Jul 022019

Mistress Jane,
Just a quick belated thank you for yesterday, you truly are artiste at your craft! Once again, an awesome experience, thanks!


Dear Mistress

Thank you so much – and please pass on my huge thanks to Lunna. I honestly don’t know how you do it! Every time I’ve visited you it has been an entirely different experience and just when I think it won’t get any better, it does!! I was absolutely buzzing from the session today – I so enjoyed it.
Big thank you 😊



Hi Mistress,

Thank you for such a great session on Wednesday. With the roulette wheel I just didn’t know what was coming next, or more to the point, how much CP I would have to take before I got lucky. That won’t be the last I see of that I’m sure!

And then being so immobilized in suspension I felt so helpless and vulnerable, the breath control enhanced that feeling the moment you put the mask on me.

Seeing your expressions and hearing your mirth as you applied the pain was wonderful. My cock and balls still ached a bit the following day after the punishment they took.

If my pain is your pleasure then your pleasure is my reward. You are simply amazing.

Slave Stu x


Mistress Jane
Thank you for a brilliant session today, It was everything and more that I had hoped for, you were superb.
I hope to see you again soon.
Thanks and again and very best wishes

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