Sep 062019

Dear Mistress Jane, 

Thank you for the most wonderful session that you so kindly and skilfully orchestrated for Tuesday evening. Firstly, you had already summoned me to appear for what I realised was to be a punishment session, and before the date you announced that a mystery guest would be present. You had played your ace card.After a recent MedFet session, I had left you whilst released from my chastity device, with your consent to be unlocked for a brief period to recover from the rigours of some of the procedures that I underwent. However, on the following morning a serious transgression occurred which was namely unauthorised masturbation…. totally unacceptable, as we know. Needless to say that my subsequent confession was more than adequate for you to get out the punishment book! Upon my arrival at The Dungeon, I was met by our mystery guest, the legendary Scarlet. I had not had the pleasure of her company for far too long. Her divine presence exudes severe strictness, punctuated by her salacious sensuality. Our session was simple in structure, but oh… so very good! The CP and nettle play was out of the top drawer, and the “special treats” department excelled beyond all expectations. I certainly wasn’t expecting that to happen! Do please thank Scarlet again from me for being such a star. She has an unparalleled uniqueness, of which I was so pleased to be reminded. Together, you both put on an outstanding session, for which I cannot even thank you enough. It was…. just so great to see you both, and thank you!

With my fondest regards, R. xx

Dear Mistress Jane. Thank you so much for a bind blowing experience. I have visited a few fetish escorts and pro domes but none compare with you! you are a gorgeous and very talented lady with obviously a wealth of experience as I felt relaxed and put my full trust in you at all times. You gave me the exact scenario I was looking for, but much better than I expected. As for that very naughty and sexy Lunna she is one beautiful young lady and like yourself very talented especially when it comes to teasing.

kind regards, one very happy patient!!!!!! Chris

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