Sissy training with Berkshire Mistress

Sissy training with Berkshire Mistress. Mandy had been going so well. Sissy Mandy had been such a good girl that Mistress allowed her to try on her new sissy party dress as a treat. But with it came a warning as Sissy Mandy had a habit of wetting her nappy. Mistress Jane specifically told Mandy that if she dared to wet her nappy whilst trying on her new dress, as a punishment Mistress would leave her in the wet nappy all day long.

Sissy Mandy looked so pretty in her girly pink satin dress which was adorned with lace trimmings and satin bows. As well as matching petticoat, bonnet, socks and pink frilly panties.

Sissy Mandy

Mistress let sissy Mandy play in the garden for a short while she called her friend to come and see Mandy in her pretty dress. But the joy wasn’t to last. Mistress spotted Mandy sucking at her thumb which usually meant she had done something naughty. Then Mistress spotted Mandy’s satin panties drooping below her dress. This could only mean one thing. Mandy had wet her nappy!

A suspiciously heavy nappy.

As soon as Mandy confessed to wetting herself Mistress immediately spanked the back of Mandy’s legs until they turned red.

Frills and spills for sissy Mandy.

“What will my friend think when she spots your heavy nappy?” barked Mistress. “She will know you are a naughty nappy wetting sissy and she will see the red spank marks on the back of your legs and realize you’ve been punished for wetting yourself” Mistress carried on.

Mistress took sissy Mandy by her hand and told her to lay on the bed so she could put some plastic pants under Mandy’s satin pants to keep in the wet.

Nappy change for sissy Mandy.

When Mistresses friend arrived she asked Mandy to give her a twirl. When Mandy began to swirl round the friend began to laugh. “Look, she’s wet her nappy. What a big baby girl she is”. Mistress grinned. “Yes, she’s a nappy wetting sissy and as a punishment she’s to wear her wet nappy all day long” Said Mistress. The two Mistresses laughed as Mandy spun round.

Mandy’s new party dress.

“Sorry Mummy” said Mandy as she sulked and sucked her thumb. Mandy was taken in to the room where the nappy changing bed was and told to sit down. Mandy was now rubbing her nappy. The friend pulled Mandy’s plastic pants from the front and peered inside. Her nappy was stained yellow and it was warm. “She has wet herself again Mistress” said the friend. May be we should make her nappy a little more wet and by having her cum in her nappy too. The friend thought this was a very good idea and a very humiliating one. So the two friends set about teasing Mandy and forced her to cum in nappy while mocking her and telling her she would be sent to bed that night in a nappy to.

Layers of Plastic pants, nappy and satin frills.

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