Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine. Mans best friend?

The Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine is wonderfully simple to use and very effective. Its small black carry case box can easily be moved from room to room. Its also quiet and therefore discreet.

Its a machine that you can quite successfully use on your-own without to much effort. The clear perspex receivers are lined with a rubber sheath. They are lite in weight and come in different sizes as we as having a custom kit. It rides up and down your shaft and if you get the balance right by using the red and green intake buttons to determine stroke length. It can give you the ride of your life.

You can quite easily edge yourself with the Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine but as you know that takes will power. This machine is my ‘Go to’ as its can pretty much guarantee an orgasm. I’d say the only down side is that it doesn’t work so well on a flaccid penis. It tends to spit it out. The receivers need a hard shaft to ride up and down on as well as a bit of lube of course.

So all in all the Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine is quiet, discreet, easy to use, so what more can you ask for. Its made in the US but there are now some UK distributors (see link)

I have two Venus 2000 machines and I definitely use it more than any other. Its a pretty versatile piece of kit meaning it can be used while the person having it used on them is in different positions. Take a look at some gallery photos