Dear Mistress Jane & Lunna
I would just like to thank you both for an incredible session yesterday, that both satisfied and went way beyond my wildest fantasies. I am just glad that there are people like you in this world who do this in in a safe environment in a non judgmental way. 

As soon as I walked in to your chambers I was struck by how stunning and sexy you both looked. However I soon found myself naked spread Eagle secured by my wrists and ankles on your Bondage bed. To be in such a vulnerable position blindfolded at the complete mercy of you both is an incredibly erotic feeling. In my email booking the session I asked for, tickle nipple cock and face sitting torture with some post orgasm torture for good measure. You certainly both provided this, with intense tickling and the use of nipple clamps with my cries being muffled by Lunna face-sitting me.  However during a brief respite in the tickling, the beautiful Lunna became very minxy and did some extra erotic teasing that I was not expecting! However I was in no position to object due to the fact that she was sitting on my face, so I just had to take it.

Lunna, you have an incredibly sexy bottom and are welcome to sit on my face anytime. Jane, the way you played with my cock and the post orgasm torture was incredible. I think I may have bit of more than I can chew at the end. Lunna had to sit on my face again to muffle my cries of mercy. However you are both welcome to dominate me and subject me to your erotic torture anytime! 
You are a great team, I hope to see you both again in the new year for another incredible session. 
Thanks again.
With Love Mr.Tickles