May 042018

Dear Mistress Jane

I would just like to thank you and Trixy for a fantastic and mind blowing experience last Friday. As before I found the whole process of booking and communications with you before the session very easy and efficient. This all being a new experience to me there is a certain amount of guilt and anxiety on my part in visiting a dominatrix, however I felt very much at ease and in safe hands throughout and you both made my fantasies and the session feel quite normal.
On arriving Friday morning my first thoughts were of how stunning you and Trixy both looked. As you were securing me to the bed I thought to myself if there is such a place as heaven then surely it must be something like this! However once the tickle torture started I thought maybe I have bitten of more than I can chew but it was too late, I was going nowhere and under the control of two beautiful but cruel ladies. However you were not cruel all of the time as you alternated between unbearable tickle torture and teasing other parts of my anatomy. I very much enjoyed the way you both muffled by cries when I made to much noise! I thought my Old Chap was going to let me down at one point as he got rather confused between the pain and pleasure and did not know if he should point North or South. ‘Don’t let me down now and embarrass Mme’ I thought, not in front of these two lovely ladies. However You and Trixy work as a great team and I believe this was all part of the plan! The Old Fella came back to life standing firmly to attention to which at the end of the session I had the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. Three days later I have just about come back down to earth.
As well as being professionals in your field, You and Trixy are both truly lovely people and great company! I hope to visit you again in the near future. Thanks again.
Lots of Love
Slave Tickle

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