Aug 182018

To anyone who is considering booking an appointment.

I have just arrived home after having an absolutely mind blowing appointment with the amazing Mistress Jane and her accomplice, The Intoxicating Kitten. I had read a short write up on Kitten on Mistresses site and thought why not, ‘In for a penny’. It was quite difficult to arrange a duo appointment with both Kitten and Mistress because Kitten is only available evenings and weekends. I had asked for a medical scenario which I love. I am not in to heavy medical play, for me it is more about the Nurses attitude, the way she is dressed and so forth. I also really enjoy face sitting and Kitten did not disappoint, her way was the best I have ever experienced.

Both Nurse Jane and Naughty Nurse Kitten were a delight and the role play was utterly amazing. Kitten is the naughtiest Nurse I have ever encountered and I do hope for a repeat appointment as soon as I have recovered from this one. Without giving too much information away, as I really don’t like to kiss and tell, an appointment with Mistress Jane and Kitten involves copious amounts of naughtiness, kink and tease, in-fact more that you can probably handle. I thoroughly recommend without hesitation.

You only live once.



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