Feb 022019

This is my 10th year working as a Pro-Domme and although I like my operation to be a quite low key affair. Meaning I don’t tour or go to clubs and socialize in order to meet other Dominants or Mistresses. It just means that it isn’t my thing. But I think all Mistresses must have a little wish list of other Mistresses they would love to meet or work with. I prefer to view the Mistresses I most admire from the comfort of my armchair via the net. About two years ago circumstances brought the original Strap-on Jane and I together. I had always wanted to meet her. I’d seen her at clubs many years earlier but never actually introduced myself. When we did eventually meet we got along really well from the word go and have teamed up on several occasions. She is an amazingly beautiful and talented lady and we have had a lot of fun since.

I had been looking at Domina Sara’s site for a while and would check it every now and again to see her latest updates. I was so impressed with her skills as a Mistress and her web site. Not to mention her and her partner’s premises ‘Fallen Angel Studio’ and ‘The Practice’ that I eventually contacted her and our friendship was born.

We teamed up for a few sessions last year which was a great honor for me. We will be teaming up again this year and I can hardy wait. A truly lovely lady as well as being a wicked Mistress and Fetish Nurse. Bring it on!

Trixy, Lunna, Kitten, T-Girls Gigi and Tessa are still going strong. Kitten will be here on Fri 8th Feb and we are already fully booked. Gigi and Tessa will be here on 12th Feb, and again that day is fully booked. Trixy is available most days and Lunna is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Enquire within.

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