Jul 242019


Dear MJ,

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon yesterday. It was a welcome surprise to be greeted by super-girl and then to discover bat-girl too.

The session as usual was lots of fun, professionally conducted and in the muggy circumstances your care, pastoral approach and diligence were greatly appreciated.

in the meantime, Robin is about to have dinner dinner dinner….. 😊 



Hello MJ
I can’t belief a week has passed already since my session with you! It was quite simply the best Mistress experience I’ve ever had. Your 3 tweets capture it well but the fact it was retweeted by Serious Kit themselves (& they don’t appear to do many RTs) speaks volumes. Thank you KT.


Dear Mistress Jane and Goddess Lunna  
Many, many thanks for a wonderful session on Wednesday, my only complaint being that 4 hours with you both was nowhere near enough for any man when in the presence of two wonderful women such as you.
It is something that I will need to repeat again sometime soon.
I’m glad that you enjoyed my little gifts. 
Until the next time, Love, sub-slave Andy

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