Strict tv Mistress Tessa joins MJ in Reading Wed 19th Feb.

My gorgeously Strict tv Mistress friend Tessa will be coming to play on the above date. Subs who seek a demandingly strict tv Mistress need look no further. Together tv Mistress Tessa and Mistress Jane make a formidable duo!. But fear not….each session is tailored to each individuals level of experience so please bear it in mind. Sessions can be as mild or mean as requested. That means novices are also welcome!

Submissive’s who enjoy the dynamics of a two Mistress session or those of you who enjoy being Dominated by, or being in the presence of a powerful and beautiful tv Mistress. Or those who are bi curious or bi experienced or tv admirers, then this event will be right up your street.

Tessa really loves to wear PVC and boots. She is tall and slim and will have you eating out of her hand immediately. If dressing for the occasion is something you would like to do please add this to your email application. There is discreet off road free parking within 2 mins walk of my studio. Shower facilities and fresh towels should you need it.

Sessions will run from 10am until 7pm. If you are interested in an appointment with us please send me a brief synopsis which should also include your age, the time and session duration that you seek. Your BDSM interests, and any scenario you have in mind plus your boundaries. Send to

PRICES FOR THIS EVENT….1HR £170….90MINS £250…..2HRS £280