Tickle Fetish

Dear Mistress Jane
I would just like to thank you and Trixy for another fantastic Tickle Fetish session yesterday! As always you were both very professional and I felt very safe throughout. The way you secured me spread eagle by my ankles and wrists to your bondage table left me very vulnerable to your tickling fingers. Even the great Houdini would have had no chance of escape. The blindfold added another dimension as I had no way of knowing what was coming next. However it was not all pain and discomfort as I very much enjoyed the nipple and cock teasing that you both administered whilst I was blindfolded. Just when I was starting to get used to this immense pleasure the intense tickling started again. My old chap couldn’t take any more and shot his load. Thinking that this would end the session and we could go home.

However you both had other cruel ideas and continued tickling for a while longer with my body now in a hyper sensitive state. I was now in sensory overload and was really at my limits. I started to regret being so brave or stupid earlier? telling you to be as relentless as you like with no safe word, but now it was too late! However you must be able to read me like a book. Just when I was starting to think I couldn’t take anymore, you both stopped. This is an experience that I shall remember for the rest of my life!
Please feel free to use this as a review and thanks again!
Lots of love

Mr.Tickle (p)