REVIEW 19/10/17

Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut

This was my third visit to Mistress Jane. I was so excited, I locked myself in my CB 6000 , I sent Mistress a picture of the numbered padlock, so she could be sure It was the same lock. I would need to earn my release.

When I arrived at Mistress Jane’s, I was stripped naked then inspected. The padlock on my device was checked for any signs of tampering. Mistress could see I was nervous and excited at the same time.

Mistress clad me head to toe in the most amazing multilayered rubber outfit then placed a ‘Slut’ collar around my neck. There was no mistaking who was in charge. I was a plugged, chastised, multi-layered Rubber Toy for Mistress.

I was ordered to my knees where I was given the privilege of worshipping Mistresses shoes, then legs then strap-on cock. I was further honoured being allowed to work my way and polish Mistress’s rubber covered bottom with my tongue. My chastised cock throbbed.

As reward for being a good cock sucker , Mistress released me from my chastity device then instructed me to lay face down in her sling , this would be my first time in suspension. A head-harness placed on me and before I was hoisted off the ground I was hogtied. It was an incredible experience, suspended in bondage. Mistress did all kinds of things to me whilst secured in various positions throughout my session. I loved the electrics and strap-on as I love to be Mistresses Slut.

After the first half of my session I was re dresses in black and red layered latex. The feel of the latex as it warmed to my skin felt amazing. A rubber breath hood was placed over my face and I was hoisted up on a sit position where Mistress continued to blow my mind with her torments.



This was an amazing feeling, words can’t describe, I was in rubber heaven. Mistress controlled my breathing, she had my total trust. Then came the Grand Finale which I will leave to your imagination. It was an awesome session as Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut. Mistress Jane’s aftercare was amazing too. I am smiling as I write this.

Thank you very much Mistress Jane.