Jul 222018
Dear Mistress Jane,
I must offer my gratitude to you for such an exciting and extraordinary CP session this last week.
It’s something which I know we do regularly, but the whole crux of the matter was the most unusual “joker card”, was it, that you played. It was an outstanding twist to the session.
We started off with a hand spanking whilst I was over the bench, and then you invited me to assume the position for a proper OTK spanking. It’s always been my favourite, and just creates that very special bond between Mistress and Her sub. I never tire of being there with you doing that, and after all we’ve done it once or twice….. Lol….. It’s the best!
Then it was back over the bench for caning, and with a light whippy, stinging cane, and when you’d finished with that cane, you completely stunned me….. informing me that you were going to remove my chastity device, and I had 30 seconds in which to masturbate and achieve a cum.
Failure would result in a different sort of punishment. This was a tall order for me, but I did my best Mistress, though sadly starting from scratch it wasn’t going to be. During those 30 seconds you constantly teased me with a nettle frond, but once I had failed, you made me retract my foreskin so you had full access to the glans on the tip of my cock, in order that you could provide a thorough nettle massage. You also so generously treated my nipples to a similar stimulation from Urtica, the plant that keeps on giving. I was jumping all over the place, even as I took up position again to receive the rest of my caning.
My punishment for failure was a dozen strokes with Mariana, a favourite cane with both of us, but also an additional five for swearing aloud as you stroked the tip of my cock with the nettles! An absolutely awesome experience! How Life is full of surprises?!! Then we moved on to Regina which is a heavier cane and feels totally different as it lands on the target area. Sometimes one may be easier to take than the other, and that can alternate, but what remains a constant is my submission to my dearest Mistress and for whom I have the greatest pleasure in taking Her canings. It’s a wonderful experience that you’ve taught me much about.
Always to love and cherish thine Mistress, and thank you for everything.
With my fondest regards, R xx

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