Dec 292019

Hello MJ
Many thanks for seeing me Saturday.
I must say never in all my time sessioning with you have I felt so completely subjugated – the otk spanking for not being prepared down below as I should have been, the correction for this in the medical room strapped down whilst shaved and having my breathing controlled.

I really enjoyed my transformation into your rubber maid with the slut lips. And then being strapped securely into the sling where you totally dominated me. All of the play was tremendous, the Nipple clamps, electrics and sounding and submitting to the most wonderful  breath control you administer. I know I didn’t say a great deal in this part of the session  – I was lost in the zone with the amazing sensations you create.

Eventually allowing me my release which overwhelmed every part of me as I gasped and moaned in the enclosure of the plastic bag. 

How wonderful! See you next year Mistress. Slave I.

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