new gloves on and more lube, MJ then set about Dick’s prostate… and once again Dick started the slow climb on the staircase to heaven. And with a steady, and perfectly waited stroke of his prostate, and with the rhythmic suck, suck, suck on his cock Dick was soon teetering on the brink. And for while Dick resisted the urge to take the final plunge. And the stroking continued… and the sucking continued… and still Dick teetered on the brink… until, enough was enough and Dick gave himself to the final wave…

But… try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now keenly awaited) hurdle.

Jane, sensing Dick’s dilemma, paused to gather re-enforcement’s… and in no time had resumed her ministrations, though this time with the Hitachi wand applying vibration via the sheath attachment, over the top of the milking machine’s receptacle. And so, round two commenced with a steady stroke, stroke, stroke on his prostate… and a suck, suck, suck on his cock… and all the while the vibrations pounded on all sides of the shaft… And in no time at all Dick was again teetering on the brink…

But… still, try as he might Dick couldn’t quite make over the final (now very keenly awaited) hurdle, and did rather wonder if today it may just be a bridge too far.

Not yet ready to concede defeat though… our magnificent Mistress Jane, again paused to re-group… removing the milking machine to allow the sheath of the Hitachi wand to slip directly over Dick’s aching and eager cock… and with this turned up to full power, She resumed her attack on Dick’s prostate… and this time within seconds Dick was again teetering on the brink, and now desperate to cum.

And… still, despite everything, Dick couldn’t quite get there… And yet still neither would admit defeat…

Until finally, slowly… so very slowly… with Dick racking his brains for every sexual fantasy he had ever considered, and MJ now pounding away on his prostate and twisting and sliding the Hitachi wand up and down the length of his shaft… they both dragged Dick towards the most explosive orgasm of his life… and with a squirt powerful enough to take your eye out Dick finally came… and came… and with one final sigh (from them both!!)… came again.

The only thing missing then was a twenty-piece gospel choir singing Halleluiah!… and waving their hands… and had there been one, Dick rather suspected he and Jane would have joined in too.

As the panting subsided, Dick couldn’t let the moment pass without thanking Jane profusely for Her tenacity and ingenuity and the supreme skill with which She had both held him on the brink for so long, and still delivered a truly magnificent finale.

Is there any doubt why Dick would of course be back for more…

safeword mercy