Oct 292018
Dear Mistress Jane
I must thank yourself and Trixy for a wonderful two hour medical session.
I congratulate you on such a realistic room.
You made me welcome and relaxed as soon as I arrived. You listened to my medical fetish, which is a bit strange for some.
Right from the start you realized what I was looking for from the white medical tissue on the seat you had me sit on for my ops, pulse etc.
You put me into very different positions for my rectal exam, all the time reassuring me by encouragement and Nurse Trixy holding my hand and holding me tight. I lay there and felt I was in heaven.
I enjoyed Nurse Trixy holding my hand through the procedures, I can Assure you I didn’t get tired of holding her hand and staring into those beautiful blue eyes of hers. When you both came down to the end of the bed and both looked down at me in your wonderful uniforms, I felt safe and very relaxed.
You pushed me with the electrics and sounds (maybe a few more volts on my next visit. And the needles and injections were better than I have ever had, again, holding on to Nurse Trixy’s hand helped.
I can’t wait to see you both again, if you will have me.
Patient A.

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