Dear Jane, 

T h a n k  y o u  for being the best Mistress ever, and arranging a superb event. That was a brilliant CFNM event yesterday…. I’m sure it was the best I’ve experienced. Sooo much fun. You could say that Lunna was the powerhouse in there, quietly getting on with the naughty stuff and being so splendidly seductive. Trixy too. Not forgetting the delightfully wicked Scarlet, with her very unique touch that she introduces to it all. It never ceases to amuse me, her penchant for nettle play. Of course, not forgetting your good self, for orchestrating all the moves, adding those special MJ touches, outstandingly fantastic with the CP & soothing, and perfect pegging, with all the other bits too, not forgetting the icing on the cake at the end!

You put such a lot into arranging a fabulous day for everyone.  Thank you. R