This year has been quite a year in my evolvement of how I feel about the BDSM feelings I have had life-long
It has been a time to process and to come to terms with what has been a struggle throughout my life
I just want to say that you have perhaps unknowingly have had a significant affect on me on my journey – acceptance and direction – and more than my direct time with you – but how I see you ‘touch’ the community around you – and that in itself has been an inspiration
I’m in a good place now – but with still work-in-progress going on – and of course that will always be – but somehow this has become more enjoyable as I get to know more souls who inhabit this lifestyle of love and happiness – that is what you have shown me more than anything else.  
I am not ‘lonely’ anymore – but in fact ‘found’ myself – and more importantly my self worth, wisdom and spirituality – that I have the confidence now to share and help others on this path
Bless you MJ – for what you do and those you bring together in kindness – you are a special soul
Much love

slave J