Truth or Dare with T-girl Gigi & Tessa Oct 26th

Truth or Dare….Back by popular demand or is it desire (-;


T-Girl Gigi & Tessa will be joining me on the above date. We are branding this date as ‘Truth or Dare’. Why? because we can drag anything out of you. We will conquer your fantasy and your carnal desires and have you reeling with giddy anticipation.

Designed for all levels of interest from admirers to lusty Dames, as well as the curious deviant. All participants must meet our minimum age requirement of 30 years…no exceptions!

Kick your curiosity in to action and join myself, Tessa and T-girl Gigi for a day of safe, sane and consensual lusty giggles and fun on 26th Oct at our ‘Truth or Dare’ gig.

There are all sorts of costumes for you to wear from rubber to pvc to sexy lingerie. Corsets and stockings, heels galore. Make-up and wigs should you so wish. Or just as you are, no frills just spills (-;

Apply within via email or phone for our ‘Truth or Dare’ with Mistress Jane, Tessa and T-Girl Gigi xx

TEL: 07928636021    email:

Truth or dare





A Day of Decadence Fri 26th Jan

Got the January blues? Allow us to brighten up your month with ‘A Day of Decadence’ or should i say another day of Decadence! Back by popular demand here at my chambers in Reading Berkshire, the one and only Strapon Jane. We had so much fun the last time, and because so many of you missed out we thought we’d have an encore. Well why not!!

This is our theatre. The stage set, we have all the props and costumes, we now need YOU, for our play. Join Mistress Jane and Strapon Jane in Reading Berkshire on Fri 26th Jan. Contact MJ for bookings and information.

We specialise in Strapon and spitroasting our prey, but we also enjoy lots of other kinky fun. Strapon Jane also known as Nylon Jane loves to taunt and tease her boi’s with her beautiful slender long legs. So if you have a stocking fetish you are in the right place.

Some of the services we offer…..Estim, Edging, Denial, Orgasm Control, Torment, Face Sitting, Water Sports, worship (not intimate), Pegging/strapon/spit-roasting, Medical Play, Male Milking, CP/Discipline, Role Play, Bondage,  Sissy Play, Humiliation, Rubber/Latex…plus lots of other delightfully decadent ways of having fun.





Strapon Jane visit and catch-up

Hello, friends perverts and kinksters. What an interesting week it has been. Last Thurs i had the great pleasure of working with the one and only ‘Strapon Jane’. The day was fully booked, and so apologies if you were one of the unlucky ones who were unable to get an appointment. However Strapon Jane will be here this Thursday 21st. We have two appointments available due to two poorly clients who have been very unlucky and got themselves the flu, so who are now unable to attend. Should You wish to book phone me, Mistress Jane directly.

strapon jane

Tall leggy beauty Strapon Jane is also available for sessions with moi midweek, day time and evenings with prior notice of course. Check out Strapon Jane’s site.

My lovely assistant Miss L’Amour, also known as Trixy joined me for a day in Milton Keynes where we teamed up with the very talented Domina Sara at her wonderful facilities for a demonstration on the Vac suit made by Serious Kit. Yes indeed i may well be investing in one of these rubber suits come the new year.

Lunna Latex will soon be getting her twitter account up and running and will be available for sessions with moi evenings, half term times and some weekends with notice of course. Lunna is a female switch, rubber fetishist and likes to be thought of as a rubber doll, what more can you ask for especially of you enjoy rubber as much as Lunna does.

T-Girl Gigi This Fri 1st with MJ

T-Girl Gigi will be here this Fri 1st to assist if needed. We have one slot available which would be at 9am for 90 mins or 9.30am for a 1 hour appointment. All other slots now booked. T-Girl Gigi joins me for sessions monthly so if you have missed your chance on this occasion to explore your curious side, you could always enquire to fine out when T-girl Gigi will be back to turn your darkest kinkiest fantasies into reality.


Young Tom reckoned he had it made.

Reclining his long frame in the chair he wriggled his toes luxuriantly in his footrags in front of the scullery fire. Outside he could hear the tramp of booted feet as the soldiers drilled in the yard, their manual-of-arms regulated by shouted instructions and the steady throb of the drum. Inside the maze of galleries and corridors came the distant clink of crockery, chests slamming shut and what sounded like a maid beating coal dust off the upholstery. Whitehall Palace resembled a town in is own right; eighteen hundred people lived and worked within its environs – a population far greater than that of the village where he had been born. And Tom remembered the sense of bemusement and [ride he felt when the Lord Chamberlain and his retinue arrived at their humble dwelling, his mother and father stood bare-headed as the bluff gentleman examined him carefully.

“A most uncanny likeness, my lord,” opined the captain in charge of the escorting cavalry troopers.

“Quite. You ‒ ” the Lord Chamberlain beckoned Tom’s father to step forward through the thinly swirling blue wood smoke and the scurrying hens. “We will engage the boy. He will receive his board and lodging and you will be blessed by the honour of knowing your family serves our Majesty.”

His poor father had thrown himself into the mud and pig muck with gratitude.

So here he was: paid companion to Prince Charles – one day to be King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland. Tom’s duties were hardly onerous since they involved accompanying the prince on hunting and fishing trips, playing stoolball, the new game of ‘football’ and laughing at his jokes. The prince was tall, dark and rangy in build, quick to find the merriment in a situation and he liked girls so he and Tom hit it off. The latter pondered his extraordinary god fortune – and how differently things could have worked out in a village life distinguished only by the monotony of the seasons and back-breaking drudgery. And now here he was in London – Londonthat mystical City of the Plain – receiving bouge of court (bread, ale, firewood and candles) and a well-paid job.

Taking another swig from his mug of small beer, Tom idly turned the page of the risqué novel he was reading. True there were vague rumours of trouble beyond the palace walls; brawling at the country shows, wakes and stage-plays (when weren’t the drunks fighting at such things?) but the king still sat secure on his throne and all remained well with the world.

The tapping of shoes rather more dainty than those of the soldiers took him by surprise therefore and he struggled to right the chair without falling off it as a young woman entered the scullery. Being tall she had to stoop slightly to pass through the arched doorway. From the light that slanted in through the leaded windows he saw she had a pale, oval face, a longish, fine-boned nose and a complexion as smooth as that of a milkmaid. She sported her auburn hair in ringlets in emulation of the Queen, Henrietta Maria and the curls cascaded as far as her softly rounded jaw. As befitting an aristocratic woman she wore the customary ribbon-fastened jacket over a bodice and a petticoat gathered with pleats at her slim waist. In the crook of one arm she carried a calico package also tied with a ribbon.

“Ah, Master Tom. Hard at it, I see?” She waved an elegantly-manicured hand. “No, don’t get up. We shouldn’t want you overtaxing yourself.” The ruby lips favoured him with a mocking smile.

Tom almost choked on his beer when he recognised her: Mistress Gwendolyn; Lady of the Wardrobe and ex-officio, close to the Queen and therefore very powerful at court. His mind raced as he tried to marshal his thoughts.

“How may I serve you, My Lady?” Tom asked, whipping his cap off his head and twisting it between suddenly damp fingers.

Standing over the seated figure Mistress Gwendolyn appraised him carefully with her frank, almost jet-black eyes. The resemblance to the Prince is extraordinary, she thought, although this one is a few years older so he is rather a young man than a boy … She smiled again over her naturally white teeth. “It’s not me you shall be serving but the Prince. Your – ” this time the expression twisted in a smirk “ Royal playmate.”

“Does His Highness wish me to attend upon him?” Tom asked, abruptly anxious to be away from his beautiful but disturbingly sinister woman.

“No.” Mistress Gwendolyn set the package down on the tabletop and he heard the rattle of wooden objects. “But I do.” Those large glassy black orbs fastened onto him.


……………..To be continued

REVIEW 19/10/17

Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut

This was my third visit to Mistress Jane. I was so excited, I locked myself in my CB 6000 , I sent Mistress a picture of the numbered padlock, so she could be sure It was the same lock. I would need to earn my release.

When I arrived at Mistress Jane’s, I was stripped naked then inspected. The padlock on my device was checked for any signs of tampering. Mistress could see I was nervous and excited at the same time.

Mistress clad me head to toe in the most amazing multilayered rubber outfit then placed a ‘Slut’ collar around my neck. There was no mistaking who was in charge. I was a plugged, chastised, multi-layered Rubber Toy for Mistress.

I was ordered to my knees where I was given the privilege of worshipping Mistresses shoes, then legs then strap-on cock. I was further honoured being allowed to work my way and polish Mistress’s rubber covered bottom with my tongue. My chastised cock throbbed.

As reward for being a good cock sucker , Mistress released me from my chastity device then instructed me to lay face down in her sling , this would be my first time in suspension. A head-harness placed on me and before I was hoisted off the ground I was hogtied. It was an incredible experience, suspended in bondage. Mistress did all kinds of things to me whilst secured in various positions throughout my session. I loved the electrics and strap-on as I love to be Mistresses Slut.

After the first half of my session I was re dresses in black and red layered latex. The feel of the latex as it warmed to my skin felt amazing. A rubber breath hood was placed over my face and I was hoisted up on a sit position where Mistress continued to blow my mind with her torments.



This was an amazing feeling, words can’t describe, I was in rubber heaven. Mistress controlled my breathing, she had my total trust. Then came the Grand Finale which I will leave to your imagination. It was an awesome session as Mistress Jane’s Rubber Toy / Slut. Mistress Jane’s aftercare was amazing too. I am smiling as I write this.

Thank you very much Mistress Jane.



Anal Play, prostate massage or bum fun.

If you were to ask me what the most requested activity is, without a doubt I would reply, Anal play, Prostate massage, strap-on, fisting, anything anal. Done carefully and correctly this activity ranks high and some guys just can’t get enough. So don’t think you are alone, there are thousands of you out there that just love it.

Why? Well there are a few reasons why you like it. Firstly your prostate gland is in there and when rubbed against with a dildo or finger, a finger being more exact, but a vibrating toy being more intense, can feel a little weird and may make you feel like you want a pee, but take a few deep breaths, relax and sit it out. The continual nudging of a finger or toy can feel very erotic and pleasurable and when you cum you will find it a much more intense feeling that a penile orgasm. Some guys loose their erection during any anal play, its more a state of mind but the resulting pleasure is pretty much the same.

There are thought to be health benefits to a prostate massage. A prostate massage is thought to help clear the prostatic duct. Massaging may produce a secretion of fluid which may help clear the duct which runs between your prostate and the rest of your reproductive and urinary system.

Strap-on: There she stood with her huge cock strapped to her harness ready to dominate him.

We read things like this all the time. It looks and sounds great, but that cock she is wearing sure sounds big and however much you like to watch someone being f*cked with a giant strap-on cock, in-reality it would scare you sh*tless. That is unless you are well practised and love to take a biggy! The image of a woman wearing a strap-on is a very powerful one and very sexy one, and combined with a domineering attitude ‘This Bitch is going to f*ck you’, it becomes very sexually arousing. The image and thought of a woman taking control, a complete Role Reversal in practical terms and this is another reason why guys like it.

Some just enjoy having things shoved up their bum, pure and simple. They like the feeling of being full or stretched, some like the feel of the thrusting action but the visual effect of that woman doing them long and hard with her strap-on cock wins every time.

I own around 30 cocks/dildos of all shapes and sizes. From a Small 2 inches to an eye watering 12 inches. I have even named some of them. I use a quality water based lube and crisco for deeper exploration. All toys are covered with a condom and cleaned with a medical sanitiser before and after use. Disposable gloves are worn at all times and changed at frequent intervals.

Frequently asked questions regarding anal play

You will need a pack of disposable gloves some water based lube and/or a more greasy lube just in case we decide to do some stretching.

*Before any anal play commences it is always a good idea to have a quick clean up. By that I mean an enema, or a douche. Its quite easy and it makes everything a bit more pleasant as you can imagine. I will paste a link below so you can read up on ‘How To’….

*Will it hurt? It shouldn’t hurt you unless you are so tight only a dog can hear you fart! Firstly you need to be relaxed and in a position that suits you. Doggy is quite popular, once you get a little more brave then lay on your back so you can watch, and they can watch you which is more to the point. There should be plenty of lube to hand and it should be done carefully and slowly for your first time. The finger should not be thrust in but carefully teased in, the more pleasurable it feels for the recipient, the more they will relax and the further you can go.

*Can it be dangerous? Only if you have severe piles or a problem down there but the person doing it will spot this if you haven’t mentioned it already. Also if something to big is forced in but by the time they have attempted to push in your back door you have told them to Stop! before they cause you a mischief. Again use plenty of lube to avoid friction.

So don’t be afraid, bite the bullet and go and enjoy some bum fun!

Anal Play with Mistress Jane

Berkshire BDSM…Dicks latest instalment

Berkshire BDSM….Dick Finally Gets It

As he entered his third year at the Berkshire School of BDSM, Berkshire BDSM for short. Dick felt he was finally starting to understand just what it was about the proceedings in MJ’s dungeon that drew him back so consistently and regularly for more (and more!!). And indeed, how it had pretty much cured his escort habit, and ‘almost’ stopped him playing with little Richard himself (though let’s not get too carried away here).

First, there was the absolute banquet of the most intense and varied sensations on offer both pain and pleasure, and curiously several in between:

· With pain ranging from the temporary sting of the strap or cane when applied smartly to his bottom; to the much longer-lasting sting of a nettle massaged into to his scrotum; to all manner of sensations from the electrics applied to cock, balls and anus; to the torments applied to his nipples, by clamps… and by MJ’s finger nails.

· With pleasure ranging from MJ’s truly expert prostate massage, all her male milking devices, and of course for Dick the absolutely irresistible Hitachi wand… which combined with just the right pressure on his prostate had intensified and elongated his orgasms tenfold.

· And, finally with those sensations which sat curiously in between… sounds sinking deep into his urethra, strap-ons of increasingly impressive dimensions thrust vigorously up his rear, and the hand of evil tormenting his cock long after he had cum.

Second, was the significant reduction in both risk and guilt Dick felt after each visit compared with his little escorting misdemeanours.

· No risk – because with MJ’s hyper strict regime he was sure he was more likely to catch an STI in the doctor’s surgery than in MJ’s dungeon.

· No guilt – as from MJ’s perspective Dick felt there was absolutely nothing remotely demeaning to Her in the service She provided (gloved digit up his bum or not); whereas with sex, even though Dick was always gentle and considerate, there was always the thought that the escort gave up a tiny fraction of her soul in such an act… despite several of the more mature escorts Dick had met who managed to make their flattering remarks (almost) believable.

And finally, it was just plain and simple, a whole lot more fun in MJ’s dungeon than anywhere else Dick had been… and the delight at being “at Her mercy” even though Dick was anything but submissive, and (with him at least) Jane chose to be anything but dominant, was still really such a thrill. Add to that too, the extra playmates Dick had met assisting Mistress Jane, and he was sure to be back for a whole lot more in the months (and years) to come.

But, as a third year at Berkshire BDSM, Dick felt he should be pushing himself ever further in his ‘studies’ and as he sat there contemplating a harder caning, or a good rub down (below) with nettles, he found little Richard stirring in his boxer shorts – the thought of pain always had more effect than the thought of pleasure though Dick was determined to sacrifice neither.

And, so Dick thought it may be a good idea to start the year with a little test, and sat down to compose an email to Jane to invite Her to “make him say mercy” in as many different ways as she liked, at his next appointment.

…….to be continued

Berkshire bdsm

Fisting….Mandy’s story…P 2

Having warmed Dick up with canes, tawses, nipple clamps and nettles and with a discreet nod from Jane, Mandy led Dick over to the bed and arranged him face up and cross ways over the bed – arse hanging over one side and head the other, and with feet tethered aloft in a V shape. And whilst MJ donned one of the huge cocks Dick had “chosen” earlier, Mandy gloved up and lubed up her petite hand as She prepared to give Dick a good stretch, and hopefully fisting.

Now Mandy’s long-standing (though recently dumped) feller, had been (She had to admit) a gentle and considerate lover, with a (perhaps too consistently applied) “ladies first” policy, when it came to sex. And whilst he was happy (even eager!) to pop south to ensure Mandy was taken “fully around the block,” and often for a second lap. The one thing he would not consider was any form of anal play, either way, firm in the belief that that part of the anatomy was most definitely a one-trick pony, and a one-way street.

So as Mandy eased one, then two, then three… and finally four carefully lubed fingers into Dick’s anus, She was on a voyage of discovery all of Her own. And when shortly thereafter, with a bit more lube and a gentle push, She inserted her whole fist, one would be hard pressed to say just which out of Mandy and Dick was the most excited. Pulling it slowly out, then thrusting it firmly back in again, Mandy looked up to Jane for approval, and with a nod from Jane She started to pick up the pace.

Meanwhile Jane had Her cock thrust firmly down Dick’s throat, and after a pause for Dick to get past the gag reflex was thrusting in and out, matching Her strokes with Mandy’s fist as they gave Dick a very good seeing too at both ends. At this point Jane sensed Dick may be approaching the point of no return, so She gave his cock another stroke with the nettles… and that calmed him down nicely.

Mandy, now on something of a mission, withdrew Her fist and donned the larger of the two “chosen” cocks, then stepped around to let Dick swallow it, whilst Jane eased into his gaping anus. A minute or two of that, and it was Mandy’s turn to fuck him. So with condom and lube in place Mandy gripped his hips and with one large thrust, was balls deep. Giving him no time to relax Mandy pounded away, with long deep thrusts, coming almost all the way out before plunging back in to the hilt with Her thighs slapping against his arse.

Sensing Dick was again approach a climax, Mandy lubed up little Richard and starting with long slow strokes, slowly built up the pace, matching Her own thrusts until with a sigh from Dick and a steady pulse from little Richard She was rewarded with the inevitable squirt, squirt, squirt.

At this point and as pre-arranged, Jane and Mandy moved in unison with swift efficiency. Mandy slid out gently, before hoovering up all Dick’s cum with a spoon, at the same time Jane quickly wiped the lube and remaining semen off little Richard, and with new gloves took a firm grip ready for a serious bout of post orgasm torment. As She applied Her other hand to the sensitive head of Dick’s cock She also thrust Her’s, balls deep in his arse. And as he gasped, Mandy, poised and ready emptied the spoonful of cum into his mouth (another thanks but no thanks for Her ex), before pushing it shut, and climbing on to sit firmly on his face.

Mandy and Jane had planned this little surprise for Dick, along with the firm intent to “force a second cuming” from him before the night was done. But as Jane rubbed furiously with dry glove on Dick’s unlubricated and ever-so-sensitive glans, and hence as Dick has squirmed and screamed under the relentless attack… the vibrations of his screaming went straight through Mandy’s (now really rather moist) knickers and gave Her the very first signs that “one was on offer” if She chose to claim it.

So, (no stranger to riding a tongue) Mandy settled down to enjoy the journey, but at a pace of Her choosing. Adjusting the angle of Her pelvis to optimum effect, Mandy (eyes closed lest Jane disapprove) slowly ground Her (now soaking wet) knickers down firmly on Dick’s face. With his nose nudging gently (and quite acceptably thank you from both parties) against Mandy’s anus, his tongue moving slowly up and down on either side of Mandy’s knickers (gaining just enough entry beyond to satisfy both again), and with his bottom lip applying just the right amount of pressure, to just the right spot (for Mandy), the race began.

With this, what had been excruciating for Dick, slowly (one brief flashing moment at a time) morphed into the first signs of a second lap for him. Jane, sensing that both Her playmates were now “en-route” re-lubed little Richard and slid the Hitachi wand sheath over the top, turning it up high and also sliding a few “digits-of-delight” in to tease Dick’s prostate (expertly), in an effort to help him “catch up.” And so, as our two thoroughbreds entered the final furlong they were running neck and neck.

Mandy, now so close, and way past the point of no return, opened Her eyes just as the first bead of pre-cum appeared at the head of Dick’s cock, and She watched as it transformed into a steady flow. With Dick clearly in the throes of his orgasm, Mandy shuddered as the first wave of Her’s erupted, and pulsed through Her. And grinding down even harder continued to enjoy the exquisite sensations, as wave after wave raced through Her, until finally both She and Dick sighed and relaxed at almost the same instant.

After (quite) a few seconds of heavy breathing Mandy came “back in the room” and slowly climbed off Dicks face, to stand a little awkwardly behind his head.

Dick, sensing the potential for the mood to swing, and confident that even the stickiest situation could be rescued by good manners, smiled up at Mandy saying, “I must say that was frightfully pleasant, Mandy it has been an absolute delight to meet you, and please both of you accept my most sincere gratitude.”

To hear this from a middle-aged man, naked, with his feet strapped aloft, his cock still strapped to a vibrator, his stomach covered in sperm, and his face still wet from Her juices – just sent Mandy over the edge and She laughed until tears rolled down Her face. This set Jane off – which was always music to Dick’s ears, and even Dick joined in with a chuckle at his predicament.

“Well Dick that,” thought Mandy, “must be the most erudite and polite ‘thanks for the wank’” that She (and quite possibly Jane) had ever heard, and certainly set the bench-mark against which those who came after (no pun intended) would be judged. And with a nod from Jane, Mandy slipped out to put the kettle on, consciously giving Dick one last lingering eyeful of those two beautiful, and now slightly sticky buttocks.