Satin Panties, Spanking Punishment

Satin Panties, Spanking Punishment.
“Well young man”. Said Mistress Jane as she whispered into his ear whilst lightly fingering his erect shaft. “It seems a standard spanking hasn’t taught you to contain your excitement. This is the second time I have caught you in the female changing room stealing satin panties so you can masturbate into them! I’m going to call for some assistance to help deal with you.” Mistress Jane left the room and shortly returned with her deputy, Miss Trixy.
“Miss Trixy” Mistress Jane started. ” This is the young man I was telling you about earlier. He has terrible trouble controlling his excitement around the other female students. I know you have a lot of special techniques to train naughty boys to teach then to respect ladies and their underwear”.
“Oh yes” Miss Trixy replied. “I have found that the best punishment for naughty boys is to discipline them in the same manner we would our naughty girls. I suggest we dress him in a pair of frilly girls knickers which I’ve brought with me”. Miss Trixy waved a satin pair of panties in the air for Mistress Jane to see. The two ladies pulled down his pants and while Miss Trixy held his arms behind his back Mistress Jane forced him into the frilly satin panties. “Let us see how he responds to being spanked across our knee’s wearing those!” said Mistress Jane.
Miss Trixy perched herself on a chair and beckoned the young man over. As he approached Miss Trixy began to hitch up her skirt in preparation but he couldn’t help but notice her stocking tops peeping from under her skirt. The soft feel of the satin panties brushing against him as he walked towards Miss Trixy made his cock stiffen. He leaned across her knee ready to receive his punishment. “OOh what is that I feel pressing on my stocking-ed thigh?” shouted Miss T.
Mistress Jane walked over and told him to ‘Part his legs’ while she slid her hand between to feel what all the fuss was about. “My, my” She said “What do we have here in these frilly satin panties?”. Miss T also slipped her hand between his legs. The ladies looked at each other and they knew then what needed to be done.
Miss T stroked his bottom. The soft silky fabric warmed to her touch and she gently pulled them over his bottom. She then began to spank him whilst MJ kept a firm grip on his enormous erection. His cock twitched with every spank received, six on one cheek then six on the other.
He was then pulled over MJ’s knee. She to stroked his girly frilly panties before pulling them back down over his buttocks. She could also feel his erection throbbing against her thigh a her spanks rained down on his naked buttocks. “You will come to learn that having naughty thoughts about what the girls wear under their skirts has its consequences.  Coming to see us for regular panty punishment is the only way your behaviour will improve, as I can feel your naughty cock already getting far too excited by those panties you’ve been made to wear. Control yourself !” Said MJ.
Miss Trixy manoeuvred a chair so she could sit herself in front of him as he lay over MJ’s lap. She lifted her skirt and demanded his head hide under it whilst he is spanked by MJ. “We have a panty sniffer at large Mistress” said Trixy. “I will force his head under my skirt and force his head in to my crotch in order for him to breathe in my scent”. And so she did.
“You are going to have to learn some respect and self control young man, kiss these panties while you take your punishment and don’t stop till Miss is done” Said Trixy pulling his head in under her underskirts giving him nowhere to go whilst MJ continued punishing him, but now intermittently tickling the area between cock and balls seemingly revelling in making him squirm across her thighs while she ignored his muffled moans from under Trixy’s skirt.
“I’m still not happy that this naughtiness is still out of control” Said MJ as she ran her nails around the outline of his throbbing member through the satin panties”.
“What other suggestions do you have?” Asked Miss T.
“Well I think there’s a simple solution to this, we drain all this naughtiness out of him” replied MJ. At this moment  Miss T started teasing his cock and balls through the girly panties he was wearing. “To be honest its my favourite way to discipline naughty boys”. Said MJ as she gently slid down his panties down his legs leaving them round his ankles. “I have much silkier pair with me that will do the job”. MJ walked over to her bag and pulled out a shiny pair of purple panties with pretty bows and handed them to Trixy.
“Now naughty little boy”whispered Trixy as she playfully dangled the panties across his cock. “We are going to find out how much self control you’ve learnt today”.
MJ approached him from behind and began spanking his cheeks again but this time not as severely, but sensually with one hand while her other gently but mercilessly tickled his balls and perineum. Trixy slid the silky fabric up and down his stiff shaft with a loose gentle grip. With each movement he groaned in ecstasy followed by sharp intake of breath with each spank received from MJ. “This is what happens to bad boys who spend too much time trying to sniff girls knickers. Its a very unbecoming obsession  for a young man, don’t you agree Trixy?’ Asked MJ
“Oooh yes” replied Trixy as she looked him in the eye whilst stroking his stiff erection with the satin panties, now wet with his pre cum. Her hand actions quickened on his ever stiff shaft. “I do love putting these naughty boys in my panties and having my way with them” Said Trixy as she let out a cruel giggle. He could no longer hold himself back. The softness of the satin panties, the humiliation of the two ladies dominating and disciplining him in such a way. “Aawww, are you making a mess in my pretty little panties you naughty, naughty boy” teased Trixy.
“We are going to have to double the punishment for you next time” Said MJ.
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