Aug 262018
Dear Mistress Jane,
Thank you so much for our recent medical session, where on the medical team we had the pleasure of the company of Nurse KittenXXX, who is one truly remarkable lady. I’ve had many a splendid medical session with you over the years, and that was how we initially met….. a moment I shall always remember and treasure.
This was such an extraordinary medical though, with assistance of your very naughty nursing care assistant. Whether she was trained on the NHS or whatever, I don’t know, but one certainly wouldn’t experience her style of care and wantonness in any other Clinic. I’ve never known anyone quite like her….. so wickedly naughty and clearly perfectly natural with it all. She has a very unique bedside manner!
Such fun we all had, to the extent that I shall have to book another medical session with yourself in order to fulfil the requirements of our Consultant.
Nurse KittenXXX is someone that all patients at The Clinic in The Countryside would be recommended to have present during their consultation with Nurse Jane, as she will soon relax and soothe the patient, before adding her own very special brand of therapy.
Thank you again for the most marvellous healthcare which you always provide for your patients.
With my warmest regards,
Patient R.

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